2019 IEEE Aerospace Conference

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Preliminary Schedule

Small changes (exact presentation time and room) will occur in this schedule until mid February. Please plan travel so that you are available anytime on your scheduled presentation day.

Sun, Mar 3 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
4:30 PM 4.1301 Advancing the Standards for Unmanned Air System (UAS) Comms, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) - Fred Templin 2.0101 ECOSTRESS End-to-end Radiometric Validation - William Johnson 7.0108 The Development of Standard Controller for Chinese Space Science Experiments - Wenbo Dong 8.0601 Mechanical Design and Configuration of Penetrations for the Europa Clipper Avionics Vault Structure - Nicholas Keyawa 10.0201 Analytics and Insights about Cultivating a Software Engineering Community at DLR - Carina Haupt 5.0401 Statistics of Target-induced Array Tilt in Coherently Combined Laser Array Engagements - Milo Hyde 6.0201 Ocean Color Instrument Integration and Testing - Susanna Petro 9.0102 Towards the Design of a 3D Printable Prandtl Box-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Luca De Vivo Nicoloso 12.0102 Refactoring the Curiosity Rover's Sample Handling Architecture on Mars - Vandi Verma  
4:55 PM 4.1302 Confidential ADS-B: A Lightweight, Interoperable Approach - Brandon Burfeind 2.0102 The James Webb Space Telescope: Mission Overview and Status - Matthew Greenhouse 7.0104 11b/14b Encoding - a Fault Tolerant, DC-Balanced Line Code for AC-Coupled Channel Link Transceivers - Jeffrey Boye 8.0602 Solar Radiation Disturbance Torque Reduction for the Parker Solar Probe Observatory - Juan Ruiz 10.0202 Maximizing Software Production & Quality with Minimum Staff Using Clarity – a Real-World Case Study - Rob Thorpe 5.0402 Investigating the Outer Scale of Atmospheric Turbulence with a Hartmann Sensor - Jack Mc Crae 6.0202 Overview of the TROPICS Flight Segment - Andrew Cunningham 9.0105 Comparing Specific Excess Power of Five General Aviation Aircraft - Markus Wilde 12.0103 Landsat 8: TIRS SSM Encoder Current Anomaly Resolution - Martin England  
5:20 PM 4.1303 Safety Assessment Process for UAS Ground-Based Detect and Avoid - Chris Wargo 2.0103 Riders on the Storm: NASA InSight Lander and the 2018 Mars Global Dust Storm - Michael Lisano 7.0114 SpaceFibre Interfaces and Architectures - Steve Parkes 8.0606 Geometry and Joint Systems for Lattice-Based Reconfigurable Space Structures - Megan Ochalek 10.0204 DevOps for Planetary Defense Flight Software - Christopher Heistand 5.0403 Wave Optics Modeling of Solar Eclipse Shadow Bands - Hanyu Zhan 6.0203 Omniscopic Vision for Robotic Control. - Dominique Meyer 9.0106 Trim Forces and Free Response to Configuration Changes on General Aviation Aircraft - Brian Kish 12.0105 CloudSat’s A-Train Exit and the Formation of the C-Train: An Orbital Dynamics Perspective - Barbara Braun  
5:50 PM The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence
Avi Goldfarb, University of Toronto

8:05 PM The Impact of Quantum Computing
Daniel Lidar, University of Southern California

9:00 PM 4.1304 An Overview of Current and Proposed Communication Standards for Large Deployment of UAS - Rene Wuerll 2.0104 IXPE Observatory Integrated Thermal, Power, and Attitude Mission Design Analysis - William (Bill) Kalinowski 7.0113 Improving a Successful Space Electronics High Performance Fabric-Based Standard - Joseph Marshall 8.0608 Membrane Deployment Technology Development at DLR for Solar Sails and Large-Scale Photovoltaics - Tom Sproewitz 10.0203 Worst-Case Measurement-Based Statistical Tool - Pavel Zaykov 5.0404 Estimation of Fried’s Coherence Diameter from Differential Motion of Features in Time-lapse Imagery - Santasri Bose Pillai 6.0207 Improving UAVSAR Results with GPS, Microwave Radiometry, and QUAKES Topographic Imager - Andrea Donnellan 9.0411 Optimization of Roll Angle in Coordinated Level Turn Flight and Its Analytical Validation for UAV - Vijay Shankar Dwivedi 12.0401 Orion Heat Shield Manufacturing Producibility Improvements for the EM-1 Flight Test Program - William Koenig  
9:25 PM 4.0201 A Delay Tolerant Networking-based Approach to a High Data Rate Architecture for Spacecraft - Alan Hylton 2.0105 IXPE Mission System Concept and Development Status - William Deininger 7.0103 Volatile Register Handling for FPGA Verification Based on SVAs Incorporated into UVM Environments - Kai Borchers 8.0609 HP3 Instrument Support System Structure Development for the NASA/JPL Mars Mission InSight - Tom Sproewitz 10.0302 Visualization of Software Architectures in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality - Lisa Nafeie 5.0405 Assessing Free-Space Optical Communications through 4D Weather Cubes - Steven Fiorino 6.0208 Estimation of Stellar Instrument Magnitudes Based on Synthetic Photometric Spectrum - Rui Lu 9.0413 Trajectory Control of a Swashplate-less Coaxial Helicopter Using Nonlinear Techniques - Thanakorn Khamvilai 12.0501 Updates in Commissioning Timeline for NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) - Priyanka Sharma  
9:50 PM   2.0107 Moon Diver: A Discovery Mission Concept for Exploring a Lunar Pit to Investigate Flood Basalts - Issa Nesnas 7.0116 UVM Based Verification for HPSBC-FPGA of the Dream Chaser's Fault Tolerant Flight Computer - Khurram Kazi 8.0610 IRESA - Intelligent Redundant Spacecraft Actuator - Florian Schummer 10.0802 Approaches for Using Machine Learning Algorithms with Large Label Sets for Rotorcraft Maintenance - Maria Seale 5.0201 The History and Development of the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer. - Ifan Payne   9.0415 Longitudinal Control of an Agile Fixed-Wing UAV Using Backstepping - Sajith K K 12.0502 Two Years at Jupiter: A Review of the JUNO JADE Operations and Systems Engineering Toolset - Patrick Phelan  
Mon, Mar 4 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 7.0201 Design and Analysis of RTOS and Interrupt Based Data Handling System for Nanosatellites - Akshit Akhoury 8.01 Keynote 2.03 Keynote: The lost Mars Lander: What we think we know about the Mars Polar Lander - Rob Manning 2.1101 Drag-enhancing Deorbiting Devices for Mid-sized Spacecraft Self-disposal - Jennifer Rhatigan 13.0101 Requirements Development and Management on the Psyche Project - William Hart 9.0227 Rollocopter: An Energy-Aware Hybrid Aerial-Ground Mobility for Extreme Terrains - Sahand Sabet 8.0812 Radioisotope Power Systems for the European Space Nuclear Power Programme - Richard Ambrosi 10.0515 NASA's MBSE Infusion and Modernization Initiative (MIAMI) - Nicholas Waldram 12.0602 Secure Satellite Database Transmission - Jeremy Straub  
8:55 AM 7.0202 Radiation Hardened High Speed Digitizer - Robert Merl 8.0107 NASA’s Gateway: An Update on Progress and Plans for Extending Human Presence to Cislunar Space - Jason Crusan 2.0301 Semi-Active Damping System Characterization for Landing in Microgravity - Francesco Cavenago 2.1102 Regolith Particle Erosion of Material in Aerospace Environments - Emma Bradford 13.0102 Intelligent Architecture and Hybrid Model of Ground and Launch System for Advanced Launch Site - Litian Xiao 9.0228 Autonomy of Heterogeneous Agents in the Distributed Multi-Robot Task Allocation (MRTA) Problem - Christopher Covert 8.0801 Americium Oxide Surrogate Studies: Pursuing the European Radioisotope Power Systems Fuel Form - Emily Jane Watkinson 10.0504 MBSE Infusion and Modernization Initiative (MIAMI): “Hot” Benefits for Real NASA Applications - Jon Holladay 12.0603 An Interdiction Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) for Anti-Autonomy Attack Repulsion - Jeremy Straub  
9:20 AM 7.0203 Implementation of a Generic Payload Interface Unit for Agnostic Space Vehicles - Patrick Phelan 8.0104 NASA’s Exploration Mission Strategy - Marshall Smith 2.0305 Aero Maneuvering Dynamics and Control for Precision Landing on Titan - Aaron Schutte 2.1104 Feasibility Study on a PCL Radar for Space Debris Detection - Shota Ochi 13.0103 Combining Social, Environmental and Design Models to Support the Sustainable Development Goals - Jack Reid 9.0229 Adaptable UAV Swarm Autonomy and Formation Platform - Roxanna Pakkar 8.0802 Progress and Future Roadmap on 241Am Production for Use in Radioisotope Power Systems - Tim Tinsley 10.0505 A Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach to Exploration Medical System Development - Andrea Hanson    
9:45 AM 4.1001 Channel Estimation for a Multi-User System with Iterative Interference Cancelation - Lukas Grinewitschus 8.0105 NASA’s Space Launch System: Enabling a New Generation of Lunar Exploration - Stephen Creech 2.0308 Mars 2020 Entry, Descent, and Landing System Overview - Adam Nelessen 2.1107 Design and Analysis of a Passive Tether De-Orbiting Mechanism for a Nano-Satellite - Avish Gupta 13.0104 Towards Intelligent Architecting of Aerospace System-of-Systems - Cesare Guariniello 9.0231 Accurate Ground Impact Footprints and Probabilistic Maps for Risk Analysis of UAV Missions - Baptiste Levasseur 8.0805 Design and Development of the ESA Am-Fuelled Radioisotope Power Systems - Alessandra Barco 10.0506 From Cocktail Napkin to Concept Feasibility: Spacecraft Design in Early Formulation with TATER - Kristina Hogstrom    
10:10 AM 4.1002 Acquisition and Tracking for Communications between Lunar South Pole and Earth - Dariush Divsalar 8.0102 The NASA SLS Exploration Upper Stage Development & Mission Opportunities - Ben Donahue 2.0309 Overview of the ASPIRE Project’s Supersonic Flight Tests of a Strengthened DGB Parachute - Clara O'farrell 2.1108 Modeling Hypervelocity Impact Temperatures for Europa Clipper Planetary Protection - Anthony Mark 13.0105 From Determinism to Emergence: Systems Engineering a Step Change in Execution on Mars - Stephen Kuhn 9.0234 History-Aware Free Space Detection for Efficient Autonomous Exploration Using Aerial Robots - Ryan Fite 8.0809 Safety Studies for the ESA Space Nuclear Power Systems: Accident Modelling and Analysis - Alessandra Barco 10.0508 New Methodolgy for Model Based Safety Analysis - Akram Abdellatif    
10:35 AM 4.1003 Resilient Synchronization of Radio Networks of Clocks: A Pursuit-Evasion Graphical Game Approach - Khanh Pham 8.0103 Lander and Cislunar Gateway Architecture Concepts for Lunar Exploration - Xavier Simón 2.0310 EDL Simulation Results for the Mars 2020 Landing Site Safety Assessment - David Way 2.1110 Autonomous Active Space Debris-removal System - Shriya Kaur Chawla 13.0106 Problem Representation of Dynamic Resource Allocation for Flexible High Throughput Satellites - Markus Guerster 9.0236 Real-time 3D Wind Field Prediction Onboard UAVs for Safe Flight in Complex Terrain - Philipp Oettershagen 8.0813 Identifying and Mitigating Barriers to the Adoption of Advanced Radioisotope Power Systems - Scott Brummel 10.0510 Early Validation of the Data Handling Unit of a Spacecraft Using MBSE - Joe Gregory   14.01 PANEL: Competition Robotics for Education and Workforce Development - Dave Lavery
11:00 AM 4.1004 Using Control Engineering to Improve Regulatory Review of Flexible SATCOM Terminal Advocacy - Khanh Pham 8.0101 Summary of Gateway Power and Propulsion Element Studies - David Irimies 2.0311 A Terminal Descent Radar for Landing and Proximity Operations - Brian Pollard 2.1111 Multiple Debris Orbital Collision Avoidance - Wessam Hussein 13.0108 A Cognitive Assistant for Entry, Descent, and Landing Architecture Analysis - Samalis Santini De León 9.0237 Detection of Airfoil Icing for Fixed-wing UAVs Using a Moving Horizon Estimator - Andreas Wenz 8.0803 Stirling Convertor Based 50-500W Radioisotope Power System Generator Study - Joseph Vander Veer 10.0511 Constraint-Based Off-Nominal Behavior Modeling for Europa Clipper - Bradley Clement  
11:25 AM 4.1006 Joint Sensing and Communications Multiple-Access System Design and Experimental Characterization - Richard Gutierrez 8.0109 NASA’s Lunar Lander Strategy - Greg Chavers 2.0312 Energy and Mass Utilization during Drag-Modulated Plasma Aerocapture - Charles Kelly 7.0702 Dynamic Fault Tree Analysis for a Distributed Onboard Computer - Kilian Hoeflinger 13.0110 System of Systems Quality Attribute Balancing - Travis Nelson   8.0810 Small Stirling Technology Exploration Power for Future Space Science Missions - Scott Wilson 10.0502 Assuring Correctness, Completeness, and Performance for Model-Based Fault Diagnosis Systems - Allen Nikora  
11:50 AM 4.1007 Designing and Implementing SVMs for High-Dimensional Knowledge Discovery Using FPGAs - John Porcello 8.0108 SLS, the Gateway, and a Lunar Outpost in the Early 2030s on the Way to Mars - Terry Haws 2.0314 Systems Engineering for ASPIRE: A Low-Cost, High Risk Parachute Test Project - Ryan Webb 7.0703 Automating and Integrating HW/SW Co-Verification with Embedded MPSoC Instrument Avionics - Pamela Zhang 13.0112 Exploring the Architecture Tradespace of NextGen Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) - Filipe Pereira   8.0806 Effect of Martian and Titan Atmospheres on Carbon Components in the General Purpose Heat Source - Chris Whiting 10.0517 Automated Power Analysis of Onboard Spacecraft Electronics with Model Based Systems Engineering - Richard Ferguson  
1:00 PM 14.07 PANEL: NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Program - Jason Derleth                  
1:25 PM         12.07 PANEL: Herioc Moments in Mission Operations: The Role of People, Systems, and Processes (Part 2) - Carlos Gomez Rosa        
1:50 PM         4.05 SPACE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS ROUNDTABLE : Networking the Solar System - Charles Edwards      
2:15 PM 14.02 PANEL: Technology Development for Science-Driven Missions - Patricia Beauchamp              
2:40 PM         A Presentation on Presentation Skills - Monica Panno    
3:30 PM                
4:30 PM 4.1306 Developing a Low Altitude Manned Encounter Model Using ADS-B Observations - Andrew Weinert 2.0110 Europa Clipper Mission: Preliminary Design Report - Todd Bayer 2.1001 Radiation Risks and Countermeasures for Humans on Deep Space Missions - Lembit Sihver 8.0106 An Introduction to the Concept of a Deep Space Science Vessel - Robert Howard 7.0101 High Performance Computing for Precision Landing and Hazard Avoidance and Co-design Approach - David Rutishauser 6.0102 Impact of Simultaneous Movements on Perception of Safety, Workload and Task Difficulty in MRTO - Maik Friedrich 9.0401 Adaptive Nonlinear PID Control for a Quadrotor UAV Using Particle Swarm Optimization - Babak Salamat 12.0201 Automated Spacecraft Operations during Soil Moisture Active Passive Prime Mission - Masashi Mizukami 5.0101 Modular Inflatable Composites for Large Space Observatories - Aman Chandra  
4:55 PM 4.1307 Micro-UAV Classification from RF Fingerprints Using Machine Learning Techniques - Martins Ezuma 2.0111 Mission Concept for a Europa Lander - Jennifer Dooley 2.1002 Does Gender Matter for Radioadaptation and Radiation Susceptibility in Deep Space Missions? - Lembit Sihver 8.0110 Opportunities and Challenges of a Common Habitat for Transit and Surface Operations - Robert Howard 7.0102 Emulation-based Performance Studies on the HPSC Space Processor - Benjamin Schwaller 6.0103 Challenges and Solutions for Precision Solar Pointing on the ISS for the TSIS Instrument - Patrick Brown 9.0402 Robust Adaptive Dynamic Inversion with L1 Control Variable Error Regulation - Christopher Elliott 12.0204 SSim: NASA Mars Rover Robotics Flight Software Simulation - Vandi Verma 5.0104 Camera Modeling, Centroiding Performance, and Geometric Camera Calibration on ASTERIA - Christopher Pong  
5:20 PM 4.1309 UAV Communications, Navigation and Surveillance: A Review of Potential 5G and Satellite Systems - Nozhan Hosseini 2.0112 Exploring the Chemical Diversity of Comets, Asteroids, and Interstellar Dust at 1 AU. - Mihaly Horanyi 2.1004 Bayesian Radiation Design Margin for Spacecraft Reliability Prediction - Anthony Coburger 10.0518 Evaluation and Development of the OSRA Interaction Layer for Inter-Component Communication - Jan Sommer 7.0110 High Performance Computing Applications in Space with DM Technology - Aaron Zucherman 6.0106 An Initial Analysis of the Stationkeeping Tradespace for Constellations - Andris Slavinskis 9.0404 Robust Hierarchical Quad-Rotorcraft Control-Design and Stability Analysis - Ranjan Dasgupta 12.0205 The Role of the Instrument Suite Systems Engineer in MMS Fleet Operations - Paul Wood 5.0105 Effects of Errors on Target Motion Compensation for Optical Imagers in Flyby Trajectories - Alyssa Ralph  
5:50 PM Materials by Design: 3-Dimensional Nano-Architected Meta-Materials
Julia R Greer, California Institute of Technology

9:00 PM 4.0401 NASA’s Operational Optical Communications Relay - Betsy Park 2.0113 InSight: A Discovery Mission to Mars - Tom Hoffman 2.0901 Reconstruction of the Shape of a Tumbling Target from a Chaser in Close Orbit - Giovanni Palmerini 10.0519 Research for Safety Analysis of IMA Architecture Based on HiP-HOPS - Yang Yun 7.0112 Performance Analysis of Standalone and In-FPGA LEON3 Processors for Use in Deep Space Missions - Dmitriy Bekker 6.0109 A Framework for Heterogeneous Satellite Constellation Design for Rapid Response Earth Observations - Ibrahim Sanad 9.0405 Design Studies to Achieve Energy Optimal Attitude for a Solar Powered Aircraft - Vijay Shankar Dwivedi 12.0208 Title: When You Have More Satellites than People: The Evolution of CYGNSS Flight Operations - Richard Medina 5.0602 SNR Modeling for Ground-based Daytime Imaging of GEO-satellites in the SWIR - Grant Thomas  
9:25 PM 4.0402 MSL Relay Coordination and Tactical Planning in the Era of InSight, MAVEN, and TGO - Pegah Pashai 2.0114 Mars Sample Return Lander Mission Concepts - Brian Muirhead 2.1005 Radiation and Signal Analysis of the Falcon Solid-state Energetic Electron Detector (FalconSEED) - Carlos Maldonado 10.0103 DESIGN Space Reduction Using Clustering in Aircraft Engine DESIGN - Esma Karagoz 7.0105 Comparative Benchmarking Analysis of Next-Generation Space Processors - Evan Gretok 6.0110 VISIONS-3: Using Sounding Rockets and 3D Tomography to Analyze Ion Outflow - Sophia Zaccarine 9.0410 Baseline Flight Control System Design for an Unmanned Flutter Demonstrator - Daniel Ossmann 12.0211 Planetary Rover Simulation for Lunar Exploration Missions - Mark Allan 5.0603 Ground-Based Optical Imaging of GEO Satellites with a Rotating Structure in a Sparse Aperture Array - Michael Werth  
9:50 PM 4.0403 Proximity Link Telecommunication and Tracking Scenarios for a Potential Mars Sample Return Campaign - Charles Edwards   2.1007 Liquid Shielding - Christopher Heistand 10.0111 A Study of Jovian Magnetic Field Derived Parameters for Synchrotron Radiation Modeling - Virgil Adumitroaie 7.0301 Bringing 3D COTS DRAM Memory Cubes to Space - Anthony Agnesina          
Tue, Mar 5 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 4.0602 Teleommand/Telemetry Ranging for Deep-Space Applications - Victor Vilnrotter 2.0506 Towards Articulated Mobility and Efficient Docking for the DuAxel Tethered Robot System - Patrick Mc Garey 7.0802 MEMS-based Gyro-stellar Inertial Attitude Estimate for NSPO Micro-Sat Program - Yeongwei Wu 2.0401 Design and Development of RVSAT-1, a Student Nano-satellite with Biological Payload - Pramod Kashyap 11.0102 Consideration of Variable Operating States in a Data-Based Prognostic Algorithm - Simon Mehringskötter 9.0221 Haptic Feedback-based Reactive Navigation for Aerial Robots Subject to Localization Failure - Christos Papachristos 8.0811 Impedance Spectroscopy: A Tool for Assessing Thermoelectric Modules for Radioisotope Power Systems - Ramy Mesalam 8.0902 Model-Based Approach to Rover Health Assessment - Mars Yard Discoveries - Ksenia Kolcio Prather    
8:55 AM 4.0603 X-BAND PN DOR Signal Design and Implementation on the JPL Iris TRANSPONDER - Mazen Shihabi 2.0516 Estimating Wheel Slip of a Planetary Rover via Unsupervised Machine Learning - Justin Kruger 7.0803 Flight Performance Analysis of the CYGNSS microSatellites from On-orbit Telemetry - Leena Singh 2.0403 Multiple Asteroid Retrieval Mission from Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway Using Reusable Spacecrafts - Gustavo Gargioni 11.0103 Uncertainty Propagation in a PHM Enhanced Dynamic Reliability Model - Henrik Heier 9.0222 Development of a Multipurpose Hydro Environmental Tool Using Swarms, UAV and USV - Rodrigo Rangel 8.0814 Utilization of MMRTG’s "Waste Heat" to Increase Overall Thermal to Electrical Conversion Efficiency - Daniel Kramer 8.0903 Silhouette-based 3D Shape Reconstruction of a Small Body from a Spacecraft - Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay    
9:20 AM 4.0604 Omnidirectional Optical Communicator - Jose Velazco 2.0505 Hopping for Low-cost Surface Mobility on Small Bodies: Lessons from past Missions - Nikolas Romer 7.0805 Fixed-time Attitude Control of Satellite Using Combined Magnetic and magneto-Coulombic Actuators - Vijay Shankar Dwivedi 2.0404 SPARC – 1: A New, Improved Modular 6U Spacecraft - James Lyke 11.0104 Using Machine Learning for Data-based Assessing of the Aircraft Fuel Economy - Sebastian Baumann 9.0224 An Area-decomposition Based Approach for Cooperative Search and Coverage Mission of UAVs - Ali Karimoddini 8.0818 A Status Update on the eMMRTG Project - Christopher Matthes 8.0904 Design and Implementation of Power Management Algorithm for a Nano-satellite - Varun Thakurta    
9:45 AM 4.0606 A Kriging Based Framework for Rapid Satellite-to-site Visibility Determination - Xinwei Wang 2.0515 Initial Study of Multirobot Adaptive Navigation for Exploring Environmental Vector Fields - Christopher Kitts 7.0807 Optimal Solution for Torque Capability of Control Moment Gyroscopes - David Elliott 2.0405 Design and Experimental Validation of a Martian Water Extraction System - Ben Zinser 11.0108 A Hidden Markov Model Based Approach to Monitoring of Processes with Imperfect Maintenance - Dragan Djurdjanovic 9.0240 Mission-Responsive, On-Demand 3D Printed Blimps for Martian Missions - Andrew Jones 8.0807 Nuclear Considerations for the Application of Lanthanum Telluride in Future RPS Systems - Michael Smith 8.0905 An Integrated System for Mixed-Initiative Planning of Manned Spaceflight Operations - Martijn Ijtsma    
10:10 AM 4.0607 POINTR: Polar Orbiting INfrared Tracking Receiver - Michael Taylor 2.0502 Virtual Model Control for Planetary Hexapod Robot Walking on Rough Terrain - Francesco Cavenago 7.0811 ESTCube-2 Attitude Determination and Control: Step towards Interplanetary CubeSats - Ikechukwu Ofodile 2.0406 Structural Feasibility Analysis of a Novel Docking Module for Small Satellites - Ritvik Pareek 11.0109 Oil System Health Management for Aerospace Gas Turbines - Andrew Mills 9.0241 Performance of Variable Pitch Propeller for Longitudinal Control in an Agile Fixed-Wing UAV - Sajith K K 8.0815 Development of a High-Efficiency Cascaded Thermoelectric Radioisotope Power System - Chadwick Barklay 8.0906 Motion Planning for Climbing Mobility with Implementation on a Wall-Climbing Robot - Keenan Albee    
10:35 AM 4.0609 Optimizing Multiple Frequency-Shift Keying during Spacecraft Critical Events for Future Missions - Shweta Dutta 2.0504 Balloon-based Concept Vehicle for Extreme Terrain Mobility - Hari Nayar 7.0813 Elimination of Parasitic Magnetic Interference over Magnetometer Data Onboard Nano-Satellites - Paras Shah 2.0407 Air-Launched Low-SWaP Space-Capable Sounding Rocket - Anjali Roychowdhury 11.0201 Unmanned Aerial Systems Health Monitoring Architecture - Joel Dunham 9.0242 Effects of 3D Antenna Radiation and Two-Hop Relaying on Optimal UAV Trajectory in Cellular Networks - Md Moin Uddin Chowdhury 8.0705 GoSolAr - DLR's Gossamer Solar Array Concept Using Flexible Thinfilm Photovoltaics - Tom Sproewitz 8.0907 A Distributed Hierarchical Framework for Autonomous Spacecraft Control - Julia Badger    
11:00 AM 4.0610 Single-Satellite Doppler Localization with Law of Cosines (LOC) - Kar Ming Cheung 2.0522 Int-Ball: Crew-supportive Autonomous Mobile Camera Robot on ISS / JEM - Shinji Mitani 7.0815 Adaptive Attitude Control Using Neural Network Observer Disturbance Compensation Technique - Junhai Huo 2.0410 Enhanced Feasibility Assessment of Payload Adapters for NASA’s Space Launch System - David Smith 11.0202 Detecting a Valve Spring Failure of a Piston Compressor with the Help of the Vibration Monitoring. - Andrei Keino 9.0239 Trajectory Generation and Regeneration for Constrained Differentially Flat Control Systems - Mevlut Uzun 8.0706 Design PV for a Small GEO Satellite and Studying the Effect of Using Different Types of Propulsion - Ahmed Lotfy      
11:25 AM   2.0518 Analysis of the Space Robotics Challenge Tasks: From Simulation to Hardware Implementation - Murphy Wonsick 7.0816 Attitude Tracking LPV Control for Spacecraft with Hybrid Actuators - Bingyao Lei 13.1005 Early Outcomes from the Innovation Initiative at the Aerospace Corporation - Rob Sherwood 11.0114 PHM by Using Multi-Physics System-Level Modeling and Simulation for EMAs of Liquid Rocket Engine - Kaname Kawatsu   8.0711 Infrared Nanoantenna-Coupled Rectenna for Energy Harvesting - Joshua Shank      

Noon - 1:30pm

1:50 PM     JUNIOR ENGINEERING & SCIENCE CONFERENCE 2-4pm in the MADISON              
Wed, Mar 6 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 14.03 PANEL: Emerging Technologies for Mars Exploration - Charles Edwards 2.0517 Cryobotics: Extreme Environment Testing at Cryogenic Temperatures - Drew Smith 8.02 Keynote 13.0201 Title: Continuously Improving Parametric Modeling with Historical Data on the ICESat-2 Mission - Joseph Krygiel 11.10 PANEL: PHM from a Practitioner’s Perspective – a Potpourri of Capabilities, Experiences, Issues, and Lessons Learned - Andrew Hess , Michael Houck 9.0203 A Generalized Multi-Objective Framework for UAV Mission Planning - Babak Salamat 6.0701 Informative Path Planning for Active Tracking of Agile Targets - Per Boström Rost 3.0201 The Multibeam Radar Sensor BIRALES: Performance Assessment for Space Surveillance and Tracking - Matteo Losacco    
8:55 AM 2.0524 Modeling of Cryobot Melting Rates in Cryogenic Ice - Wayne Zimmerman 8.0204 Recent Advancements in Modeling and Simulation of Entry Systems at NASA - Michael Barnhardt 13.0202 Benefit Study on Digital Transformation for Project Planning and Control Processes - Nipa Phojanamongkolkij 9.0206 Visual-Thermal Landmarks and Inertial Fusion for Navigation in Degraded Visual Environments - Shehryar Khattak 6.0705 Survey of Challenges in Labeled Random Finite Set Distributed Multi-sensor Multi-object Tracking - Augustus Buonviri 3.0203 A Thin-ply Composite with Embedded Metallic Mesh for a Cryogenically-rated Antenna - Jonathan Mihaly    
9:20 AM 2.0520 Sampling Tool Concepts for Enceladus Lander In-situ Analysis - Mircea Badescu 8.0205 System Integration Comparison between Inflatable and Metallic Spacecraft Structures - Gerard Valle 13.0203 Managing DoD Capabilities with Real System Age - James Enos 9.0207 Autonomous Navigation and Mapping in Underground Mines Using Aerial Robots - Christos Papachristos 6.0707 Time-lapse Imaging for Studying Atmospheric Refraction: Measurements with Natural Targets - Wardeh Al Younis 3.0204 Distributed Swarm Antenna Arrays for Deep Space Applications - Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay    
9:45 AM 14.04 PANEL: Access To Space and Emerging Mission Capabilities - Eleni Sims 2.0523 Application of Pneumatics in Delivering Samples to Instruments on Planetary Missions - Kris Zacny 8.0208 Self-Assembling Space Habitats:TESSERAE Technology and Mission Architecture for Zero-g Construction - Ariel Ekblaw 13.0204 Valuing Rigor in the Risk Management Process - Gerald Klein 9.0211 A Framework for UAV Navigation and Exploration in GPS-denied Environments - Fernando Vanegas Alvarez 6.0710 Note on Sensor Resource Allocations: Higher Rate or Better Measurements? - Yan Wang 3.0207 Automated Ground Station Design for an Amateur LEO Satellite System - Lipika Garg    
10:10 AM 2.0503 PlanetVac Xodiac: Lander Foot Pad Integrated Planetary Sampling System - Justin Spring 8.0210 Booster Obsolescence and Life Extension of SLS Boosters - David Griffin 13.0205 Another Vendor Has Been Shut down – Mitigating Supplier and Material Shortages - Patrick Malone 9.0212 A Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for UAV Navigation in Uncertain Indoor Environments. - Ory Walker 6.0803 In-Flight Adaptive PID Sliding Mode Position and Attitude Controller - Hailee Hettrick 3.01 Keynote :Magnetic Resonance Imaging RF-Coils as Phased Arrays - Abbas Omar    
10:35 AM 2.0521 Autonomous Mars ISRU Robotic Excavation: Characteristics and Performance Targets - Hari Nayar 8.0211 Magnetic Shielding Technology Development in Context with the Space Policy Environment - Kristine Ferrone 13.0207 A Risk Analysis Tool for Estimating the Risk of Electrical Failures Due to Human Induced Defects - Peter Majewicz 4.0801 Performance and Utilization Results for Time-Triggered Data Transfers over SpaceWire - Kai Borchers 9.0213 Dynamic Modeling and Controllability Analysis of a Moderately Damaged Unmanned Aerial System - Aaron Mc Kinnis 6.0807 Distributed Localization and Control of Quadrotor UAVs Using Ultra-Wideband Sensors - Jing Wang 3.0102 GPU Acceleration for Synthesis of Coherent Sparse Arrays - Zachary Baker    
11:00 AM 14.10 PANEL: ISS Transition and the Commercialization of LEO - Robyn Gatens 2.0801 High Power Transmitters for Q/V-band Communications- beyond Alphasat - Naresh Deo 8.0212 Artificial Gravity in Mars Orbit for Crew Acclimation - Justin Rowe 13.0208 Keys to Subcontracting Space Hardware with JPL - Susan Heuchert 4.0802 Statistical Optical Link Budget Analysis - Hua Xie 9.0216 Search and Retrieve with a Fully Autonomous Aerial Manipulator - Kye Morton 6.0810 Overhead Detection, Identification, and Tracking of Multiple Surface-based Exploration Vehicles - Wolfgang Fink 3.0103 Retrodirective Phased Array Antennas for Small Satellites - Justin Long    
11:25 AM 2.0802 Optimization of Q/V-band Smart Gateway Switching in the Framework of Q/V-Lift Project - Tommaso Rossi 13.0502 Concept Design Using Model Based Systems Engineering - Rob Stevens 13.0215 Effectiveness of the Scrum Methodology for Agile Development of Space Hardware - Nicola Garzaniti 4.0804 Dynamic Link Analysis and Application for a MEO Space Vehicle - Gleason Chen 9.0218 Distributed Source Seeking and Robust Obstacle Avoidance through Hybrid Gradient Descent - Hannah Mohr 6.0808 Three-dimensional Impact Angle Guidance Laws for Precision Guided Munition - Daniel Lee 3.0105 General Analysis of Coupled-Element Antenna Arrays - Abbas Omar    
11:50 AM 2.0803 SDN for Smart Gateway Diversity Optimization in High Throughput Satellite Systems - Tommaso Rossi 13.0504 Re-entry Vehicle System Design Synthesis and Optimization Using Concurrent Engineering Approach - Sweety Pate 13.0801 Exploration of Safing Event Models for Interplanetary Spacecraft - Swapnil Pujari   9.0219 Multiple Ground Target Finding and Action Using UAVs - Ajmal Hinas        
1:00 PM 14.08 PANEL: Astronaut - Robot Cooperation - Neal Lii , Roberto Lampariello , Mark Allan                  
1:25 PM                  
1:50 PM                  
2:15 PM 14.09 PANEL : Mars Exploration Science in the Next Decade - Michael Meyer                  
2:40 PM     8.11 Panel            
3:05 PM                
3:30 PM                
4:30 PM 4.1103 A Future GNSS Constellation with Inter-satellite Links: Preliminary Space Segment Analyses - Gabriele Giorgi 2.1305 An Approach to Contact Detection and Isolation for Free-floating Robots Based on Momentum Monitoring - Francesco Cavenago   8.1102 SmallSat Aerocapture to Enable a New Paradigm of Planetary Missions - Alex Austin 11.0302 Integrated Data Engineering for Automated Labeling (IDEAL) and Future Design of Aircraft - Alicia Ruvinsky 4.0901 A Genetic Algorithm for Joint Power and Bandwidth Allocation in Multibeam Satellite Systems - Aleix Paris   6.0901 Taking Advantage of Group Behavior When Tracking Multiple Threats in Cluttered Surveillance Data - Peter Willett    
4:55 PM 4.1105 Secure Multi-constellation GNSS Receivers with Clustering-based Solution Separation Algorithm - Kewei Zhang 2.1307 Assembled, Modular Hardware Architectures - What Price Reconfigurability? - Christine Gregg 5.0701 Experimental Simulations on the Laser Visualization of Flow Vortices - Krishna Thakkar 8.1113 Extended Mission Technology Demonstrations Using the ASTERIA Spacecraft - Lorraine Fesq 11.0303 Uncertainty Quantification in Prognostic Health Management Systems - Homer Dewey 4.0902 A Virtualized Border Control System Based on UAVs: Design and Energy Efficiency Considerations - Claudio Sacchi   6.0902 Joint-Sparse Decentralized Heterogeneous Data Fusion for Target Estimation - Ruixin Niu    
5:20 PM 4.1106 Precise Positioning of Robots with Fusion of GNSS, INS, Odometry, LPS and Vision - Patrick Henkel 2.1309 Decentralized Cooperative Localization with Relative Pose Estimation for a Spacecraft Swarm - William Bezouska 5.0702 Fundamentals and Applications of Resonant Leaky-mode Photonic Lattices - Robert Magnusson 8.1101 Smallsat Missions Enabled by Paired Low-Thrust Hybrid Rocket and Low-Power Long-Life Hall Thruster - Ryan Conversano 11.0304 Structural Diagnostics, Prognostics and Health Management for Future Space Vehicles - Andrei Zagrai 4.0903 Measurement Sensitivity of Modulation Indices in Telemetry, Tracking, and Command Systems - Srinivasa Raghavan 13.0601 Modeling, Simulation, and Robust Design of the TSIS Pointing Controller for ISS Deployment - Andrew Engelmann 6.0903 Joint Manifold Learning Based Distributed Sensor Fusion of Image and Radio-Frequency Data - Dan Shen    
5:50 PM The Earth Microbiome Project: Lessons for Exploring Complex Microbiomes Across the Planet, and Beyond
Rob Knight, UC San Diego

9:00 PM 4.0701 Autonomous Orbital Rendezvous Using a Coordinate-Free, Nonsingular Orbit Representation - Matthew Walsh 2.1310 Algorithmic Approaches to Reconfigurable Space Assembly Systems - Allan Costa 5.0501 Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Logical Analysis of Data - Ayman Ahmed 8.1104 Stage-Based Electrospray Propulsion System for Deep-Space Exploration with CubeSats - Oliver Jia Richards 11.07 Keynote: Adopting a New Human Health and Performance in Space Paradigm: Enabling Earth-Independence throug... - Kris Lehnhardt 4.0904 Satellite SDR Gateway for M2M and IoT Applications - Vlad Popescu 13.0602 In-Loop Simulation of Attitude Control of a Nanosatellite - Vatsal Badami 6.0904 Multi-scale Geometric Summaries for Similarity-based Sensor Fusion - Christopher Tralie    
9:25 PM 4.0702 A Static Estimation Method for Autonomous Navigation of Relativistic Spacecraft - Doga Yucalan 2.1313 Robust Estimation of Motion States for Free-Floating Tumbling Target Capture - Roberto Lampariello 5.0504 Correction of Etaloning Effects in Ground-based Hyperspectral Image Cubes of Jupiter - Erandi Wijerathna 8.1106 Optimized Low-Thrust Transfers from Geostationary Transfer Orbit to Mars - Ryan Woolley 11.0704 “PHM for Astronauts” Project to Run on the International Space Station: The Status and Plan Forward - Alexandre Popov 4.0905 Performance and Hardware Complexity Trade-offs for Digital Transparent Processors in 5G Satcoms - Vincenzo Sulli   6.0905 Multimodal Fusion Using Deep Directional Unit Networks for Event Behavior Characterization - Denis Garagic    
9:50 PM 4.0703 Point-to-CAD 3D Registration Algorithm for Relative Navigation Using Depth-Based Maps - Antonio Teran Espinoza 2.1314 Perception-Constrained Robot Manipulator Planning for Satellite Servicing - Marco Pavone 5.0505 A Deep Learning Framework for Automatic Airplane Detection in Remote Sensing Satellite Images - Wessam Hussein 8.1107 Hybrid Propulsion System Enabling Orbit Insertion Delta-Vs within a 12 U Spacecraft - Elizabeth Jens 11.0702 Design Considerations for UAV-Delivered Opioid Overdose Interventions - Daniel Buckland 4.0907 UWB Air-to-Ground Propagation Channel Measurements and Modeling Using UAVs - Wahab Ali Gulzar Khawaja 13.0605 Simulator for Functional Verification and Validation of a Nanosatellite - Tushar Goyal 6.0906 ESCAPE Data Set for Multi-INT Fusion - Erik Blasch    
Thu, Mar 7 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM   2.0601 In-Situ Science Instruments in a Radioisotope Power System Environment - Brian Bairstow 8.1206 A Survey of Lunar Sample Return Mission Concepts - Thomas Percy 8.04 Keynote 5.0301 JWST Overview and Successful Operation of the Cryo-Vac Test at NASA JSC during Hurricane Harvey - Sang Park 13.0301 So You Passed an Earned Value Management Government Validation – NOW WHAT? - Matt Jones 7.0401 Give Me More: Increasing Output for the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) Mission - Ronnie Killough 3.0403 The First Two Years of Juno Spacecraft Astrometry with the Very Long Baseline Array - Dayton Jones    
8:55 AM 2.1205 Projecting Asteroid Impact Corridors onto the Earth - Clemens Rumpf 2.0602 Flight-Experiment Validation of the Dynamic Capabilities of a Flux-Pinned Docking Interface - Frances Zhu 8.1203 Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV) Vehicle Systems Overview - Lisa Mc Collum 5.0303 Overcoming the Tradeoff between Efficiency and Bandwidth for Vector Vortex Waveplates - Nelson Tabiryan 13.0307 Challenges and Potential Solutions to Develop and Fund NASA Flagship Missions - Stephen Shinn 7.0402 Solution to Data Congestion in Space - Visweswaran Karunanithi 3.0404 Modeling of Venus Atmospheric RF Attenuation for Communication Link Purposes - Cornelis Du Toit    
9:20 AM 2.1206 The Pan-STARRS Data Archive — a Treasure Trove of Moving Object Observations - Richard Wainscoat 2.0603 Genetic Algorithms for Autonomous, Learned Robotic Exploration in Extreme, Unknown Environments - Frances Zhu 8.1204 Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV) Propulsion Subsystems Design - Quincy Bean 8.0401 Do Workload and Sensory Modality Predict Pilots’ Localization Accuracy? - Christopher Brill 5.0304 The LBTI HOSTS Project: Instrumentation, Observations, and Survey Results - William Danchi 13.0302 Mission Operations Cost Estimation Tool (MOCET) Version 1.3 and Beyond - Marc Hayhurst 7.0404 Towards an Integrated GPU Accelerated SoC as a Flight Computer for Small Satellites - Caleb Adams 3.0405 Radio Science at Jupiter: Past Investigations, Current Results, and Future Prospects - Dustin Buccino    
9:45 AM 2.1207 Solar Sails for Planetary Defense and High-Energy Missions - Jan Thimo Grundmann 2.0604 Area-of-Effect Softbots (AoES) for Asteroid Proximity Operations - Jay Mc Mahon 8.1205 Mars Ascent Vehicle Propulsion System Solid Motor Technology Plans - Andrew Prince 8.0402 Enabling Communication between Astronauts and Ground Teams for Space Exploration Missions - Jessica Marquez 5.0305 LUVOIR Thermal Architecture Overview and Enabling Technologies for Picometer-Scale WFE Stability - Sang Park 13.0304 ASCoT, the NASA Analogy Software Cost Tool Suite: Expanding Our Estimation Horizons - Jairus Hihn 7.0405 Accurate Star Tracker Simulation with On-Orbit Data Verification - Laila Kazemi 3.0406 The Radio Environment for a Space-based Low-frequency Radio Astronomy Instrument - Mark Bentum    
10:10 AM 2.1208 Development of a Realistic Set of Synthetic Earth Impactor Orbits - Steven Chesley 2.0607 A Spring Propelled Extreme Environment Robot for Off-World Cave Exploration - Steven Morad 8.1202 Hybrid Propulsion Technology Development for a Potential Near-Term Mars Ascent Vehicle - Ashley Karp 8.0403 Comparison of Photogrammetric and Laser Hand Scans to Manual Measurements for EVA Glove Fabrication - Bonnie Dunbar 5.0309 Overview of the Habitable Exoplanet Observatory (HabEx) Concept Architecture - Stefan Martin 13.0309 Learning Rate Sensitivity Model - Nichols Brown 8.1110 InSight/MarCO Opportunistic Multiple Spacecraft per Antenna (OMSPA) Demonstration - Andre Tkacenko 3.0408 Correlators for Synthetic Apertures in Space - Alexander Hegedus    
10:35 AM 2.1209 Characterization of Asteroids Using Nanospacecraft Flybys and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping - Mihkel Pajusalu 2.0608 A Flux Pinning Concept for On-orbit Capture and Orientation of an MSR Orbiting Sample Container - Paulo Younse 8.1208 Development and Testing of SP7 Fuel for Mars Ascent Vehicle Application - Brian Evans 8.0408 Human-Machine Interactions in Apollo and Lessons Learned for Living off the Land on Mars - George Lordos 5.0311 Origins Space Telescope: Mid-Infrared Transit Spectroscopy for the Detection of Bio-Signatures - Johannes Staguhn 13.0310 Space Scientific Instrument Taxonomy (SSIT) - Nichols Brown 8.1109 On the Development of CubeSat Swarm Technologies for Planetary Exploration - Matt Sorgenfrei 3.0409 The Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment (SunRISE) Mission Concept - Justin Kasper    
11:00 AM 2.1210 Double Asteroid Redirection Test: The Earth Strikes Back - Evan Smith 2.0609 A Milli-newton Propulsion System for the Asteroid Mobile Imager and Geologic Observer (AMIGO) - Jekan Thangavelautham 8.1207 Mars Ascent Vehicle Propulsion Development at Whittinghill Aerospace - George Whittinghill 8.0501 Human Physiology and Countermeasures for Spaceflight from the Perspective of an ISS Astronaut - Steve Swanson 5.0312 Evaluating the LUVOIR Coronagraph Sensitivity to Telescope Aberrations - Roser Juanola Parramon 13.0308 Complex Project Scheduling Lessons Learned from NASA, Boeing, General Dynamics and Others - Robert Richards 8.1111 Attitude Control of CubeSat Swarm for Visual Mapping of Planetary Bodies - Ravi Teja Nallapu 3.0410 The Data Processing Pipeline and Science Analysis of the Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment - Alexander Hegedus    
11:25 AM   2.0610 A Flight-traceable Cryogenic Thermal System for Use in a Sample-capture Flux-pinned Interface - Ian Mc Kinley 8.1201 Qualification of a Hybrid Propulsion System for the Mars Ascent Vehicle - Britt Oglesby   5.0314 The Large UV/Optical/Infrared (LUVOIR) Surveyor: Decadal Mission Study Update - Jason Hylan   8.1105 Mars Small Spacecraft Mission Concepts Study - Nathan Barba 3.0411 Development of an Ultra-Wideband Receiver Package for the Next Generation Very Large Array - Jose Velazco    
11:50 AM   2.0611 EURO-CARES - a European Sample Curation Facility for Sample Return Missions. - Lucy Berthoud 8.1211 Update to Mars Ascent Vehicle Design for Human Exploration - Tara Polsgrove       8.1112 TEAM – Titan Exploration Atmospheric Microprobes - Conor Nixon 3.0412 A Common Platform for DSN Receiver Development - Andre Jongeling    
1:00 PM 14.05 PANEL: Model-based Engineering – Paradigm Shift or Business as Usual? - Sanda Mandutianu , Sebastian Herzig                  
1:25 PM                  
1:50 PM                  
2:15 PM 14.06 PANEL: Progress and Plans for the Deep Space Human Exploration Architecture - Jason Crusan