2022 IEEE Aerospace Conference
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Preliminary Schedule

Small changes (exact presentation time and room) will occur in this schedule until mid February. Please plan travel so that you are available anytime on your scheduled presentation day.

Sun, Mar 6 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Talus Room @ Summit Hotel
8:00 AM (PST)                    
4:30 PM (PST) 4.1401 On the Observability of Spacecraft Navigation Using Landmarks - Evan Ward 7.0104 Benchmarking and Testing of Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC for JPL Space Applications and Missions - Zaid Towfic 2.0701 Microfluidic Inorganic Conductivity Detector for Europa (MicroICE) Using Capacitive Coupling - Chinmayee Govinda Raj 2.0101 VERITAS (VENUS EMISSIVITY, RADIO SCIENCE, INSAR, TOPOGRAPHY and SPECTROSCOPY): A DISCOVERY MISSION - Suzanne Smrekar 9.0302 OMIA: MH-60R Helicopter Desktop Crew Trainer & AOP Experimentation Tool - Robert Richards 6.0901 Consensus as Observations: Multi-timescale Sensor Fusion and Control - Sarah Kitchen 5.0101 Investigation of Mirror Satellite Concept to Provide Augmented Lighting for Dim Space-Based Objects - Daniel Dombrowski 13.0103 Impact of Level of Autonomy on Space Systems Sizing and System-of-Systems Metrics - Cesare Guariniello    
4:55 PM (PST) 4.1403 Scheduling Position, Navigation, and Time Service Requests from Non-dedicated Lunar Constellations - Samantha Niemoeller 7.0105 ICU4SAT: A General-Purpose Reconfigurable Instrument Control Unit Based on Open Source Components. - Pietro Nannipieri 2.0702 Identifying Biosignatures on Planetary Surfaces with Laser-based Mass Spectrometry - Peter Wurz 2.0102 NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) Mission: System Integration & Test - Pamela Hoffman 9.0304 Distributed Aperture System Field of View Investigation - Chiawei Lee 6.0902 Submodular Optimization via Reinforcement Learning for Active Control of Sensor Networks - Denis Garagic 5.0102 Simulations for the Performance of the Wide Field Instrument on the Roman Space Telescope - Benjamin Cromey 13.0104 The Environment-Vulnerability-Decision-Technology Framework for Decision Support in Indonesia - Seamus Lombardo    
5:20 PM (PST) 4.1404 SPEED+: Next-Generation Dataset for Spacecraft Pose Estimation across Domain Gap - Tae Ha Park 7.0106 ASIC Flow for Space RadTolerance- Part 2 Application to High Performance Computing Requirements - Jean Yang Scharlotta 2.0703 The Lunar Cosmic-Ray and Neutron Spectrometer: Phase-A Design and Technology Studies - Martin Losekamm 2.0103 Surface Biology and Geology (SBG) Visible to Short Wavelength Infrared (VSWIR) Instrument Concept - Robert Green 9.0305 Optimization of Conceptual Design of Air Breathing Hypersonic Vehicle - Kanishka Deepak 6.0904 Artificial Intelligence Fusion of Information for Aerospace (AIFIA) Systems - Erik Blasch 5.0103 Reconstruction of the NuSTAR PSF Using Single-laser Metrology - Hannah Earnshaw 13.0105 Flight Software Dictionary Development for the Perseverance Rover - Matt Muszynski    
5:50 PM (PST) Plenary: Plenary TBA
8:05 PM (PST) Plenary: Plenary TBA
9:00 PM (PST) 4.1406 Autonomous Navigation Performance of Cislunar Orbits considering High Crosslink Measurement Errors - Erdem Turan 7.0107 Onboard Hyperspectral Image Classification via Transfer Learning for Comm-Limited Spacecraft - Justin Goodwill 2.0704 Direct Measurement of Neutral Gas during Hypervelocity Planetary Flybys - Rico Fausch 2.0105 Near-Earth Object Surveyor Overview - Tom Hoffman 9.0311 (Explainable) Artificial Intelligence in Aerospace Safety-Critical Systems - Sujitra Sutthithatip 6.0905 Hardware Development for Joint Sparse Decentralized Heterogeneous Data Fusion for Target Estimation - Dan Shen 5.0301 Implementing Achromatic Diffractive Waveplate Optics with Thin, Uniformly Birefringent Layers - Nelson Tabiryan 13.0109 Lessons Learned from the Implementation of DOORS for the SUDA Instrument on Europa Clipper - Wendy Frank    
9:25 PM (PST) 4.1408 Robust Vision-based Multi-spacecraft Guidance Navigation Control Using CNN-based Pose Estimation - Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay 7.0702 Accelerated Radiation Test on Quantized Neural Networks Trained with Fault Aware Training - Giulio Gambardella 2.0707 L3VIN: Lunar-Laser-Lab for Volatiles INvestigation. a CLPS-compatible in Situ Lunar Instrument - Evan Eshelman 2.0106 NANCY GRACE ROMAN SPACE TELESCOPE OBSERVATORY IMPLEMENTATION and CHALLENGES - Lisa Bartusek 9.0313 Optimal Electric Power System Architectures for Wide Body All Electric Aircraft - Mona Ghassemi 6.0906 Harris-Lovassy N-Dimensional Rule of Combination - Dan Harris 5.0302 Lunar CADRE - a CubeSat Array for the Detection of RF Emissions from Exoplanets - Jose Velazco 13.0110 Evolution and Analysis of the Psyche Mission’s End-to-End Information System Architecture - Robert Moore    
9:50 PM (PST) 4.1410 Vision-Based Spacecraft Relative Pose Estimation in Variable Lighting Conditions - Evan Kramer 7.0704 RadPC@Scale: A Novel Approach to the RadPC Single Event Upset Mitigation Strategy - Justin Williams   2.0107 Heliophysics Environmental & Radiation Measurement Experiment Suite (HERMES) - Joe Burt 9.0314 DC Load Flow Models for the Electric Power System of Wide Body All Electric Aircraft - Mona Ghassemi     13.0113 STPA Analysis over the Earlier Phases of Brazilian Aerospace Products Life Cycle Using OPM - Guilherme Moreira    
Mon, Mar 7 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Talus Room @ Summit Hotel
8:30 AM (PST) 4.0501 Preparing the Mars Relay Network for the Arrival of the Perseverance Rover at Mars - Roy Gladden 8.0101 The 2033 Crewed Mars Flyby Mission - Ben Donahue 7.0201 Radiation-Hardened VITA 65/78 Payload Module - Elaine Cox 2.0302 Mid-Air Helicopter Delivery at Mars Using a Jetpack - Jeff Delaune 3.01:Keynote:How we Changed the World using Silicon-based Phased-Arrays: Leaving the Broadcast Marconi Era and ... - Gabriel Rebeiz 10.0104 A Method for Incorporating QCM Thermo-Gravimetric Assessment Data in Contamination Modeling - John Anderson 9.0101 Flight Test Comparison of Three Air Vehicles Flying an Urban Air Mobility Mission Trajectory - Brian Kish 12.0101 Soil Moisture Active Passive: Flying a Spacecraft from Home - Masashi Mizukami   2.0201 ESTCube-2: The Experience of Developing a Highly-Integrated CubeSat Platform - Janis Dalbins
8:55 AM (PST) 4.0503 Implementing Low-Density Parity-Check Channel Codes in the Mars Relay Network - Neil Chamberlain 8.0102 Locally Optimal Trajectories from Low Lunar Orbit to near Rectilinear Halo Orbits - Matt Harris 7.0202 Formal Property Verification of a Remote Memory Access Protocol IP-Core - Kai Borchers 2.0303 Ultrasonic Altimeter for Titan Landers - Jarrett Wehle 10.0105 A Mathematical Model for the Analysis of Jet Engine Fuel Consumption during Aircraft Take-off - Francisco Velásquez-SanMartín 9.0102 A Low-Cost Airborne Surrogate Test Satellite for Space Control Network Ground Station Testing - Chiawei Lee 12.0102 How Do We Get Robots to Take Self-portraits on Mars? - Perseverance-Ingenuity and Curiosity Selfies - Vandi Verma   2.0202 Interstellar Object Encounter Trade Space Exploration - Benjamin Donitz
9:20 AM (PST) 4.0505 Lunar Communications Services with Emphasis on Commercialization - John Ware 8.0103 Artemis Deep Space Habitation: Enabling a Sustained Human Presence on the Moon and Beyond - Paul Kessler 7.0205 High-Speed on Board Data Handling: From a Wizardlink Equivalent IP to a SpaceFibre Interface - Pietro Nannipieri 2.0304 Landing Site Selection with a Variable-Resolution SLAM-Refined Map - Corey Marcus 3.0101 Mathematical Techniques for near Field Radiation Pattern Characterization of Digital Arrays - Thomas Williamson 10.0106 Incorporating Pedestrian Movement in Computational Models of COVID-19 Spread during Air-travel - Sirish Namilae 9.0201 A Levy Flight Based Probabilistic Motion Planning for UAVs in Constricted Environments - Shubham Shukla 12.0103 Single Event Functional Interrupts during the Cruise and EDL Phases of the Mars 2020 Mission - Gregory Dubos   2.0203 A Preliminary Investigation Using Aerogravity Assist Trajectories to Mercury - Divinaa Burder
9:45 AM (PST) 4.0506 Adapting Commercial 5G Networks for Space - Oscar Somerlock 8.0104 Designing Flexible Human-Centered Interfaces for Future EVA Operations - Jack Gale 7.0207 Distributed Sample Processing System Using SpaceFibre for High Bandwidth Frontier Radio Applications - Michael Cerabona 2.0305 CPEG: A Convex Predictor-corrector Entry Guidance Algorithm - Kevin Tracy 3.0202 Development of a Large Loop Antenna Deployment System for TEM-Based Subsurface Mars Water Detection - Patrick McGarey 10.0110 A Statistical Learning Approach to Missile System Modeling - Noel Cervantes 9.0206 A Comparison of Gate Detection Algorithms for Autonomous Racing Drones - Arti Schmidt 12.0104 Cross-Cutting Flight Infrastructure Improvements on M2020 - Andre Girerd   2.0204 Future of Mars Rotorcraft - Mars Science Helicopter - Theodore Tzanetos
10:10 AM (PST) 4.0401 Time-Transfer from Terrestrial GPS for Distributed Lunar Surface Communication Networks - Sriramya Bhamidipati 8.0106 NASA’s Artemis Human Landing Systems - Laura Means 7.0301 Automated Test and Acceptance System for the Development of Highly-Efficient CubeSat Battery Packs - Bennet Schwab 2.0307 Mars 2020 Entry, Descent, and Landing Software Implementation - Mallory Lefland 3.0205 Next Generation Phased Array Radars for Deep Space Communications - Aaron Pereira 10.0111 Providence – a Deep Learning Framework for Time-to-Event Prediction - Stephen Fox 9.0208 A Comparative Analysis of Energy Management Strategies for a Fuel-Cell Hybrid Electric System UAV - Mohamed Elkerdany 12.0105 Making or Breaking a Rover: System Engineering Parameters On-Board the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover - Rebekah Siegfriedt   2.0205 Towards Space Mission as a Service - Leonardo Camargo Forero
10:35 AM (PST) 4.0402 Time of Arrival Modeling, Estimation and Bounds for Precision Two-way Time Transfer and Ranging - Thomas Bidigare 8.0107 The JEANNE Habitat Design for a 2033 Crewed Mars Mission - Neil McHenry 7.0302 Electrical Ground Support Equipment for the Sampling Caching System of the Mars 2020 Rover - Fernando Mier-Hicks 2.0308 Real-World Testing of LiDAR-Inertial Based Navigation and Mapping for Precision Landing - Timothy Setterfield 3.0206 How to Deploy a 10-km Interferometric Radio Telescope on the Moon with Just Four Tethered Robots - Patrick McGarey 10.0114 4-D Flight Trajectory Prediction: Comparison of CNN-GRU Model Structure Based on ADS-B Data - Amelia Regan 9.0209 Decentralised Multi-UAV Cooperative Searching Multi-Target in Cluttered and GPS-Denied Environments - Xiaolong Zhu 12.0106 CloudSat ACT-TWO, Design, Analysis and Results - Heidi Hallowell   2.0207 Practical Interstellar Probe Concepts: Mission Study Results - James Kinnison
11:00 AM (PST) 4.0403 Mars 2020 Entry, Descent, and Landing as Observed by Radio Science Techniques at UHF and X-band - Dustin Buccino 8.0108 NASA’s Strategic Analysis Cycle 2021 (SAC21) Human Mars Mission Architecture - Michelle Rucker 7.0303 Ssdev-Ecat: A Configurable Motion Control Server for Mars 2020 Hardware Testbeds - Daniel Levine 2.0310 Reconstructed Performance of the Mars 2020 Parachute Decelerator System - Ian Clark 3.0301 Radar Back End for NASA/ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) Instrument - Momin Quddus   9.0210 Smart Cities – Automatic Power Lines Inspection - Rodrigo Rangel 12.0108 On the Operational Challenges of Coordinating a Helicopter and a Rover Mission on Mars - Farah Alibay   2.0208 Ceres Human Exploration & Transit Architecture: A Concept Mission for Human Exploration of Ceres - Jessica Todd
11:25 AM (PST) 4.0404 Deep Space Atomic Clock Technology Demonstration Mission Results - Todd Ely 8.0109 Architecture Robustness in NASA’s Moon to Mars Capability and Element Development - Alexander Burg   2.0311 Reconstructed Performance of the InSight Lander's Supersonic Parachute & Comparison with Phoenix - Clara O'Farrell 3.0302 HERMES Radio: Energy and Spectral Efficient Transmitter Architectures for Small Satellites - Visweswaran Karunanithi   9.0211 Visual Modeling System for Real-Time Optimal Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Aerial Drones - Skye Mceowen 12.0109 Building a Lifeboat: MSL's Uplink and Installation Campaign to Restore a Failing Backup Computer - Alexandra Holloway   2.0211 Design Considerations for Walker Constellations to Reduce Response Time of Data Downlink - Manwei Chan
11:50 AM (PST) 4.0405 Interstellar Probe: Telecommunications Design Trades - Reza Ashtari 8.0110 Artemis: An Overview of NASA’s Activities to Return Humans to the Moon - Darcy Elburn 7.0306 Infrared Image Generator of Artificial Space Object for Verifying Relative Navigation in Rendezvous - Naoki Okada 2.0312 Decoding the Descent Dynamics of the Huygens Probe - Ralph Lorenz 3.0303 Structure-integrated Antennas for Solar Sails - Nicolas Appel 13.0310 COMPACT KNN V2: Analogy-Based Cost Estimation Model for CubeSats - Melissa Hooke 9.0212 Design and Model Predictive Control of a Mars Coaxial Quadrotor - Akash Patel     2.0212 ESCAPE Mission Implementation Overview: Exploring the Stellar Drivers of Exoplanet Habitability - Bryce Unruh
1:25 PM (PST) 14.03 PANEL: Access To Space and Emerging Mission Capabilities - Eleni Sims                  
1:50 PM (PST) 14.01 PANEL: Technology Development for Science-Driven Missions - Patricia Beauchamp                  
2:15 PM (PST)                  
2:40 PM (PST) 14.02 PANEL: Emerging Technologies for Mars Exploration - Charles Edwards                  
3:05 PM (PST)                  
4:30 PM (PST) 13.0303 Space Scientific Instrument Taxonomy (SSIT) Version 2.0 - Nichols Brown 8.0117 Internal Architecture of the Common Habitat - Robert Howard 2.0801 Assessing Cost Drivers for Mars Small Spacecraft Missions - Charles Edwards 12.0214 Metrics for Flight Operations: Application to Europa Clipper Tour Selection - Duane Bindschadler 3.0304 X-band GaN SSPA Development for near Earth and Deep Space Missions - Justin Dennison 10.0301 An Integrated Software Architecture for Solar Cruiser Mission Design and Navigation - Jason Everett 6.0103 Contamination Control Systems Engineering Approach to Mitigating Radiation Induced Outgassing - Daniel Fugett 5.0402 Comparison between Time and Frequency-domain Processing of Anemometer Data - Jack McCrae    
4:55 PM (PST) 13.0304 The Applied Physics Laboratory’s Earned Value Management Surveillance Program - Howard Hunter 8.0118 Down-Selection of Four Common Habitat Variants - Robert Howard 2.0802 The ESRA CubeSat: Measuring the Earth's Radiation Belts - Carlos Maldonado 12.0215 Science Operations Planning and Implementation for the OSIRIS-REx Mission, Part 2: Toolkit - Sara Balram-Knutson 3.0305 Additive Manufacturing Techniques for Creating Antennas for Modern UAVs - Jacob Metro 10.0302 SpaceFOM: An Interoperability Standard for Space Systems Simulations - Edwin Crues 6.0104 BOWIE-M: Process to Develop the Next-Generation ESPA-Class Weather Sounding Microwave Radiometer - Sean Geiger 5.0404 Phase Screen Generation Methods for Simulating Light Propagation through non-Kolmogorov Turbulence - Jason Salmanowitz    
5:20 PM (PST) 13.0305 Considerations for Developing an Integrated Earth Science/Climate Portfolio - Robert Bitten 8.0119 Project ALIEN: Proposed Analog Fidelity Comparison to Martian Mission - Madelyn Hoying 2.0804 Deployable Optical Receiver Aperture: Low-Cost Cubesat Bus - Daniel Jacobs 12.0216 Flight Rule Design, Implementation, Verification, and Validation for the Psyche Mission - Shaheer Khan 3.0402 The Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment (SunRISE) Mission - Joseph Lazio 10.0303 The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter and Open Source - Timothy Canham 6.0201 Thermal Design of the Thermal Infrared Spectrometer (TIRS) Instrument on PREFIRE - Ian Mc Kinley 5.0503 Processing of Thermal Satellite Images Using MATLAB - Kanishk Ujjwal    
5:50 PM (PST) Plenary: Plenary TBA
8:05 PM (PST) Plenary: Plenary TBA
9:00 PM (PST) 13.0306 Bayesian Rules of Thumb: Robust Uncertainty Quantification in Early Project Cost Estimation - Sam Fleischer 8.0202 Artemis Removable-Canister Waste Accumulation System & Handler: A Portable Modular Space Lavatory - Syamantak Payra 2.0806 LUMIO: A CubeSat to Monitor Micro-meteoroid Impacts on the Lunar Farside - Stefano Speretta 12.0217 Science Operations Planning and Implementation for the OSIRIS-REx Mission, Part 1: Process - Anjani Polit 3.0403 Time Smearing in Space-based 3D Synthesis Imaging - Cornelis Vertegaal 10.0304 Toolchain for a Mobile Robot Applied on the DLR Scout Rover - Antoine Pignède 6.0202 Exported Forces and Torques of Tactical Cryocoolers - Mason Mok 5.0604 Satellite Maneuver Detection Using Machine Learning Methods - Nicholas Perovich    
9:25 PM (PST) 13.0308 Mission Operations Cost Estimation Tool (MOCET) 2021/2022 Capability Updates - Marc Hayhurst 8.0203 Mapping Life Support System Functions and Technologies to Commercial Spaceflight Applications - David Klaus 2.0807 CHESS: Measuring the Dynamics of Composition and Density of Earth’s Upper Atmosphere with CubeSats - Rico Fausch 12.0218 Mars 2020 Surface Operations Transition (SOX) Commissioning Phase Overview - Robert Lange 3.0404 Juno Gravity Science: Five Years of Radio Science with Ka-band Uplink - Dustin Buccino 10.0305 Mars 2020 Ground Data System Architecture - Guy Pyrzak 6.0204 A Responsive Design and Evaluation Laboratory for Space Pointing and Tracking Systems - Greg Bonn 5.0801 Going to Extremes: Architecting Holographic Microscopes for Extreme Environments - J. Kent Wallace    
9:50 PM (PST) 13.0309 Gaussian Process Regression Method for Costing Smallsat Bus Capabilities - Melissa Hooke 8.0205 Vapor Compression Refrigeration System for Space Exploration - Alberto Gomes   12.0219 Operations for Autonomous Spacecraft - Rebecca Castano   10.0306 Integrating Provenance-Awareness into the Space Debris Processing System BACARDI - Martin Stoffers 6.0205 A Swift Approach to a Flexible Digital Controller and Processor - Andre Jongeling 5.0802 Design of a Low-cost, Submersible, Digital Holographic Microscope for in Situ Microbial Imaging - Alexander Ramirez    
Tue, Mar 8 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Talus Room @ Summit Hotel
8:30 AM (PST) 4.1201 Diversity Schemes and Coherent Combining in Digital Receivers - Yefim Poberezhskiy 2.0117 A Concept of Operations for an Interstellar Probe Mission - Kimberly Ord 8.0301 Dependency of Surface Temperature on Coolant Mass Flow and Heat Flux in Rocket Combustion Chambers - Pascal Kringe 2.0402 ESRA ECP Sensor: A Charged Particle Telescope for Measuring Earth’s Radiation Belts - Jonathan Barney 11.0101 Design of Energy Aware Scheduling Algorithm for Efficient Management of Data Centers in Cloud - Rajkumar Choudhary 10.0501 A Model-Based Systems Engineering Journey to Developing a Concept of Operations - Jeffrey Cohen 7.0401 Towards an Integrated Fault Tolerant Control for ESTCube-2 Attitude Control System - Ikechukwu Ofodile 9.0217 Multi-Scale & Multi-Reference Longitudinal Guidance Logic for UAS - Jeffrey Xu   2.0213 The Earth in Living Color - NASA’s Surface Biology and Geology Designated Observable - David Schimel
8:55 AM (PST) 4.1202 First Results for Differential Doppler Positioning with Unknown Starlink Satellite Signals - Mohammad Neinavaie 2.0118 Europa Clipper Mission: System Integration Review Report - Jennifer Dooley 8.0302 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Electric Launcher Utilizing Linear Synchronous Motor - Mohammad Sadraey 2.0403 Suborbital Drop Test to Demonstrate Autonomous Payload Recovery from Low Earth Orbit - Tyler Kunsa 11.0102 Testing and Evaluating the Impact of Illumination Levelson UAV-assisted Bridge Inspection - Ali Karimoddini 10.0502 FPP: A Modeling Language for F Prime - Robert Bocchino 7.0402 Night Sky Testing of the Lunar Flashlight Star Tracker - David Sternberg 9.0221 Design and Flight Testing of a Rocket-Launched Folding UAV for Planetary Exploration Applications - Samantha D'Arcy   2.0214 Orbital Exploration of Phobos by a Nano-satellite Using Solar Electric Propulsion - Shuba Murthy
9:20 AM (PST) 4.1203 A Multi-purpose Software Defined Radio Payload for the HYPSO-2 Satellite - Roger Birkeland 2.0119 Nickel Accounting for the Psyche Spacecraft - Emma Bradford 8.0308 Development of a System Level Optimization Tool for Preliminary Design of the SLS BOLE Solid Rocket - Terry Haws 2.0404 Mission Performance Assessment of Multi-mode Propulsion for Satellite Servicing Applications - Giusy Falcone 11.0103 A Framework for Optimizing PHM Analytic Hyperparameters - Shashvat Prakash 10.0503 A Model-Based Approach for Europa Lander Mission Concept Exploration - Myra Lattimore 7.0403 Development of Navigational System for a Multi-spectral Imaging Nano-satellite - Ayush Mehta 9.0223 Flight Test Validation Verification of @AIR Distributed Electric Propulsion Aircraft Dynamic Model - Hady Benyamen   2.0215 Towards a National Space Program: An Australian Perspective - Frederick Menk
9:45 AM (PST) 4.1204 Signature-Aware RF Exploitation (SNARE) Fingerprinting Using Deep Learning to Identify UAVs - Genshe Chen 2.0120 Polarimeter to UNify the Corona and Heliosphere (PUNCH): Science, Status, and Path to Flight - Craig DeForest 8.0309 Space Launch System (SLS): Artemis I, Evolution, and Capability - Terry Haws 2.0406 An Efficient Search Scheme for Using Weak Stability Boundary in a Backup Scenario of NRHO Transfer - Yuki Matsumoto 11.0104 Explainable Symptom Detection in the Telemetry of ISS with Random Forest and SpecTRM - Shota Iino 10.0505 Applying MBSE to Data Handling System Design of a Small Satellite Platform for Multiple Missions - Thomas Firchau 7.0501 Radiation-Tolerant, High Power Density GaN Drop-on Point of Load Converters - Noah Martin 9.0226 Solar Energy Harvesting for a Land-to-Recharge Tiltrotor Micro Aerial Vehicle - Stephen Carlson   2.0217 GEOSCAN: Global Earth Observation Using Swarm of Coordinated Autonomous Nanosats - Changrak Choi
10:10 AM (PST) 4.1206 Realtime Wideband Modem in the Cloud – Technology and Economics - Eugene Grayver 2.0121 Mapping Earth’s Dust-Emitting Regions from the ISS with the EMIT Imaging Spectrometer - Bogdan Oaida 8.0310 Performance and Business Case Impact Assessment for Launch Systems Utilizing RDRE Propulsion - John Bradford 2.0407 Comprehensive Assessment of Orbital Robotics, Space Based Computer Vision, and Validation Methods - Marco Peterson 11.0106 Design, Fabrication and Comparative Analysis of Ducted Fan with Other Flying Platforms - Maryam Khan 10.0507 Applying Model-Based Ontology Coverage Analysis to Mission Architectures - Yaniv Mordecai 7.0502 Dynamic Characterizations of 650 V, 900 v and 1200 v SiC MOSFETs under Low Temperatures - Yuqi Wei 9.0229 A Computationally Efficient UAV Exploration Strategy for Uncertain Complex Environments - Mohit Ludhiyani   2.0525 Planning for a Martian Road Trip – the Mars2020 Mobility Systems Design - Richard Rieber
10:35 AM (PST) 4.1302 High-precision Hardware Oscillators Ensemble for GNSS Attack Detection - Marco Spanghero 2.0122 Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) – Ready for Flight - William Deininger 8.0311 Small Modular Launch Vehicle Multidisciplinary Design Optimization - Fredy Villanueva 2.0408 Using the Decision Tree (DT) to Decipher the Access to Space (ATS) Options. - Robert Caffrey 11.0107 Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Anomaly Detection for PHM - Samir Khan 10.0508 Orchestrating Tool Chains for Model-based Systems Engineering with RCE - Alexander Weinert 7.0506 A High Voltage Tethered Power System for Planetary Surface Applications - Ansel Barchowsky 9.0230 Robust and Gain Scheduled Flight Control of Fixed-Wing UAVs in Wind and Icing Conditions - Ruben Kleiven   2.0527 MMX Rover Locomotion System – Development and Testing towards the Flight Model - Stefan Barthelmes
11:00 AM (PST) 4.1304 Reliable GNSS Joint Position and Attitude Estimation in Harsh Environments via Robust Statistics - Andrea Bellés 2.1001 Spacecraft Scale Magnetospheric Protection from Galactic Cosmic Radiation - John Slough 2.1317 Artificial Potential Field Guidance for Capture of Non-Cooperative Target Objects by Chaser Swarms - Jessica Cutler 2.0409 Cubesats/Smallsats/Nanosats/Picosats/Rideshare(sats) in 2022: Making Sense of the Numbers - Michael Swartwout 11.0108 High Resolution System for Rapid Broadband Battery Impedance Measurements - Bryce Hill 10.0510 Architecture Framework Standardization for Satellite Flight Software Generation Using MBSE and F' - Michael Halvorson 7.1001 Design & Testing of Redundant Radar Altimeters for Reentry Vehicle Using Commercial Hardware - Jennifer Snelling 9.0231 GNSS Aided Radar Inertial Odometry for UAS Flights in Challenging Conditions - Christopher Doer   2.0529 Venus High Temperature Motor and Rotary Percussive Drill for Pneumatic Acquisition of Samples - Kris Zacny
11:25 AM (PST) 4.1306 Multipath Estimating Techniques Performance Analysis - Corentin Lubeigt 2.1002 Space Radiation Environment Considerations for the Interstellar Probe Mission - Justin Likar     11.0111 Model Based Systems Engineering Applied to Fault Detection Analysis of Vehicle Subsystems - Nabeel Mahmood 10.0511 Integration of Inlet and Combustor Subsystem Models into a TBCC Engine Performance Model - Charles Krouse 7.1003 Error Correction System Based on COTS Microcontrollers Working in Redundancy - Rodrigo França 9.0232 A Multi-Drone Flying Area Using Crazyflie Micro-Drones and the Lighthouse Positioning System - Stefan Bucur   2.0531 Simulating Mars: Enabling Testing of the Perseverance Rover Sampling and Caching Subsystem on Earth - Jeffrey Megivern
1:50 PM (PST)     Junior Engineering Conference 2-4:30 in the Madison.              
Wed, Mar 9 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Talus Room @ Summit Hotel
8:30 AM (PST) 4.0101 Service Management & Orchestration of 5G and 6G Non-Terrestrial Networks - Brian Barritt 8.0403 “Just Do It” - Mission Operations Training in a COVID World - Theresa Rosette 2.0502 Robotic Arm Design and Analysis Repository - Justin Jenkins 2.0601 Solid State Sample Handling with Amplified Piezo Actuators - John Costa 11.0201 A Novel Framework for Fault Identification and Risk Management (F.I.R.M.) of Autonomous Systems - Hadi Fekrmandi 10.0201 Challenges in Explaining Source Code Quality Assessment - Jeremy Ludwig 9.0402 Passive Acoustic Ranging for Helicopter Altimetry on Mars, Venus, and Titan - Lin Yi 4.1602 TruSat: Building Cyber Trust in Collaborative Spacecraft Networks - David Koisser   2.0108 Orbital Trade Study for the PREFIRE Mission - Brian Drouin
8:55 AM (PST) 4.0103 Development of a Deployable Optical Receive Aperture - Uriel Escobar 8.0404 Determining Spacesuit Reach and Range of Motion (ROM) Using 3D Photogrammetric Motion Capture - Dillon Hall 2.0503 Design of Rigid-Flex PCB Robotics Leveraging Validated Finite Element Simulations - John Bell 2.0603 Icy Moon Penetrator Organic Analyzer (IMPOA) Impact Test Results - Michael Cato 11.0501 Deterrence of Cycles in Temporal Knowledge Graphs - Seif Azghandi 10.0203 Analysis of the Potential Benefits from Using Quantum Computing for Aerospace Applications - Dominic Rosch-Grace 9.0407 Fuzzy Logic Model-less 3-DOF Flight Controllers - Manuel Ayala 4.1604 Security Aware Teleoperation for Space Applications - Saurav Sthapit   2.0109 The Atmosphere Observing System (AOS): A Core Component of NASA’s Earth System Observatory (ESO) - Deborah Vane
9:20 AM (PST) 4.0201 New Horizons for a Practical and Performance Optimized Solar System Internet - Alan Hylton 8.0405 Methods for Evaluation of Human-in-the-Loop Inspection of a Space Station Mockup Using a Quadcopter - Hannah Weiss 2.0504 Helicopter and Rover Operations on Mars Using the Robot Sequencing and Visualization Program (RSVP) - Justin Koch 2.0604 Assessing Ceres’ past and Current Habitability - John Brophy 11.0503 Real-Time Techniques for Fault Detection on Railway Door Systems - MINORU SHIMIZU 10.0205 The Potential of Virtual Reality for Aerospace Applications, Research and Education - Johanna Pirker 9.0409 Control of Flow Separation Using Fluidic Oscillators on a NACA 0015 Airfoil - Kamal Poddar 4.1607 Advances in Secure 5G Network for a Nationwide Drone Corridor - Arupjyoti (Arup) Bhuyan   2.0110 Surface Biology and Geology (SBG) Thermal Infrared (TIR) Free Flyer Concept - Ralph Basilio
9:45 AM (PST) 4.0202 A Survey of Mathematical Structures for Lunar Networks - Alan Hylton 8.0408 Functional Volume Assessment of an Early Version of the Mars Transit Habitat - Robert Howard 2.0506 Compressed CO2 Hard Rock Drill for Mars - A Howe 2.0606 Gravity Poppers: Hopping Probes for the Interior Mapping of Small Solar System Bodies - Benjamin Hockman 11.0505 Intelligent Anomaly Detection of Robot Manipulator Based on Energy Consumption Auditing - Seong Hyeon Hong 10.0207 Evaluation of a Distributed Kalman Filter for Autonomous Satellite Navigation Using DASEE - Jon Neff 9.0410 Flying a Helicopter on Mars: How Ingenuity’s Flights Were Planned, Executed, and Analyzed - Håvard Grip 4.1609 Fault & Attack Detection & Diagnosis by Analysis of Electrical Waveforms of Power Networks - Stephen Coshatt   2.0111 Lunar Trailblazer: A Pioneering Small Satellite for Lunar Water and Lunar Geology - Bethany Ehlmann
10:10 AM (PST) 4.0203 Benefits and Challenges of CCSDS File Delivery Protocol as Applied to Europa Clipper - Marc Sarrel 8.0409 Viability of Small Dimension Crew Quarters for Surface Habitation - Harry Litaker 2.0507 On the Use of Topographical Landmarks for Ground-Level Terrain Relative Navigation on Mars - Joshua Vander Hook 2.0605 Conceptual Design of a Mars Rotorcraft for Future Sample Fetch Missions - Benjamin Pipenberg 11.0703 Improving Touchless Respiratory Monitoring via LiDAR Orientation and Thermal Imaging - Siddat Nesar 10.0401 Feedback-Directed Random Sequence Generation for Verifying Spacecraft Flight Rule Violations - Shubhodeep Mukherji 2.1202 Low-thrust Accessibility Evaluation for Near-Earth Asteroids - Ruida Xie 7.0602 Power Converter Design for the Europa Lander Motor Controller - Ben Cheng   2.0112 Preparations for the Launch, Cruise, and Orbital Operations Phases of the Psyche Mission - Travis Imken
10:35 AM (PST) 4.0301 An Open Source Simulator for Next Generation Satellite Broadband Traffic Management. - Roberto Puddu 8.0501 The MKVII Gravity Loading Countermeasure Skinsuit: Evaluation and Preliminary Results - Rachel Bellisle 2.0513 Prospects for Very Long Range Mars Rover Missions - Larry Matthies 2.0608 Automated Onboard Mission Planning for Robust and Flexible Rover Operations - Thomas Cunningham 11.0802 Reliability Analysis and Failure Mitigation Strategies for the PROVE Pathfinder CubeSat Payload - Louis Timperley 10.0402 Analysis of CFDP Performance for the MMS Mission CIDP - Paul Wood 2.1203 Quantification Method for Assessment of Asteroid Resource Accessibility - Kevin Alvarado 7.0603 Closed Loop Control Performance of the Europa Lander Motor Controller - Gary Bolotin   2.0113 Development of the Psyche Mission for NASA’s Discovery Program - Jennifer Maxwell
11:00 AM (PST) 4.0302 Ontologies to Support Space Traffic Controllers Awareness - Carlos Insaurralde 8.0502 Biophilic Design of the ISS Crew Quarters to Improve Cognitive and Physiological Health Measures - Audrey FIrth 2.0514 Mars 2020 Rover Collision Model for Self, LIBS Laser and Terrain Collision Checking - Vandi Verma 2.0611 ReachBot: A Small Robot for Large Mobile Manipulation Tasks - Stephanie Schneider 11.0803 Prognosis: Challenges, Precepts, Myths And - Feraidoon Zahiri 10.0403 An Ility Calculation for Satellite Software Validation - Mason Brown 2.1204 Autonomous Asteroid Characterization through Nanosatellite Swarming - Nathan Stacey 7.0604 The Impact of Heating Actuators in Extremely Cold Space Environments - Justin Scheidler   2.0114 The DAVINCI Mission: Flight System Design Technical Overview - Michael Sekerak
11:25 AM (PST) 4.0303 Comparison between UAV IoT Solutions with and without Satellite Backhaul Link - Aya Moheddine 8.0503 Self-Powered Microgravity Resistance Exercise with Soft Pneumatic Exoskeletons - Aislinn Marcee 2.0515 Comparative Rover Mobility Evaluation for Traversing Permanently Shadowed Regions on the Moon - Clyde Webster 2.0614 Survey, Evaluation, and Advancement of Sample Sensing Techniques for Future Missions - John Costa 11.0901 Proactive Approaches for Engine Health Management and a High Value Example - Chris Hickenbottom 13.0801 Identifying Space Threats for SpaceAware Resilience - Lucy Berthoud 2.1206 Recent Advances in the Pan-STARRS Search for Near-Earth Objects - Richard Wainscoat 7.0606 ASIC Flow for Space RadTolerant Components- Part 1 Library Validation - Jean Yang Scharlotta   2.0115 Lessons Learned from the Implementation of the Psyche Fixed Price Contract with Maxar - Neil Dahya
11:50 AM (PST) 4.0304 Cloud RAN Splitting Options Performed by 3D Space Networks to Provide 6G Connectivity on Mars - Stefano Bonafini 8.0500 Keynote: Screening Space 2.0517 Docking the Mars 2020 Perseverance Robotic Arm - Sawyer Brooks 2.0615 Autonomy, Modeling, and Field Evaluation for Microrover Exploration of Planetary Pits - Jordan Ford   13.0803 NASA Strategy for Technology Development - Erica Rodgers   7.1101 Verification of a Radio-frequency Generator Model in a Full-wave 3D EM Simulation - Yannik Rover   2.0116 Ingenuity Mars Helicopter: From Technology Demonstration to Extraterrestrial Scout - Theodore Tzanetos
1:00 PM (PST)   8.05 Documentary Screening Space   13.08 Keynote: Future Aerospace Technology for Commercial & Government Applications            
1:25 PM (PST)     13.08 PANEL: Future Aerospace Technology for Commercial & Government Applications              
1:50 PM (PST)                  
2:15 PM (PST)       11.09 PANEL: PHM from a Practitioner's Perspective- a Potpourri of Capabilities, Issues, Case Studies and Lessons Learned - Andrew Hess          
2:40 PM (PST)                  
3:05 PM (PST) 14.06 PANEL : ISS Transition and the Commercialization of LEO - Robyn Gatens                
3:30 PM (PST)                  
4:30 PM (PST) 13.0201 Obtaining System Knowledge Early to Build Cost and Schedule Estimating Confidence - Patrick Malone 8.0111 Surface Systems Capability Gaps for Enabling NASA’s Sustainable Lunar Operations - Nancy Zeitlin 2.0518 Perseverance Rover’s Robotic Arm and Turret Mounted Instruments’ Surface Commissioning - Philip Bailey 6.0601 Improving Automatic Target Recognition Performance with Electro Optics and Infrared Sensor Fusion - Hai-Wen Chen 11.0112 Crew Time Analysis on Maintenance and Repairs for Predicting Mean Time to Repair - Chel Stromgren 7.0803 Ultra-Fine Pointing for Nanosatellite Telescopes Using Deployable Boom Actuators - Kevin Tracy 9.0236 Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Agile Guidance of Fixed-Wing sUAS - Camron Hirst 10.0801 Live Detection of Foreign Object Debris on Runways Detection Using Drones and AI - Adam Parker    
4:55 PM (PST) 13.0204 The Importance of a Risk Management Process for Structuring the Conversation - Robin Dillon Merrill 8.0112 The Lunar Lab Initiative - Michael Interbartolo 2.0519 Towards a Semi-Autonomous Robotic Exploration of a Lunar Skylight Cavity - Roland Sonsalla 6.0602 Sub-Pixel Localization of Objects Using Multiple Spectral Bands - Mridul Gupta 11.0113 Uncertainty Propagation in Pre-Flight Prediction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Separation Violations - Matteo Corbetta 7.0807 Performance Testing a New Medium Accuracy Star Tracker - Stephen Lutgring 9.0243 Reducing Object Detection Uncertainty from RGB and Thermal Data for UAV Outdoor Surveillance - Juan Sandino 10.0802 Semantic Segmentation of Low Earth Objects Using Convolutional Neural Networks - Julia Yang    
5:20 PM (PST) 13.0206 Safety and Mission Assurance and Technical Authority for the Mars 2020 Project - Mark Underwood 8.0113 Human Mars Mission Surface Power Impacts on Timeline and Traverse Capabilities - Michael Chappell 2.0520 Assessing Mars Curiosity Rover Wheel Damage - Arturo Rankin 6.0603 Expression for the Probability of Correlation Error in Data Fusion - Peter Willett 11.0115 Fault Detection and Performance Monitoring of Propellers in Electric UAV - Rajendra Prasath Palanisamy 7.0809 Trajectory-based Generic Chassis Control Framework for the MMX-Rover - Walter Schindler 9.0244 Autonomous Mapping of Desiccation Cracks via a Probabilistic-based Motion Planner Onboard UAVs - Juan Sandino 10.0805 Sunspot Groups Detection and Classification on SDO/HMI Images Using Deep Learning Techniques - Luigi Palladino    
5:50 PM (PST) Plenary: Plenary TBA
8:05 PM (PST) Plenary: Plenary TBA
9:00 PM (PST) 13.0207 The Assurance Equations - Steven Cornford 8.0114 Architecting Lunar and Mars Missions to Enable Sustainability - Christine Edwards 2.0521 Visual Odometry Thinking While Driving for the Curiosity Mars Rover's Three-Year Test Campaign - Mark Maimone 6.0604 Multi-Sensor Fusion for Decentralized GPS-Denied Robotic Swarm Cooperative Navigation - Vincent Hill