2019 IEEE Aerospace Conference

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Sun, Mar 3 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
Electronic Presentation Hall (EPH)
4:30 PM 4.1301 Advancing the Standards for Unmanned Air System (UAS) Comms, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) - Fred Templin 7.0108 The Development of Standard Controller for Chinese Space Science Experiments - Wenbo Dong 2.0102 The James Webb Space Telescope: Mission Overview and Status - Matthew Greenhouse 8.0601 Mechanical Design and Configuration of Penetrations for the Europa Clipper Avionics Vault Structure - Nicholas Keyawa 10.0201 Analytics and Insights about Cultivating a Software Engineering Community at DLR - Carina Haupt 5.0401 Statistics of Target-induced Array Tilt in Coherently Combined Laser Array Engagements - Jack Mc Crae 6.0201 Ocean Color Instrument Integration and Testing - Susanna Petro 9.0102 Towards the Design of a 3D Printable Prandtl Box-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Luca De Vivo Nicoloso 12.0103 Landsat 8: TIRS SSM Encoder Current Anomaly Resolution - Martin England  
4:55 PM 4.1302 Confidential ADS-B: A Lightweight, Interoperable Approach - Brandon Burfeind 7.0104 11b/14b Encoding - a Fault Tolerant, DC-Balanced Line Code for AC-Coupled Channel Link Transceivers - Jeffrey Boye 2.0103 Riders on the Storm: NASA InSight Lander and the 2018 Mars Global Dust Storm - Michael Lisano 8.0602 Solar Radiation Disturbance Torque Reduction for the Parker Solar Probe Observatory - Juan Ruiz 10.0202 Maximizing Software Production & Quality with Minimum Staff Using Clarity – a Real-World Case Study - Rob Thorpe
5.0402 Investigating the Outer Scale of Atmospheric Turbulence with a Hartmann Sensor - Jack Mc Crae
6.0202 Overview of the TROPICS Flight Segment - Andrew Cunningham 9.0105 Comparing Specific Excess Power of Five General Aviation Aircraft - Markus Wilde 12.0105 CloudSat’s A-Train Exit and the Formation of the C-Train: An Orbital Dynamics Perspective - Barbara Braun  
5:20 PM
4.1303 Safety Assessment Process for UAS Ground-Based Detect and Avoid - Chris Wargo
7.0114 SpaceFibre Interfaces and Architectures - Steve Parkes
2.0101 ECOSTRESS End-to-end Radiometric Validation - William Johnson
8.0606 Geometry and Joint Systems for Lattice-Based Reconfigurable Space Structures - Megan Ochalek 10.0204 DevOps for Planetary Defense Flight Software - Christopher Heistand 5.0403 Wave Optics Modeling of Solar Eclipse Shadow Bands - Santasri Bose Pillai 6.0203 Omniscopic Vision for Robotic Control. - Dominique Meyer 9.0106 Trim Forces and Free Response to Configuration Changes on General Aviation Aircraft - Brian Kish 12.0401 Orion Heat Shield Manufacturing Producibility Improvements for the EM-1 Flight Test Program - William Koenig  
5:50 PM Plenary: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence
Avi Goldfarb, University of Toronto

8:05 PM Plenary: The Impact of Quantum Computing
Daniel Lidar, University of Southern California

9:00 PM 4.1304 An Overview of Current and Proposed Communication Standards for Large Deployment of UAS - Rene Wuerll 7.0113 Improving a Successful Space Electronics High Performance Fabric-Based Standard - Joseph Marshall
2.0105 IXPE Mission System Concept and Development Status - William Deininger
8.0608 Membrane Deployment Technology Development at DLR for Solar Sails and Large-Scale Photovoltaics - Tom Sproewitz 10.0203 Worst-Case Measurement-Based Statistical Tool - Pavel Zaykov 5.0404 Estimation of Fried’s Coherence Diameter from Differential Motion of Features in Time-lapse Imagery - Santasri Bose Pillai 6.0207 Improving UAVSAR Results with GPS, Microwave Radiometry, and QUAKES Topographic Imager - Andrea Donnellan 9.0411 Optimization of Roll Angle in Coordinated Level Turn Flight and Its Analytical Validation for UAV - Vijay Shankar Dwivedi 12.0501 Updates in Commissioning Timeline for NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) - Priyanka Sharma  
9:25 PM 4.0201 A Delay Tolerant Networking-based Approach to a High Data Rate Architecture for Spacecraft - Alan Hylton 7.0103 Volatile Register Handling for FPGA Verification Based on SVAs Incorporated into UVM Environments - Kai Borchers 2.0104 IXPE Observatory Integrated Thermal, Power, and Attitude Mission Design Analysis - William (Bill) Kalinowski 8.0609 HP3 Instrument Support System Structure Development for the NASA/JPL Mars Mission InSight - Tom Sproewitz   5.0405 Assessing Free-Space Optical Communications through 4D Weather Cubes - Jaclyn Schmidt   9.0413 Trajectory Control of a Swashplate-less Coaxial Helicopter Using Nonlinear Techniques - Thanakorn Khamvilai 12.0502 Two Years at Jupiter: A Review of the JUNO JADE Operations and Systems Engineering Toolset - Patrick Phelan  
9:50 PM  
7.0116 UVM Based Verification for HPSBC-FPGA of the Dream Chaser's Fault Tolerant Flight Computer - Jonathan Frey
2.0107 Moon Diver: A Discovery Mission Concept for Exploring a Lunar Pit to Investigate Flood Basalts - Issa Nesnas 8.0610 IRESA - Intelligent Redundant Spacecraft Actuator - Florian Schummer   5.0201 The History and Development of the Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer. - Ifan Payne   9.0415 Longitudinal Control of an Agile Fixed-Wing UAV Using Backstepping - Sajith K K    
Mon, Mar 4 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 7.0202 Radiation Hardened High Speed Digitizer - Robert Merl Keynote 8.01: Update on NASA’s Exploration Campaign - Marshall Smith 2.03 Keynote: The lost Mars Lander: What we think we know about the Mars Polar Lander - Rob Manning 2.1101 Drag-enhancing Deorbiting Devices for Mid-sized Spacecraft Self-disposal - Jennifer Rhatigan 13.0101 Requirements Development and Management on the Psyche Project - William Hart 9.0227 Rollocopter: An Energy-Aware Hybrid Aerial-Ground Mobility for Extreme Terrains - Andrea Tagliabue 8.0812 Radioisotope Power Systems for the European Space Nuclear Power Programme - Richard Ambrosi 10.0515 NASA's MBSE Infusion and Modernization Initiative (MIAMI) - Nicholas Waldram    
8:55 AM 7.0203 Implementation of a Generic Payload Interface Unit for Agnostic Space Vehicles - Patrick Phelan 8.0107 NASA’s Gateway: An Update on Progress and Plans for Extending Human Presence to Cislunar Space - Douglas Craig 2.0301 Semi-Active Damping System Characterization for Landing in Microgravity - Francesco Cavenago 2.1102 Regolith Particle Erosion of Material in Aerospace Environments - Emma Bradford   9.0228 Autonomy of Heterogeneous Agents in the Distributed Multi-Robot Task Allocation (MRTA) Problem - Christopher Covert 8.0801 Americium Oxide Surrogate Studies: Pursuing the European Radioisotope Power Systems Fuel Form - Emily Jane Watkinson 10.0504 MBSE Infusion and Modernization Initiative (MIAMI): “Hot” Benefits for Real NASA Applications - Jon Holladay    
9:20 AM 4.1001 Channel Estimation for a Multi-User System with Iterative Interference Cancelation - Lukas Grinewitschus 8.0102 The NASA SLS Exploration Upper Stage Development & Mission Opportunities - Ben Donahue 2.0305 Aero Maneuvering Dynamics and Control for Precision Landing on Titan - Aaron Schutte 2.1104 Feasibility Study on a PCL Radar for Space Debris Detection - Shota Ochi 13.0103 Combining Social, Environmental and Design Models to Support the Sustainable Development Goals - Jack Reid 9.0229 Adaptable UAV Swarm Autonomy and Formation Platform - Roxanna Pakkar 8.0802 Progress and Future Roadmap on 241Am Production for Use in Radioisotope Power Systems - Richard Ambrosi 10.0505 A Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach to Exploration Medical System Development - Jennifer Mindock    
9:45 AM
4.1002 Acquisition and Tracking for Communications between Lunar South Pole and Earth - Marc Sanchez Net
8.0103 Lander and Cislunar Gateway Architecture Concepts for Lunar Exploration - Xavier Simón 2.0308 Mars 2020 Entry, Descent, and Landing System Overview - Adam Nelessen 2.1108 Modeling Hypervelocity Impact Temperatures for Europa Clipper Planetary Protection - Anthony Mark 13.0104 Towards Intelligent Architecting of Aerospace System-of-Systems - Cesare Guariniello 9.0231 Accurate Ground Impact Footprints and Probabilistic Maps for Risk Analysis of UAV Missions - Baptiste Levasseur 8.0805 Design and Development of the ESA Am-Fuelled Radioisotope Power Systems - Alessandra Barco 10.0506 From Cocktail Napkin to Concept Feasibility: Spacecraft Design in Early Formulation with TATER - Kristina Hogstrom    
10:10 AM 4.1003 Resilient Synchronization of Radio Networks of Clocks: A Pursuit-Evasion Graphical Game Approach - Khanh Pham 8.0101 Summary of Gateway Power and Propulsion Element Studies - David Irimies 2.0309 Overview of the ASPIRE Project’s Supersonic Flight Tests of a Strengthened DGB Parachute - Clara O'farrell
2.1110 Autonomous Active Space Debris-removal System - Shriya Kaur Chawla
13.0106 Problem Representation of Dynamic Resource Allocation for Flexible High Throughput Satellites - Markus Guerster 9.0234 History-Aware Free Space Detection for Efficient Autonomous Exploration Using Aerial Robots - Ryan Fite 8.0809 Safety Studies for the ESA Space Nuclear Power Systems: Accident Modelling and Analysis - Alessandra Barco 10.0510 Early Validation of the Data Handling Unit of a Spacecraft Using MBSE - Joe Gregory    
10:35 AM 4.1004 Using Control Engineering to Improve Regulatory Review of Flexible SATCOM Terminal Advocacy - Khanh Pham 8.0108 SLS, the Gateway, and a Lunar Outpost in the Early 2030s on the Way to Mars - Terry Haws 2.0311 A Terminal Descent Radar for Landing and Proximity Operations - Brian Pollard 2.1111 Multiple Debris Orbital Collision Avoidance - Wessam Hussein 13.0108 A Cognitive Assistant for Entry, Descent, and Landing Architecture Analysis - Samalis Santini De León 9.0236 Real-time 3D Wind Field Prediction Onboard UAVs for Safe Flight in Complex Terrain - Philipp Oettershagen 8.0813 Identifying and Mitigating Barriers to the Adoption of Advanced Radioisotope Power Systems - Scott Brummel 10.0511 Constraint-Based Off-Nominal Behavior Modeling for Europa Clipper - Bradley Clement   14.01 PANEL: Competition Robotics for Education and Workforce Development - Dave Lavery
11:00 AM 4.1006 Joint Sensing and Communications Multiple-Access System Design and Experimental Characterization - Richard Gutierrez 8.0106 An Introduction to the Concept of a Deep Space Science Vessel - Robert Howard 2.0312 Energy and Mass Utilization during Drag-Modulated Plasma Aerocapture - Charles Kelly 7.0702 Dynamic Fault Tree Analysis for a Distributed Onboard Computer - Kilian Hoeflinger 13.0110 System of Systems Quality Attribute Balancing - Travis Nelson
9.0237 Icing Detection for Small Fixed Wing UAVs Using Inflight Aerodynamic Coefficient Estimation - Andreas Wenz
8.0803 Stirling Convertor Based 50-500W Radioisotope Power System Generator Study - Joseph Vander Veer 10.0518 Evaluation and Development of the OSRA Interaction Layer for Inter-Component Communication - Jan Sommer  
11:25 AM 4.1007 Designing and Implementing SVMs for High-Dimensional Knowledge Discovery Using FPGAs - John Porcello 8.0110 Opportunities and Challenges of a Common Habitat for Transit and Surface Operations - Robert Howard 2.0314 Systems Engineering for ASPIRE: A Low-Cost, High Risk Parachute Test Project - Ryan Webb 7.0703 Automating and Integrating HW/SW Co-Verification with Embedded MPSoC Instrument Avionics - Pamela Zhang 13.0112 Exploring the Architecture Tradespace of NextGen Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) - Filipe Pereira   8.0806 Effect of Martian and Titan Atmospheres on Carbon Components in the General Purpose Heat Source - Chris Whiting
10.0519 Research for Safety Analysis of IMA Architecture Based on HiP-HOPS - Yang Yun
11:50 AM   8.0111 NASA’s Space Launch System: Enabling a New Generation of Lunar Exploration - David Smith         8.0819 Small Stirling Technology Exploration Power for Future Space Science Missions - Scott Wilson 10.0517 Automated Power Analysis of Onboard Spacecraft Electronics with Model Based Systems Engineering - Richard Ferguson  
1:25 PM         Practice Room 1-3pm 12.07 PANEL: Heroic Moments in Mission Operations: The Role of People, Systems, and Processes (Part 2) - Carlos Gomez Rosa , Martin England , Barbara Braun , Robert Klar        
1:50 PM           4.05 SPACE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS ROUNDTABLE : Networking the Solar System - Charles Edwards      
2:15 PM 14.02 PANEL: Technology Development for Science-Driven Missions - Patricia Beauchamp , Florence Tan , Lorraine Fesq , Michelle Simon              
2:40 PM         A Presentation on Presentation Skills - Monica Panno    
4:30 PM 4.1306 Assessing the ADS-B OpenSky Network to Support Building a Low Altitude Encounter Model - Andrew Weinert 2.0110 Europa Clipper Mission: Preliminary Design Report - Maddalena Jackson 2.1001 Radiation Risks and Countermeasures for Humans on Deep Space Missions - Lembit Sihver 8.0112 NASA’s Exploration Mission Strategy - Marshall Smith 7.0101 High Performance Computing for Precision Landing and Hazard Avoidance and Co-design Approach - David Rutishauser 6.0102 Impact of Simultaneous Movements on Perception of Safety, Workload and Task Difficulty in MRTO - Maik Friedrich 5.0101 Modular Inflatable Composites for Large Space Observatories - Jekan Thangavelautham 10.0502 Assuring Correctness, Completeness, and Performance for Model-Based Fault Diagnosis Systems - Allen Nikora    
4:55 PM 4.1307 Micro-UAV Classification from RF Fingerprints Using Machine Learning Techniques - Ismail Guvenc 2.0111 Mission Concept for a Europa Lander - Jennifer Dooley 2.1002 Does Gender Matter for Radioadaptation and Radiation Susceptibility in Deep Space Missions? - Lembit Sihver 10.0103 DESIGN Space Reduction Using Clustering in Aircraft Engine DESIGN - Esma Karagoz 7.0102 Emulation-based Performance Studies on the HPSC Space Processor - Benjamin Schwaller 6.0103 Challenges and Solutions for Precision Solar Pointing on the ISS for the TSIS Instrument - Patrick Brown 5.0104 Camera Modeling, Centroiding Performance, and Geometric Camera Calibration on ASTERIA - Christopher Pong 12.0201 Automated Spacecraft Operations during Soil Moisture Active Passive Prime Mission - Masashi Mizukami    
5:20 PM 4.1309 UAV Communications, Navigation and Surveillance: A Review of Potential 5G and Satellite Systems - Jamal Haque 2.0112 Exploring the Chemical Diversity of Comets, Asteroids, and Interstellar Dust at 1 AU. - Mihaly Horanyi Plenary Setup 10.0111 A Study of Jovian Magnetic Field Derived Parameters for Synchrotron Radiation Modeling - Virgil Adumitroaie 7.0110 High Performance Computing Applications in Space with DM Technology - Aaron Zucherman 6.0106 An Initial Analysis of the Stationkeeping Tradespace for Constellations - Andris Slavinskis 5.0105 Effects of Errors on Target Motion Compensation for Optical Imagers in Flyby Trajectories - Alyssa Ralph 12.0205 The Role of the Instrument Suite Systems Engineer in MMS Fleet Operations - Paul Wood    
5:50 PM Plenary: Materials by Design: 3-Dimensional Nano-Architected Meta-Materials
Julia R Greer, California Institute of Technology

7:05 PM DINNER IN THE MAIN BALLROOM Junior Engineer Intro & Best Paper Awards
8:05 PM Plenary: Unlocking the Secrets of Nearby Exoplanets with NASA’s TESS Mission
George Ricker, MIT Kavli Institute

9:00 PM 4.0401 NASA’s Operational Optical Communications Relay - Betsy Park 2.0113 InSight: A Discovery Mission to Mars - Tom Hoffman 2.1004 Bayesian Radiation Design Margin for Spacecraft Reliability Prediction - Anthony Coburger 9.0402 Robust Adaptive Dynamic Inversion with L1 Control Variable Error Regulation - Christopher Elliott 7.0112 Performance Analysis of Standalone and In-FPGA LEON3 Processors for Use in Deep Space Missions - Dmitriy Bekker 6.0109 A Framework for Heterogeneous Satellite Constellation Design for Rapid Response Earth Observations - Ibrahim Sanad 5.0602 SNR Modeling for Ground-based Daytime Imaging of GEO-satellites in the SWIR - Grant Thomas 12.0208 Title: When You Have More Satellites than People: The Evolution of CYGNSS Flight Operations - Richard Medina    
9:25 PM 4.0402 MSL Relay Coordination and Tactical Planning in the Era of InSight, MAVEN, and TGO - Pegah Pashai 2.0114 Mars Sample Return Lander Mission Concepts - Brian Muirhead 2.0901 Reconstruction of the Shape of a Tumbling Target from a Chaser in Close Orbit - Giovanni Palmerini 9.0405 Design Studies to Achieve Energy Optimal Attitude for a Solar Powered Aircraft - Vijay Shankar Dwivedi 7.0105 Comparative Benchmarking Analysis of Next-Generation Space Processors - Evan Gretok 6.0110 VISIONS-3: Using Sounding Rockets and 3D Tomography to Analyze Ion Outflow - Sophia Zaccarine 5.0603 Ground-Based Optical Imaging of GEO Satellites with a Rotating Structure in a Sparse Aperture Array - Michael Werth
12.0603 An Interdiction Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) for Anti-Autonomy Attack Repulsion - Brandon Stoick
9:50 PM 4.0403 Proximity Link Telecommunication and Tracking Scenarios for a Potential Mars Sample Return Campaign - Charles Edwards 2.1207 Solar Sails for Planetary Defense and High-Energy Missions - Kai Borchers 2.1007 Liquid Shielding - Christopher Heistand 9.0410 Baseline Flight Control System Design for an Unmanned Flutter Demonstrator - Daniel Ossmann 7.0301 Bringing 3D COTS DRAM Memory Cubes to Space - Anthony Agnesina     12.0602 Secure Satellite Database Transmission - Jeremy Straub    
Tue, Mar 5 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM
4.0603 X-BAND PN DOR Signal Design and Implementation on the JPL Iris TRANSPONDER - Zaid Towfic
2.0506 Towards Articulated Mobility and Efficient Docking for the DuAxel Tethered Robot System - Patrick Mc Garey 7.0802 MEMS-based Gyro-stellar Inertial Attitude Estimate for NSPO Micro-Sat Program - Yeongwei Wu 2.0403 Multiple Asteroid Retrieval Mission from Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway Using Reusable Spacecrafts - Gustavo Gargioni 11.0102 Consideration of Variable Operating States in a Data-Based Prognostic Algorithm - Simon Mehringskötter
9.0221 Haptic Feedback-based Reactive Navigation for Aerial Robots Subject to Localization Failure - Shehryar Khattak
8.0811 Impedance Spectroscopy: A Tool for Assessing Thermoelectric Modules for Radioisotope Power Systems - Ramy Mesalam 8.0902 Model-Based Approach to Rover Health Assessment - Mars Yard Discoveries - Ksenia Kolcio Prather    
8:55 AM 4.0604 Omnidirectional Optical Communicator - Jose Velazco 2.0516 Estimating Wheel Slip of a Planetary Rover via Unsupervised Machine Learning - Justin Kruger
7.0803 Flight Performance Analysis of the CYGNSS microSatellites from On-orbit Telemetry - Leena Singh
2.0404 SPARC – 1: A New, Improved Modular 6U Spacecraft - James Lyke 11.0103 Uncertainty Propagation in a PHM Enhanced Dynamic Reliability Model - Henrik Heier 9.0222 Development of a Multipurpose Hydro Environmental Tool Using Swarms, UAV and USV - Rodrigo Rangel 8.0814 Utilization of MMRTG’s "Waste Heat" to Increase Overall Thermal to Electrical Conversion Efficiency - Daniel Kramer 8.0903 Silhouette-based 3D Shape Reconstruction of a Small Body from a Spacecraft - Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay    
9:20 AM 4.0607 POINTR: Polar Orbiting INfrared Tracking Receiver - Michael Taylor
2.0505 Hopping for Low-cost Surface Mobility on Small Bodies: Lessons from past Missions - Nikolas Romer
7.0805 Fixed-time Attitude Control of Satellite Using Combined Magnetic and magneto-Coulombic Actuators - Vijay Shankar Dwivedi 2.0405 Design and Experimental Validation of a Martian Water Extraction System - Ben Zinser 11.0104 Using Machine Learning for Data-based Assessing of the Aircraft Fuel Economy - Sebastian Baumann 9.0224 An Area-decomposition Based Approach for Cooperative Search and Coverage Mission of UAVs - Ali Karimoddini 8.0818 A Status Update on the eMMRTG Project - Christopher Matthes 8.0905 An Integrated System for Mixed-Initiative Planning of Manned Spaceflight Operations - Martijn Ijtsma    
9:45 AM 4.0609 Optimizing Multiple Frequency-Shift Keying during Spacecraft Critical Events for Future Missions - Shweta Dutta
2.0515 Initial Study of Multirobot Adaptive Navigation for Exploring Environmental Vector Fields - Michael Swartwout
7.0807 Optimal Solution for Torque Capability of Control Moment Gyroscopes - David Elliott
2.0407 Air-Launched Low-SWaP Space-Capable Sounding Rocket - Anjali Roychowdhury
11.0109 Oil System Health Management for Aerospace Gas Turbines - Andrew Mills 9.0240 Mission-Responsive, On-Demand 3D Printed Blimps for Martian Missions - Andrew Jones 8.0807 Nuclear Considerations for the Application of Lanthanum Telluride in Future RPS Systems - Michael Smith 8.0906 Motion Planning for Climbing Mobility with Implementation on a Wall-Climbing Robot - Keenan Albee    
10:10 AM 4.0610 Single-Satellite Doppler Localization with Law of Cosines (LOC) - William Jun 2.0502 Virtual Model Control for Planetary Hexapod Robot Walking on Rough Terrain - Francesco Cavenago 7.0811 ESTCube-2 Attitude Determination and Control: Step towards Interplanetary CubeSats - Andris Slavinskis 2.0410 Enhanced Feasibility Assessment of Payload Adapters for NASA’s Space Launch System - David Smith 11.0114 PHM by Using Multi-Physics System-Level Modeling and Simulation for EMAs of Liquid Rocket Engine - Kaname Kawatsu 9.0241 Performance of Variable Pitch Propeller for Longitudinal Control in an Agile Fixed-Wing UAV - Sajith K K 8.0815 Development of a High-Efficiency Cascaded Thermoelectric Radioisotope Power System - Chadwick Barklay 8.0907 A Distributed Hierarchical Framework for Autonomous Spacecraft Control - Julia Badger    
10:35 AM   2.0504 Balloon-based Concept Vehicle for Extreme Terrain Mobility - Michael Hans
7.0815 Adaptive Attitude Control Using Neural Network Observer Disturbance Compensation Technique - Junhai Huo
13.1005 Early Outcomes from the Innovation Initiative at the Aerospace Corporation - Rob Sherwood
6.0807 Distributed Localization and Control of Quadrotor UAVs Using Ultra-Wideband Sensors - Jing Wang
9.0242 Effects of 3D Antenna Radiation and Two-Hop Relaying on Optimal UAV Trajectory in Cellular Networks - Ismail Guvenc 8.0705 GoSolAr - DLR's Gossamer Solar Array Concept Using Flexible Thinfilm Photovoltaics - Tom Sproewitz      
11:00 AM   2.0522 Int-Ball: Crew-supportive Autonomous Mobile Camera Robot on ISS / JEM - Shinji Mitani
7.0816 Attitude Tracking LPV Control for Spacecraft with Hybrid Actuators - Bingyao Lei
    9.0239 Trajectory Generation and Regeneration for Constrained Differentially Flat Control Systems - Mevlut Uzun 8.0711 Infrared Nanoantenna-Coupled Rectenna for Energy Harvesting - Joshua Shank      
11:25 AM   2.0518 Analysis of the Space Robotics Challenge Tasks: From Simulation to Hardware Implementation - Murphy Wonsick                

Noon - 1:30pm


Wed, Mar 6 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 14.03 PANEL: Emerging Technologies for Mars Exploration - Charles Edwards 2.0517 Cryobotics: Extreme Environment Testing at Cryogenic Temperatures - Drew Smith 8.02 Keynote Human Exploration Systems Technology Development - Andrew Petro 13.0201 Title: Continuously Improving Parametric Modeling with Historical Data on the ICESat-2 Mission - Joseph Krygiel 11.10 PANEL: PHM from a Practitioner’s Perspective – a Potpourri of Capabilities, Experiences, Issues, and Lessons Learned - Andrew Hess , Michael Houck 9.0206 Visual-Thermal Landmarks and Inertial Fusion for Navigation in Degraded Visual Environments - Shehryar Khattak 6.0701 Informative Path Planning for Active Tracking of Agile Targets - Per Boström Rost      
8:55 AM 2.0524 Modeling of Cryobot Melting Rates in Cryogenic Ice - Wayne Zimmerman 8.0204 Recent Advancements in Modeling and Simulation of Entry Systems at NASA - Michael Barnhardt 13.0202 Benefit Study on Digital Transformation for Project Planning and Control Processes - Nipa Phojanamongkolkij
9.0207 Autonomous Navigation and Mapping in Underground Mines Using Aerial Robots - Shehryar Khattak
6.0705 Survey of Challenges in Labeled Random Finite Set Distributed Multi-sensor Multi-object Tracking - Augustus Buonviri 3.0204 Distributed Swarm Antenna Arrays for Deep Space Applications - Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay    
9:20 AM 2.0520 Sampling Tool Concepts for Enceladus Lander In-situ Analysis - Mircea Badescu 8.0205 System Integration Comparison between Inflatable and Metallic Spacecraft Structures - Gerard Valle 13.0204 Valuing Rigor in the Risk Management Process - Gerald Klein
9.0211 A Framework for UAV Navigation and Exploration in GPS-denied Environments - Ory Walker
6.0707 Time-lapse Imaging for Studying Atmospheric Refraction: Measurements with Natural Targets - Wardeh Al Younis
3.01 Keynote :Magnetic Resonance Imaging RF-Coils as Phased Arrays - Abbas Omar
9:45 AM 14.04 PANEL: Access To Space and Emerging Mission Capabilities - Eleni Sims 2.0523 Application of Pneumatics in Delivering Samples to Instruments on Planetary Missions - Fredrik Rehnmark 8.0208 Self-Assembling Space Habitats:TESSERAE Technology and Mission Architecture for Zero-g Construction - Ariel Ekblaw 13.0205 Another Vendor Has Been Shut down – Mitigating Supplier and Material Shortages - Patrick Malone
9.0212 A Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for UAV Navigation in Uncertain Indoor Environments. - Ory Walker
6.0710 Note on Sensor Resource Allocations: Higher Rate or Better Measurements? - Yan Wang    
10:10 AM 2.0503 PlanetVac Xodiac: Lander Foot Pad Integrated Planetary Sampling System - Justin Spring 8.0210 Booster Obsolescence and Life Extension of SLS Boosters - David Griffin 13.0207 A Risk Analysis Tool for Estimating the Risk of Electrical Failures Due to Human Induced Defects - Peter Majewicz 9.0213 Dynamic Modeling and Controllability Analysis of a Moderately Damaged Unmanned Aerial System - Aaron Mc Kinnis 6.0803 In-Flight Adaptive PID Sliding Mode Position and Attitude Controller - Hailee Hettrick
3.0102 GPU Acceleration for Synthesis of Coherent Sparse Arrays - Zachary Baker
10:35 AM 2.0521 Autonomous Mars ISRU Robotic Excavation: Characteristics and Performance Targets - A Howe
4.1106 Precise Positioning of Robots with Fusion of GNSS, INS, Odometry, LPS and Vision - Patrick Henkel
13.0208 Keys to Subcontracting Space Hardware with JPL - Susan Heuchert 4.0801 Performance and Utilization Results for Time-Triggered Data Transfers over SpaceWire - Kai Borchers 9.0218 Distributed Source Seeking and Robust Obstacle Avoidance through Hybrid Gradient Descent - Hannah Mohr  
3.0103 Retrodirective Phased Array Antennas for Small Satellites - Justin Long
11:00 AM 14.10 PANEL: ISS Transition and the Commercialization of LEO - Robyn Gatens 2.0801 High Power Transmitters for Q/V-band Communications- beyond Alphasat - Naresh Deo   13.0215 Effectiveness of the Scrum Methodology for Agile Development of Space Hardware - Nicola Garzaniti
4.0802 Statistical Optical Link Budget Analysis - Kar Ming Cheung
  6.0810 Overhead Detection, Identification, and Tracking of Multiple Surface-based Exploration Vehicles - Wolfgang Fink
3.0105 General Analysis of Coupled-Element Antenna Arrays - Abbas Omar
11:25 AM 2.0802 Optimization of Q/V-band Smart Gateway Switching in the Framework of Q/V-Lift Project - Giorgia Parca   13.0801 Exploration of Safing Event Models for Interplanetary Spacecraft - Swapnil Pujari
4.0804 Dynamic Link Analysis and Application for a MEO Space Vehicle - Gleason Chen
  6.0808 Three-dimensional Impact Angle Guidance Laws for Precision Guided Munition - Daniel Lee
3.0301 Signal Recovery and Detection of Certain Wideband Signals Using Multiple Low-Rate ADCs - Michael Johnson
11:50 AM
2.0803 SDN for Smart Gateway Diversity Optimization in High Throughput Satellite Systems - Claudio Sacchi
3.0305 Linearisation of SATCOM Power Amplifiers - Jamal Haque
1:00 PM 14.08 PANEL: Astronaut - Robot Cooperation - Roberto Lampariello , Mark Allan , Neal Lii         Practice Room 1-3        
1:25 PM                  
2:15 PM 14.09 PANEL : Mars Exploration Science in the Next Decade - Michael Meyer , Richard Mattingly , Abigail Fraeman                  
2:40 PM     8.11 PANEL:SMALLSATS FOR PLANETARY EXPLORATION: Key Enablers, Opportunities & Barriers - David Bearden , Charles Norton , Conor Nixon , Patricia Beauchamp , Andrew Klesh , Ezinne Uzo Okoro            
3:05 PM                
3:30 PM                
4:30 PM 4.1103 A Future GNSS Constellation with Inter-satellite Links: Preliminary Space Segment Analyses - Gabriele Giorgi 2.1305 An Approach to Contact Detection and Isolation for Free-floating Robots Based on Momentum Monitoring - Francesco Cavenago 5.0701 Experimental Simulations on the Laser Visualization of Flow Vortices - Krishna Thakkar 8.1102 SmallSat Aerocapture to Enable a New Paradigm of Planetary Missions - Alex Austin 11.0302 Integrated Data Engineering for Automated Labeling (IDEAL) and Future Design of Aircraft - Alicia Ruvinsky 4.0901 A Genetic Algorithm for Joint Power and Bandwidth Allocation in Multibeam Satellite Systems - Aleix Paris 13.0601 Modeling, Simulation, and Robust Design of the TSIS Pointing Controller for ISS Deployment - Andrew Engelmann 6.0901 Taking Advantage of Group Behavior When Tracking Multiple Threats in Cluttered Surveillance Data - Peter Willett    
4:55 PM 4.1105 Secure Multi-constellation GNSS Receivers with Clustering-based Solution Separation Algorithm - Kewei Zhang 2.1307 Assembled, Modular Hardware Architectures - What Price Reconfigurability? - Christine Gregg 5.0702 Fundamentals and Applications of Resonant Leaky-mode Photonic Lattices - Robert Magnusson 8.1113 Extended Mission Technology Demonstrations Using the ASTERIA Spacecraft - Lorraine Fesq 11.0303 Uncertainty Quantification in Prognostic Health Management Systems - Homer Dewey 4.0902 A Virtualized Border Control System Based on UAVs: Design and Energy Efficiency Considerations - Claudio Sacchi 13.0602 In-Loop Simulation of Attitude Control of a Nanosatellite - Vatsal Badami 6.0902 Joint-Sparse Decentralized Heterogeneous Data Fusion for Target Estimation - Ruixin Niu    
5:20 PM   2.1309 Decentralized Cooperative Localization with Relative Pose Estimation for a Spacecraft Swarm - William Bezouska Plenary Setup 8.1101 Smallsat Missions Enabled by Paired Low-Thrust Hybrid Rocket and Low-Power Long-Life Hall Thruster - Ryan Conversano 11.0304 Structural Diagnostics, Prognostics and Health Management for Future Space Vehicles - Andrei Zagrai 4.0903 Measurement Sensitivity of Modulation Indices in Telemetry, Tracking, and Command Systems - Srinivasa Raghavan 13.0605 Simulator for Functional Verification and Validation of a Nanosatellite - Vatsal Badami 6.0903 Joint Manifold Learning Based Distributed Sensor Fusion of Image and Radio-Frequency Data - Genshe Chen    
5:50 PM Plenary: The Earth Microbiome Project: Lessons for Exploring Complex Microbiomes Across the Planet, and Beyond
Rob Knight, UC San Diego

8:05 PM Plenary: The First Flight of an Airplane with Solid-State Propulsion
Steven Barrett, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

9:00 PM
4.0701 Autonomous Orbital Rendezvous Using a Coordinate-Free, Nonsingular Orbit Representation - Matthew Walsh
2.1313 Robust Estimation of Motion States for Free-Floating Tumbling Target Capture - Roberto Lampariello 5.0504 Correction of Etaloning Effects in Ground-based Hyperspectral Image Cubes of Jupiter - Erandi Wijerathna 8.1104 Stage-Based Electrospray Propulsion System for Deep-Space Exploration with CubeSats - Oliver Jia Richards
11.07 Keynote: Engineering Problems in Clinical and Space Medicine - Daniel Buckland
4.0904 Satellite SDR Gateway for M2M and IoT Applications - Vlad Popescu 13.0502 Concept Design Using Model Based Systems Engineering - Rob Stevens 6.0904 Multi-scale Geometric Summaries for Similarity-based Sensor Fusion - Christopher Tralie    
9:25 PM 4.0702 A Static Estimation Method for Autonomous Navigation of Relativistic Spacecraft - Doga Yucalan 2.1314 Perception-Constrained Robot Manipulator Planning for Satellite Servicing - Marco Pavone 5.0505 A Deep Learning Framework for Automatic Airplane Detection in Remote Sensing Satellite Images - Wessam Hussein 8.1106 Optimized Low-Thrust Transfers from Geostationary Transfer Orbit to Mars - Ryan Woolley 11.0704 “PHM for Astronauts” Project to Run on the International Space Station: The Status and Plan Forward - Alexandre Popov 4.0905 Performance and Hardware Complexity Trade-offs for Digital Transparent Processors in 5G Satcoms - Giuseppe Marini
10.0802 Approaches for Using Machine Learning Algorithms with Large Label Sets for Rotorcraft Maintenance - Maria Seale
6.0905 Multimodal Fusion Using Deep Directional Unit Networks for Event Behavior Characterization - Denis Garagic
9:50 PM 4.0703 Point-to-CAD 3D Registration Algorithm for Relative Navigation Using Depth-Based Maps - Antonio Teran Espinoza     8.1107 Hybrid Propulsion System Enabling Orbit Insertion Delta-Vs within a 12 U Spacecraft - Elizabeth Jens 11.0702 Design Considerations for UAV-Delivered Opioid Overdose Interventions - Daniel Buckland 4.0907 UWB Air-to-Ground Propagation Channel Measurements and Modeling Using UAVs - Wahab Ali Gulzar Khawaja
10.0302 Visualization of Software Architectures in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality - Lisa Nafeie
6.0906 ESCAPE Data Collection for Multi-Modal Data Fusion Research - Peter Zulch    
Thu, Mar 7 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 2.1205 Projecting Asteroid Impact Corridors onto the Earth - Clemens Rumpf 2.0601 In-Situ Science Instruments in a Radioisotope Power System Environment - Brian Bairstow 8.1206 A Survey of Lunar Sample Return Mission Concepts - Thomas Percy 8.04 Keynote: Spacesuits of the Future: Intersections of Science Fact and Science Fiction - Bonnie Dunbar 5.0301 JWST Overview and Successful Operation of the Cryo-Vac Test at NASA JSC during Hurricane Harvey - Sang Park 13.0301 So You Passed an Earned Value Management Government Validation – NOW WHAT? - Matt Jones
7.0401 Give Me More: Increasing Output for the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) Mission - Robert Klar
3.0403 The First Two Years of Juno Spacecraft Astrometry with the Very Long Baseline Array - Dayton Jones    
8:55 AM 2.1206 The Pan-STARRS Data Archive — a Treasure Trove of Moving Object Observations - Richard Wainscoat 2.0602 Flight-Experiment Validation of the Dynamic Capabilities of a Flux-Pinned Docking Interface - Frances Zhu
8.1203 Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV) Vehicle Systems Overview - Andrew Prince
5.0303 Overcoming the Tradeoff between Efficiency and Bandwidth for Vector Vortex Waveplates - Nelson Tabiryan 13.0307 Challenges and Potential Solutions to Develop and Fund NASA Flagship Missions - Stephen Shinn 7.0402 Solution to Data Congestion in Space - Visweswaran Karunanithi 3.0404 Modeling of Venus Atmospheric RF Attenuation for Communication Link Purposes - Cornelis Du Toit    
9:20 AM 2.1208 Development of a Realistic Set of Synthetic Earth Impactor Orbits - Steven Chesley 2.0603 Genetic Algorithms for Autonomous, Learned Robotic Exploration in Extreme, Unknown Environments - Frances Zhu 8.1204 Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV) Propulsion Subsystems Design - Quincy Bean 8.0401 Do Workload and Sensory Modality Predict Pilots’ Localization Accuracy? - Christopher Brill 5.0304 The LBTI HOSTS Project: Instrumentation, Observations, and Survey Results - William Danchi 13.0302 Mission Operations Cost Estimation Tool (MOCET) Version 1.3 and Beyond - Marc Hayhurst 7.0404 Towards an Integrated GPU Accelerated SoC as a Flight Computer for Small Satellites - Caleb Adams 3.0405 Radio Science at Jupiter: Past Investigations, Current Results, and Future Prospects - Dustin Buccino    
9:45 AM
2.1209 Characterization of Asteroids Using Nanospacecraft Flybys and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping - Andris Slavinskis
2.0604 Area-of-Effect Softbots (AoES) for Asteroid Proximity Operations - Jay Mc Mahon 8.1205 Mars Ascent Vehicle Propulsion System Solid Motor Technology Plans - Andrew Prince 8.0402 Enabling Communication between Astronauts and Ground Teams for Space Exploration Missions - Jimin Zheng 5.0305 LUVOIR Thermal Architecture Overview and Enabling Technologies for Picometer-Scale WFE Stability - Sang Park 13.0304 ASCoT, the NASA Analogy Software Cost Tool Suite: Expanding Our Estimation Horizons - Jairus Hihn 7.0405 Accurate Star Tracker Simulation with On-Orbit Data Verification - Laila Kazemi 3.0406 The Radio Environment for a Space-based Low-frequency Radio Astronomy Instrument - Mark Bentum    
10:10 AM 2.1210 Double Asteroid Redirection Test: The Earth Strikes Back - Evan Smith 2.0607 A Spring Propelled Extreme Environment Robot for Off-World Cave Exploration - Steven Morad 8.1202 Hybrid Propulsion Technology Development for a Potential Near-Term Mars Ascent Vehicle - Ashley Karp 8.0403 Comparison of Photogrammetric and Laser Hand Scans to Manual Measurements for EVA Glove Fabrication - Bonnie Dunbar 5.0309 Overview of the Habitable Exoplanet Observatory (HabEx) Concept Architecture - Stefan Martin 13.0309 Learning Rate Sensitivity Model - Nichols Brown 8.1111 Attitude Control of CubeSat Swarm for Visual Mapping of Planetary Bodies - Ravi Teja Nallapu 3.0408 Correlators for Synthetic Apertures in Space - Alexander Hegedus    
10:35 AM   2.0608 A Flux Pinning Concept for On-orbit Capture and Orientation of an MSR Orbiting Sample Container - Paulo Younse 8.1208 Development and Testing of SP7 Fuel for Mars Ascent Vehicle Application - Brian Evans 8.0408 Human-Machine Interactions in Apollo and Lessons Learned for Living off the Land on Mars - George Lordos 5.0311 Origins Space Telescope: Mid-Infrared Transit Spectroscopy for the Detection of Bio-Signatures - Johannes Staguhn 13.0310 Space Scientific Instrument Taxonomy (SSIT) - Nichols Brown 8.1105 Mars Small Spacecraft Mission Concepts Study - Nathan Barba 3.0409 The Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment (SunRISE) Mission Concept - Joseph Lazio    
11:00 AM 3.0503 Additive Manufacturing of RF Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) Capacitors on Flexible Substrate - Abu Md Numan Al Mobin 2.0609 A Milli-newton Propulsion System for the Asteroid Mobile Imager and Geologic Observer (AMIGO) - Greg Wilburn
8.1207 Mars Ascent Vehicle Hybrid Motor Development Testing - George Whittinghill
8.0501 Human Physiology and Countermeasures for Spaceflight from the Perspective of an ISS Astronaut - Steve Swanson 5.0312 Evaluating the LUVOIR Coronagraph Sensitivity to Telescope Aberrations - Roser Juanola Parramon 13.0308 Complex Project Scheduling Lessons Learned from NASA, Boeing, General Dynamics and Others - Robert Richards 8.1112 TEAM – Titan Exploration Atmospheric Microprobes - Conor Nixon 3.0410 The Data Processing Pipeline and Science Analysis of the Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment - Alexander Hegedus    
11:25 AM 3.0505 Solar and Lunar Calibration for Miniaturized Microwave Radiometers - Angela Crews
2.0610 A Flight-traceable Cryogenic Thermal System for Use in a Sample-capture Flux-pinned Interface - Ian Mc Kinley
8.1201 Qualification of a Hybrid Propulsion System for the Mars Ascent Vehicle - Britt Oglesby   5.0314 The Large UV/Optical/Infrared (LUVOIR) Surveyor: Decadal Mission Study Update - Jason Hylan     3.0411 Development of an Ultra-Wideband Receiver Package for the Next Generation Very Large Array - Jose Velazco    
11:50 AM 3.0506 A Novel Reconfigurable GaN Based Fully Solid-State Microwave Power Module - Rainee Simons 2.0611 EURO-CARES - a European Sample Curation Facility for Sample Return Missions. - Lucy Berthoud 8.1211 Update to Mars Ascent Vehicle Design for Human Exploration - Tara Polsgrove         3.0412 A Common Platform for DSN Receiver Development - Andre Jongeling    
1:00 PM 14.05 PANEL: Model-based Engineering – Paradigm Shift or Business as Usual? - Sanda Mandutianu , Sebastian Herzig         Practice Room 1-3        
1:25 PM                  
1:50 PM                  
2:15 PM 14.06 PANEL: Progress and Plans for the Deep Space Human Exploration Architecture - Marshall Smith , John Guidi , Robyn Gatens , Scott Martinelli , Douglas Craig                  
2:40 PM                  
3:05 PM                  
3:30 PM                    
4:30 PM 4.0101 Navigation Tracking with Multiple Baselines Part I: High-Level Theory and System Concepts - Kar Ming Cheung 2.0612 Energy Modeling of VTOL Aircraft for Titan Aerial Daughtercraft (TAD) Concepts - Larry Matthies
13.0701 Measurement Noise Reduction for Study of Rocket Engine Thrust Instabilities - Piotr Rugor
8.0303 SLS with Kick Stages for Outer Planet Science Missions - Terry Haws 5.0310 The Spectral Calibration of Verve - Judah Van Zandt 11.0901 Soil Organic Matter Mapping Using Hyperspectral Imagery and Elevation Data - Laurynas Gedminas 6.05 Keynote:Localisation using signal strength measurements in practice. - Fredrik Gustafsson
10.0406 Agile Approach to Assuring Safety-critical Embedded Software for NASA’s Orion Spacecraft - John Bradbury
4:55 PM 4.0104 Telecommunication System Architecture for Low Earth Orbit Nano Satellites Mission Support - Kavya Shree 7.0601 Cold Survivable Distributed Motor Controller (CSDMC) - Gary Bolotin
13.0705 IXPE Observatory Verification and Validation Approach and Threads Tool - William Deininger
8.0305 A Spatial Perspective on the Metallized Combustion Aspect of Rockets - Mohammed Abrar Nizami
5.0315 Modern Wavefront Control for Space-based Exoplanet Coronagraph Imaging - He Sun 11.0902 Comparison of Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR) and Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) Imagery for Precision Ag. - Wolfgang Fink 10.0403 Planning for Change in Instrument Flight Software: Successes and Failures on MMS HPCA - Paul Wood    
5:20 PM 4.0105 RESINATE – an RF and Optical Testbed - James Lyke
7.0602 Thermally-resilient COTS CMOS Sensor Packaging Approach for Mars2020 Enhanced Engineering Cameras - Colin Mckinney
Plenary Setup   5.0317 The WFIRST CGI Integral Field Spectrograph: Requirements and Performance Predictions - Tyler Groff 11.0101 Satellite Battery Health Monitoring Using Naïve Bayesian Classifier - Wessam Hussein 6.0501 Unifying Multi-Hypothesis and Graph-Based Tracking with Approximate Track Automata - Lucas Finn 10.0404 Eliminating Software Caused Mission Failures - Michael Dorin    
5:50 PM Plenary: Predisposed: Liberals and Conservatives Have Deep Psychological and Physiological Differences
John Hibbing, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

8:05 PM Plenary: Seeing like a Rover, Working as a Team: What scientific and technical teams can learn from the Mars Exploration Rover Mission
Janet Vertesi, Princeton University

9:00 PM 2.0206 Beyond TRL 9: Achieving the Dream of Better, Faster, Cheaper through TRL10 Commercial Technologies - Peter Lord 7.0603 Modelling of Select Mixed-Signal Electronics for Cold Temperature Environments - William Norton 13.0706 Psyche Early Project Verification & Validation Planning Development - Benjamin Solish 10.0701 Augmented Reality for Remote Collaboration in Aircraft Maintenance Tasks - Sebastian Utzig 5.0801 Development of a Light-field Fluorescence Microscope for in Situ Life Searches in the Solar System - Gene Serabyn 11.0602 Steady State Frequency Response Utilizing an Enhanced Chirp Test Signal - Bryce Hill 6.0503 Ground Emitter Localization in the Presence of Multipath - Craig Agate 10.0402 Day to Day Practices to Enhance Operations Reliability for Magnetospheric Multiscale - Paul Wood    
9:25 PM 2.0208 An On-Orbit CubeSat Centrifuge for Asteroid Science and Exploration - Jekan Thangavelautham 7.0604 GaN Photodetector Measurements of UV Emission from a Gaseous CH4/O2 Hybrid Rocket Igniter Plume - Hannah Alpert 13.0707 Foliations of Coverage: Introducing Functional Coverage to Auditable DO-254 Verification Projects - Hamilton Carter 10.0703 The Development of a User Interface for Mixed-Initiative Plan Management for Human Space Flight - Melissa Baltrusaitis
5.0802 A Multiwavelength Digital Holographic Microscope Architecture for Enhancing Life Detection - J. Kent Wallace
11.0603 State-wise LSTM-GRU Method for Ball Screw Health Prediction - Yixiang Huang 6.0506 Track-to-track Data Fusion for Unmanned Traffic Management System - Krzysztof Cisek 10.0407 Visualization Method to Stimulate Ideas Leading to Failure Mode in Software FMEA - Kohsuke Namihira    
9:50 PM   7.0607 A New Paradigm for Computing for Digital Electronics under Extreme Environments - Naveen Kumar Macha
13.0102 Intelligent Architecture and Hybrid Model of Ground and Launch System for Advanced Launch Site - Litian Xiao
10.0706 Continued Advances in Supervised Autonomy User Interface Design for METERON SUPVIS Justin - Peter Schmaus
5.0803 Digital Holographic Microscope Trades for Extant Life Detection Applications - J. Kent Wallace
11.0201 Unmanned Aerial Systems Health Monitoring Architecture - Joel Dunham
6.0507 Tracking Very Low SNR Targets with the Quanta Tracking Algorithm - Darin Dunham      
Fri, Mar 8 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 7.0901 High Performance Transmitters for Small Satellites for Data Transmission and Remote Sensing - Naresh Deo 2.0701 Opportunities in NASA Planetary Science Instrument Development - Rainee Simons 8.1001 Attitude Control System for the Mars Cube One Spacecraft - David Sternberg 10.0601 A Review of and Proposed Framework for Artificial General Intelligence - Lyle Long 13.1001 Understanding Socio-Technical Issues Affecting the Current Microgravity Research Marketplace - Christine Joseph 4.1201 Inter-satellite Range Estimation Using Discovery & Resolution Modes for Space Traffic Management - Christopher Bridges 6.0601 Analytic Emitter Geolocation and Filtering via Time Difference of Arrival - Joel Dunham
9.0305 Heat Flux Analysis of the 14-X S Scramjet Engine - Ana Maria Lara
8:55 AM 7.0903 Introduction to Space Dogfighting -- What Matters in Space Engagements - Oleg Yakimenko 2.0702 Development of a Nucleic Acid-Based Life Detection Instrument Testbed - Srinivasa Bhattaru 8.1003 Nano-sat Scale Electric Propulsion for Attitude Control - Performance Analysis - Jin S. Kang 10.0606 Artificial Intelligence for the Early Design Phases of Space Missions - Audrey Berquand 13.1003 Revealing Unobvious Social Norms and Traditional Development Fantasies That Impede Agile Adoption - John Ryskowski 4.1203 A Software Radio Based Satellite Communications Simulator for Small Satellites Using GNU Radio - Seth Hitefield 6.0602 Nonlinear Algorithms for Combining Conflicting Information in Multisensor Fusion - Jeffery Hurley
9.0308 Study on Thermal Shock Simulation of Turbine Nozzle Vane Using Fully Coupling Method - Peng Guan
9:20 AM 7.0905 Streamlining High Altitude Ballooning Missions: From Payload, to Launch, to Flight - Hunter Hall 2.0703 Enabling Measurement of Darwinian Evolution in Space - Kendall Saboda 8.1004 Near Earth Asteroid Scout CubeSat Science Data Retrieval Optimization Using Onboard Data Analysis - Jack Lightholder 10.0607 Autonomous Imaging and Mapping of Small Bodies Using Deep Reinforcement Learning - Andrea Tagliabue 13.1002 The Crucial Need to Modernize Engineering Education - Lyle Long 4.1207 Scaling the Fast X86 DVB-S2 Decoder to 1 Gbps on One Server - Eugene Grayver 6.0604 Georectification of Imagery Taken aboard the ISS Utilizing Various Lightning Datasets. - Skye Leake
9.0310 Regarding Pilot Usage of Display Technologies for Improving Awareness of Aircraft System States - Taumi Daniels
9:45 AM 7.1002 FLASHRAD: A Reliable 3D Rad Hard Flash Memory Cube Utilizing COTS for Space Applications - Sung Kyu Lim 2.0704 In-Situ Close-Range Imaging with Plenoptic Cameras - Martin Lingenauber 8.1005 Project Implementation and Lessons Learned from the RainCube Mission - Travis Imken 10.0609 Design of a Hybrid Digital-twin Flight Performance Model through Machine Learning - Mevlut Uzun 13.1004 Space Sustainability Engineering - Amy Landis 4.1206 Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm for Wireless MANET - Genshe Chen 6.0605 Don’t Be Greedy, Be Neighborly, a New Assignment Algorithm - Bryan O'leary      
10:10 AM 7.1003 Non-Radiation Tolerant COTS Power Converters in Low Earth Orbit - Timothy Babich 2.0705 A Chip-Scale Plasmonic Spectrometer for in Situ Characterization of Solar System Surfaces - Nancy Chanover 8.1011 Solving Thermal Control Challenges for CubeSats: Optimizing Passive Thermal Design - Jennifer Young 10.0608 RULE Based System Development for Conceptual Aircraft DESIGN - Esma Karagoz 13.10 PANEL How to change major habits without throwing the baby out with the bath water - Christine Joseph , John Ryskowski , Lyle Long , Amy Landis 4.1208 Software Defined Radio Implementation of Carrier and Timing Synchronization for Distributed Arrays - Han Yan 6.0608 Fractional Floodwater-pixel Fusion for Emergency Response Flood Mapping Using SAR Data - Young Joo Kwak      
10:35 AM 7.1004 Evaluating Commercial Processors for Spaceflight with the Heterogeneous On-Orbit Processing Engine - Tyler Lovelly 2.0706 Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer (LITMS) for in Situ Astrobiology - Xiang Li
8.10: Automated Solar Panel Manufacturing Utilizing Surface Mount Technology - Ben Bowen
10.0610 Viability of Training an Artificial Neural Network to Detect Targets Using Synthetic Data - Yong Sinn   6.0609 End-to-End Performance Evaluation of Sensor Fusion and Bias Estimation for Multi-Sensor Hand-off - Terry Ogle      
11:00 AM   2.0708 Raman-LIBS, a Journey from Mars to Earth via the Moon. - Andrew Court
10.0613 Distributed Connectivity Main