2020 IEEE Aerospace Conference
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Sun, Mar 8 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:00 AM                    
4:30 PM 4.0101 Concept for a Distributed, Modular, In-space Robotically Assembled, Hosted RF Communication Payload - Spencer Backus   10.0702 Designing a Fusion of Visible and Infra-red Camera Streams for Remote Tower Operations - Anne Papenfuß
7.0103 COSMIC: Content-based Onboard Summarization to Monitor Infrequent Change - Gary Doran
13.0101 Assessing the Science Benefits of Space Mission Concepts in the Formulation Phase - Marie Ivanco Track 12 Keynote: NASA EGS Program Technology Infusion Strategy - Philip Weber 9.0301 Aerodynamic Effects of an Electromagnetic Wing and It's Application for LEO Transportation. - Sayantan Saha 6.0802 Reduction of Hamiltonian Systems with Involutory Functions - Michael Sparapany
5.0101 Thermally Formed Inflatable Membrane Reflectors for Space Telescopes - Aman Chandra
4:55 PM 4.0102 An Architecture for Advanced Networking Technology for Integrating Communications in Space - Brian Haberman 8.0202 Benefits of In-Space Manufacturing Technology Development for Human Spaceflight - Matthew Moraguez 10.0710 Headline-based Visualization to Prioritize Space Threats - John Ianni 7.0102 Nebulae: A Proposed Concept of Operation for Deep Space Computing Clouds - Joshua Vander Hook
13.0104 Optimizing Spacecraft Component Selection with Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming - Johannes Norheim
9.0302 Design of Morphing Aircraft for Aeroelastic Performance - Nikhil Nigam 6.0803 Extended Navigation Capabilities for a Future Mars Science Helicopter Concept - Jeff Delaune
5.0102 An Efficient Focal Plane Alignment Methodology with Application to the ASTERIA Space Telescope - Matthew Smith
5:20 PM 4.0107 Concept of an Enhanced Accuracy Onboard Time Synchronization via Communication Link. - Stanisław Hanasz 8.0203 Booster Obsolescence and Life Extension of SLS Boosters - David Griffin Hold for Plenary Setup
7.0101 MAARS: Machine Learning-Based Analytics for Automated Rover Systems - Masahiro Ono
13.0106 Development of a Flight-Program-Ready Model-Based Assurance Platform - Arthur Witulski 12.0203 Blackbird: Object-Oriented Planning, Simulation, and Sequencing Framework Used by Multiple Missions - Christopher Lawler 9.0308 Impact of HHO Gas on Engine Performance and Emissions - Tarek Mahmoud 6.0805 Rendezvous Approach Guidance for Uncooperative Tumbling Satellites - Manwei Chan    
5:50 PM Plenary: The Hidden World Beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet
John Priscu, Montana State University

8:05 PM Plenary: Does the Globalised Maritime World have a Future?
Andrew Lambert, King's College London

9:00 PM
4.0105 Space and the Internet of Things - Barbara Braun
8.0204 Advancing towards Human Torpor Capabilities in Support of Future Space Settlements - John Bradford 10.0711 Evaluation of Interaction Techniques for Early Phase Satellite Design in Immersive AR - Anna Bahnmüller 7.0105 LEON4 Based Radiation-Hardened SpaceVPX System Controller - Robert Merl
13.0107 Increasing Knowledge Capture of Space Instrumentation Using Systems Engineering Model Architecture - Bradley Drake
12.0204 Neighbors on the Red Planet: Mars Science Laboratory Relay Coordination Post InSight Arrival - Nancy Vandermey
9.0313 Computational Fluid Dynamics Study for Drag Reduction of an Airborne Surveillance Gimbal - Amani Bin Amro 6.0807 Spacecraft Attitude Determination Using Terrestrial Illumination Matching - Liberty Shockley 5.0105 The Development of the 2.4-meter Class Mirror for Space-based and Ground-based Surveillance - Ifan Payne  
9:25 PM 4.0106 Universal COTS Based SpaceVPX Payload Carrier for LEO Application - Michał Kuklewski 8.0205 Building the Single-Person Spacecraft for Future Weightless Operations - Brand Griffin 10.0707 Kontur-3: Human Machine Interfaces for Telenavigation and Manipulation of Robots from ISS - Martin Stelzer 7.0201 Building Blocks for the Future: TRL 10 and 11 Commercial Spacecraft Avionics - Leif Kirschenbaum 13.0108 Evolutionary Formulations for Design of Heterogeneous Earth Observing Constellations - Pau Garcia Buzzi 12.0205 Operations Concept for Responding to Urgent Requests for NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) - Priyanka Sharma 9.0314 Study on Thermal Shock Simulation of Superalloy Using Fully Coupling Method - Peng Guan
6.0810 Localization–guaranteed Navigation in GPS-denied Environment via multi-UAV Closed-loop Coordination - YaLan Yin
5.0201 Development of a High-Altitude Balloon Controlled Ascent System - Michael Fusco  
9:50 PM 4.0103 Feasibility of Weak GPS Real-Time Positioning/Timing at Lunar Distance - Kar Ming Cheung      
13.0109 Towards Intelligent Architecting of Aerospace System-of-Systems: Part II - Cesare Guariniello
12.0206 Detecting Juno’s ‘Heartbeat’: Communications Support during Critical Events of the Juno Mission - Dustin Buccino 6.0104 Digital Elevation Model Enhancement Using CNN-Based Despeckled SAR Images - Tarek Mahmoud 4.1301 Safety Assessment Process for UAS Ground-Based Detect and Avoid - Dylan Hasson
5.0203 Tethered Balloon-Based Experiment of Surface Water Height Using Satellite Signals of Opportunity - Hunter Hall
Mon, Mar 9 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 4.0201 Utilizing Reinforcement Learning to Autonomously Manage Buffers in a Delay Tolerant Network Node - Elizabeth Harkavy 2.0115 Mars Sample Return Mission Status - Brian Muirhead 2.1301 A Gecko-Like/Electrostatic Gripper for Free-Flying Perching Robots - Koki Tanaka 2.0302 Terrain Relative Navigation for Guided Descent on Titan - Larry Matthies 9.0205 Efficient Terrain following for an MAV with Ultra-Wide Stereo Cameras - Marcus Müller
CANCELLED 8.08 Keynote:DOE Advancements in Nuclear Power Systems - Tracey Bishop
13.0902 Factors Encouraging the Creation of Spin-offs from Student Satellite Projects - Antti Näsilä
6.0403 UAS-supported Digitalized Search-And-Rescue Using Harmonic Radar Reflection - Jonatan Olofsson 5.0401 Wave Optics Simulations of a Dual Beacon Hartmann Turbulence Sensor - Jack McCrae  
8:55 AM 4.0203 Efficient and Secure Autonomous Communications for Deep Space Missions - Mehmet Adalier 2.0104 Parker Solar Probe: A Mission to Touch the Sun - James Kinnison 2.1302 Spacecraft Electrostatic Potential Sensing Using Fused X-ray and Electron Sensor Data - Kieran Wilson 2.0304 Europa Lander Engine Plume Interactions with the Surface and Vehicle - William Hoey 9.0207 UAV Formation Flight for In-Air-Capturing Maneuver - Stefan Krause
13.0903 Life Cycle Assessment: A Tool for Designing Sustainable Space Technologies - Amy Landis
6.0404 A Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Coordinated Passive Radar System - Thomas Backes 5.0403 Impact of Measured Turbulence on Laser Beam Propagation - Benjamin Whetten  
9:20 AM 4.0204 A Blockchain-based Reputation System for Small Satellite Relay Networks - Lillian Clark 2.0107 InSight MIssion: Early Surface Operations - Tom Hoffman 2.1303 Development of On-orbit Assembly Demonstrator in 3U CubeSat Form Factor - John Gregory
2.0306 Stochastic Atmosphere Modeling for Risk Adverse Aerocapture Guidance - Samalis Santini De León
  13.0904 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Sparse / Inaccurate Data Situations - Rahul Dixit 6.0301 GOLD: Far-UV Imaging Spectrograph Background at GEO - Katelynn Greer 5.0404 Speckle Mitigation for Improved Optical Tracking Performance - Helena Franklin  
9:45 AM 4.0301 Autonomous Navigation for Crewed Lunar Missions with DBAN - William Jun
2.0103 Preparation and Execution of the InSight Instrument Deployment Phase - Travis Imken
2.1305 Experimental Evaluation of a COTS Time-of-Flight Camera as Rendezvous Sensor for Small Satellites - Markus Wilde 2.0307 Integrated Simulation and State Estimation for Precision Landing on Titan - Aaron Schutte 9.0217 Uncertainty Velocity Obstacle Avoidance for sUAS Trajectory Planning in a 2D Plane - Jaron Ellingson 8.0801 Empirical Analysis of MMRTG Power Production and Decay - Chris Whiting 13.0905 Shared Leadership and Just Culture: Tools to Promote SMS Hazard Reporting - Bettina Mrusek 6.0302 The Arcstone Project to Calibrate Lunar Reflectance - Hans Courrier    
10:10 AM 4.0303 Use of Navigation Beacons to Support Lunar Vehicle Operations - Evan Anzalone 2.0108 Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) Mission, Concept and Development Status - William Deininger 2.1310 Multibody Simulation of REMORA CubeSat Docking to and Pushing a Spent Rocket Booster - David Sternberg 2.0309 Assessment of the Robustness of the Mars 2020 Terminal Descent Sensor in the Event of Beam Failure - Samalis Santini De León 9.0218 Multi-UAV Target-Finding in Simulated Indoor Environments Using Deep Reinforcement Learning - Fernando Vanegas Alvarez 8.0805 Concept for a Cascaded Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator - Chadwick Barklay 13.0907 Strategic Evolution of the Innovation Lab at the Aerospace Corporation - Rob Sherwood 6.0303 Miniaturized Spectral Imaging Instrumentation for Planetary Exploration - Antti Näsilä    
10:35 AM 4.0304 Quantifying Weather Effects on Ka-Band Communication Links: A Parker Solar Probe Study - Matthew Cox 2.0110 NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) Mission - Wendy Edelstein 2.1311 Coordinated Motion Planning for On-Orbit Satellite Inspection Using a Swarm of Small-Spacecraft - Benjamin Bernhard 2.0311 A Terminal Descent Radar for Landing & Proximity Operations – Prototype Lab and Field Test Results - Brian Pollard 9.0233 Multi-modal Visual-Thermal Saliency-based Object Detection in Visually-degraded Environments - Maria Tsiourva 8.0804 Official Release of the Radioisotope Power System Dose Estimation Tool (RPS-DET) - Michael Smith
13.08 Keynote:Emerging Technologies in Changing Environment - Nelson Pedreiro
6.0201 Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, Ocean Ecosystem (PACE) Mission Integration and Testing - Susanna Petro  
11:00 AM 4.0406 LunaNet: A Flexible and Extensible Lunar Exploration Communication and Navigation Infrastructure - David Israel 2.0111 CapSat-DRAGONS - Joe Burt 4.1404 Identifying Attack Surfaces in the Evolving Space Industry Using Reference Architectures - Carsten Maple
2.0308 EDL Simulation Results for the Mars 2020 Landing Site Safety Assessment - Samalis Santini De León
9.0236 Smart & Integrated Management System - Smart Cities, Epidemiological Control Tool Using Drones - Rodrigo Rangel 8.0802 System Integration of Stirling Convertors into a Dynamic Radioisotope Power System - Joseph Vander Veer 13.0801 Balancing Pragmatism and Values in Business Decision Making - Rahul Dixit 6.0202 The Integration and Test of the TROPICS Flight Segment - Andrew Cunningham  
11:25 AM 4.0408 Communications with Curiosity during Solar Conjunction - Jackson Quade 2.0114 Europa Clipper Mission: Onward to Implementation! - Maddalena Jackson 4.1401 Characterizing Radar Network Traffic: A First Step towards Spoofing Attack Detection - Théobald De RIBEROLLES 2.0312 NAV-Landmarks: Deployable 3D Infrastructures to Enable CubeSats Navigation near Asteroids - Marco Di Fraia   8.0803 Higher Power Design Concepts for NASA's Kilopower Reactor - Marc Gibson 13.0802 New Trends in Technology Transfer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Daniel Broderick 6.0205 Auroral Radio Emissions Simulation and Processing for AERO CubeSat Mission - Kristen Ammons  
11:50 AM
4.0409 Simultaneous Optical Links with the Inter-Satellite Omnidirectional Optical Communicator - Alexa Aguilar
2.0101 The Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation: Earth Venture Spectroscopy Mission - Robert Green       8.0806 EVOLUTION of SPACE REACTOR QUALIFICATION METHODS and a PATH FORWARD for NEW SPACE REACTORS - Andrew Zillmer 13.0803 Space Startup Accelerator Pilot - Andrew Shapiro
6.0206 50 Years of Spaceflight with Fourier Transform Spectrometers (FTS) from NASA GSFC - Conor Nixon
1:25 PM
          13.08 PANEL: Space Ventures Outlook 2025 - Hemali Vyas      
1:50 PM                
2:15 PM                  
2:40 PM         PANEL 14.09 : Mars Helicopter Flight Experiment - J (Bob) Balaram   A Presentation on Presentation Skills - Monica Panno      
3:05 PM     Junior Conference Practice 3 - 4:30pm          
4:30 PM
4.0601 A Real-time Doppler Compensating Physical/data Link Layer Protocol for Satellite Communications. - Edwin Peters
7.0502 Survey of Cryogenic Power Electronics for Space Applications - Haider Mhiesan 10.0801 Aerodrome Taxiway Line Detection and Cross-Track Error Estimation Using Computer Vision Techniques - Aman Batra
8.0303 An EDR Subsystem for the AA2 Test Flight of the Orion LAS - Kristina Rojdev
4.1101 Emergency Warning Services via GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Signals - Keiko Shimazu
13.0110 Artificial Intelligence Agents to Support Data Mining for Early Stage of Space Systems Design - Cesare Guariniello
12.0210 The JWST Flight Dynamics Operations Concept and Flight Dynamics Ground System - Joshua Levi 6.0501 Distributed MHT and ML-PMHT Approaches to Multi-Sensor Passive Sonar Tracking - Stefano Coraluppi    
4:55 PM
4.0602 Carrier-Phase Aided Pseudo-Noise Range Estimator Operating at RF Frequencies - Victor Vilnrotter
7.0503 Robust Design of Emirates Mars Mission’s Electrical Power Subsystem - Essa Almehairi
10.0802 Using GANs to Generate Random Surface Materials for High Fidelity Low Altitude Imaging Simulations - Sournav Sekhar Bhattacharya
8.0306 SLS Block 1B and Block 2 with Kick Stages for Outer Planet Science Missions & Beyond - Terry Haws
5.0505 Earth Observation Satellite Learning to Video Compressor Complexity Reduction - Hossein Zarrini 13.0115 Evolution of the Preliminary Fault Management Architecture and Design for the Psyche Mission - Danielle Marsh 12.0211 NISAR’s Unique Challenges and Approach to Developing Robust JPL/ISRO Joint Operations - David Mohr 6.0503 Approximate Track Automata -- Combining the Best of MHT and GBT for High Value Target Tracking - John Grimes    
5:20 PM 4.0603 Miniature Optical Steerable Antenna for Intersatellite Communications Liquid Lens Characterization - Faisal Fogle 7.0504 Evaluation of Point of Load Converters for Space Computational Loads - Thomas Cook Hold for Plenary Setup 8.0305 Investigation of Atmospheric Boundary-Layer Effects on Launch-Vehicle Ground Wind Loads - Thomas Ivanco 5.0301 CubeSat Array for the Detection of RF Emissions from Exoplanets - Martijn Kok 13.0116 A Margin Management Strategy for Low Thrust Trajectories on the Psyche Project - William Hart
12.0214 Conducting Efficient Remote Science and Planning Operations for Ocean Exploration Using xGDS - Tamar Cohen
6.0505 Contextual Clustering for Automated State Estimation by Sensor Networks - Christopher Diggans    
5:50 PM Plenary: The Geostrategic Space Landscape
Joan Johnson-Freese, US Naval War College

7:05 PM DINNER IN THE MAIN BALLROOM and Junior Engineer Introductions & Best Paper Awards
8:05 PM The Serengeti Rules: The Regulation and Restoration of Biodiversity
Sean Carroll, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

9:00 PM
4.0604 Introducing SatMF: The Satellite Metadata Format - Zachary Leffke
7.0901 Near Field Wireless Power Transfer via Robotic Feedback Control - Carl Greene 10.0804 Recurrent Neural Network Based Prediction to Enhance Satellite Telemetry Compression - Tarek Mahmoud   5.0302 Vector Vortex Waveplates with Tunable Spectrum and Switchable Topological Charge - Nelson Tabiryan 13.0117 Tradespace Exploration of Space Settlement Architectures Using Long-term Cost and Benefit Metrics - George Lordos 12.0216 The Reference Activity Plan: Collaborative, Agile Planning for NASA’s Europa Clipper Mission - Kaley Pinover 6.0507 Multi-Target Blended Track Fusion in the Presence of Sensor Biases - Darin Dunham    
9:25 PM
4.0702 Development of Cooperative Vision-Based Navigation Techniques Using Neural Networks - Jill Davis
7.0902 RADSoM - a System on Module Approach for Reusable Spacecraft Processing Elements - Jeffrey Boye 10.0806 Adaptively Lossy Image Compression for Onboard Processing - Justin Goodwill 9.0104 Flight Testing of Predictive Energy Management Displays for Light Aircraft - Isaac Silver 5.0303 The HabEx Telescope: Systems Engineering and STOP Modeling - H. Philip Stahl 13.0118 Risk and Performance Assessment of Generic Mission Architectures: Showcasing the Artemis Mission - Clemens Rumpf 12.0218 Operational Techniques for Dealing with Long Eclipses during the MMS Extended Mission - Eric Palmer 6.05 Keynote:Bayesian Graph Signal Processing for Information Fusion and Multiobject Tracking - Florian Meyer    
9:50 PM 4.0703 Autonomous Navigation for Small Body Landing Using Optical and Inter-spacecraft Measurements - He Jia 7.0903 Designing Printed Circuit Boards to Drastically Reduce the Occurrence of Tombstoned Components - Donald Schatzel   9.0105 Proposed Part 23 Means of Compliance Based on Flight Testing of Level 2 and Level 3 Aircraft - Brian Kish
5.0304 The HabEx Observatory: A Coronagraph and a Starshade for Exoplanet Science. - Stefan Martin
6.0102 Statistical Classification of Remote Sensing Satellite Constellations - Tarek Mahmoud
Tue, Mar 10 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 7.0601 Cold Survivable Current Sense Multi-Chip Module - Malcolm Lias 2.0526 Safe Interactions and Kinesthetic Feedback in High Performance Earth-To-Moon Teleoperation - Michael Panzirsch 8.0703 Design of an Integrated Solar Thermal System for Micro Satellite Orbit Insertion - Fiona Leverone 2.0201 A Robotically Assembled and Serviced Science Station for Earth Observations - Spencer Backus  
3.0102 Experimental Validation of Swarm Array Results Using Mars Cube One (MarCO) Downlink Signals - Victor Vilnrotter
10.0101 Trajectory Reduced-Order Modeling Using Indirect Methods - Michael Sparapany 13.0501 A SysML Profile for MIL-STD-882E (System Safety) - Ross Raymond    
8:55 AM 7.0602 The Roadmap from Concept to Infusion for a Cold Survivable Distributed Motor Controller - Gary Bolotin
2.0501 Shapeshifter: A Multi-Agent, Multi-Modal Robotic Platform for Exploration of Titan - Olivier Toupet
8.0704 Utilization of Polychromatic Laser System for Satellite Power Beaming - Michael Sanders
2.0202 Numerical Predictions for On-Orbit Ionospheric Aerodynamics Torque Experiment - Christopher Capon
8.0503 Metabolic Modeling in Altered Gravity - Richard Whittle
3.0103 Constructive Precoder Design for Single Beam Multiuser Satellite System with PSK Signals Signals - Khanh Pham
10.0102 High Speed Modeling for Grid Fins Using a DNN Approach - Mark Carpenter
13.0503 Weaving a Digital Thread into Concept Design - Rob Stevens
9:20 AM 7.0603 First Iteration Communications Circuit for a Long-Lived In-situ Solar System Explorer (LLISSE) - Jennifer Jordan 2.0524 MMX - Development of a Rover Locomotion System - Hans Juergen Sedlmayr 8.0705 Commercial Solar Electric Propulsion:A Roadmap for Exploration - Scott Tilley 2.0203 Trident: The Path to Triton on a Discovery Budget - William Frazier 8.0504 Design of an External Compensatory Breathing Bladder for the BioSuit - Jeremy Stroming 3.0301 Design of a GaN HEMT High Efficiency High Power Frequency Tripler Using a Class-F Technique - Fei Wang 10.0103 Vorticity Approaches for Morphing Wings - Shivaranjani Sathe 13.0504 Applying a Model-Based Approach to Develop a Standardized Template for CubeSat-class Satellites - John Gregory    
9:45 AM 7.0604 Select Electronic Parts Operation at Extreme Low Temperature - Jean Yang Scharlotta 2.0515 Design and Test of an Electromechanical Rover Tether for the Exploration of Vertical Lunar Pits - Patrick McGarey 8.0712 Non-nuclear Based Thermoelectric + Battery System Concepts for Space Power Systems - Alexander Morgan 2.0208 Using Existing Spacecraft toward Long Baselines in VLBI - Reza Ashtari
8.0506 Soft Exoskeleton Knee Prototype for Advanced Space Suits and Planetary Exploration - Allison Porter
3.0401 Feasibility Study on Inflatable Observational Antennas for CubeSat Applications - Cornelis Vertegaal 10.0104 Numerical Study of Deflagration to Detonation Transition Using Obstacle Combinations in OpenFOAM - Vinayak Bassi 13.0505 Development and Application of the CubeSat System Reference Model - David Kaslow    
10:10 AM 7.0605 A Universal Behavioral Model for COTS ADCs with Predictive Cold Temperature Performance Capability - William Norton 2.0518 Dynamics and Control of a Hopping Robot for Extreme Environment Exploration on the Moon and Mars - Himangshu Kalita
8.0713 Self-directed Energy Management System for an Islanded Cube Satellite Nanogrid - Mohammad Yaqoob
2.0209 Data Mules on Cycler Orbits for High-Latency, Planetary-Scale Data Transfers - Joshua Vander Hook 8.0509 Design of an Augmented Reality Visor Display System for Extravehicular Activity Operations - Leah Davis 3.0501 Miniaturized and Reconfigurable RF Electronics Architecture for SmallSat Applications - Fernando Aguirre 10.0105 Computational Framework for the Study of Infectious Disease Spread through Commercial Air-Travel - Sirish Namilae 13.0506 Rapid SmallSat Mission Formulation: Integrated and Concurrent Modeling in JPL’s Team Xc - Alex Austin    
10:35 AM
7.0606 Cryogenic Temperature Induced Instability of 200MHz CMOS Operational Amplifier - Jean Yang Scharlotta
2.0513 Maintenance-optimized Modular Robotic Concepts for Planetary Surface ISRU Excavators - A Howe     8.0510 Comfort, Mobility, and Durability Assessment of a Wearable IMU System for EVA Suit Evaluation - Young Young Shen
3.0502 Compact Folded-Shorted Patch Antenna Array with PCB Implementation for Modern Small Satellites - Dimitris Anagnostou
10.0112 CFD Simulation of Darrieus Type Straight Single-bladed VAWT Using OpenFOAM - Asmelash Amaha
13.0507 How Your Concurrent Engineering Team Can Bootstrap Your Organizations Programmatic Capabilities - Jairus Hihn
11:00 AM 7.1002 Evaluation of Algorithm-Based Fault Tolerance for ML and CV under Neutron Radiation - Seth Roffe 2.0521 Autonomous Power Grid Formation for Surface Assets Using Multiple Unmanned Ground Vehicles - John Naglak  
2.0212 The Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment (SunRISE) Mission Concept - Joseph Lazio
8.0511 Multi-modal Stochastic Resonance to Enhance Astronaut Perceptual Performance: Experimental Design - Jamie Voros 3.0503 Inflatable Membrane Antennas for Small Satellites - Aman Chandra
10.0113 Bayesian Modeling of Spacecraft Safe Mode Events - Melissa Hooke
13.0508 Efficient Trade Space Exploration - Alfred Nash    
11:25 AM   2.0505 Design and Testing of an Ultra-Light Weight Perching System for Sloped or Vertical Rough Surfaces - Spencer Backus   2.02 Keynote: A Pioneering SIMPLEx SmallSat for Lunar Water and Geology - Bethany Ehlmann
12:00 PM LUNCH in the HUNTLEY DINING ROOM Noon - 1:30 pm
1:50 PM     JUNIOR ENGINEERING and SCIENCE CONFERENCE 2-4 in the Madison              
Wed, Mar 11 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM PANEL 14.03: EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES FOR MARS EXPLORATION - Charles Edwards 8.0101 NASA’s Lunar Exploration Enterprise - Marshall Smith 2.0508 Rover Localization for Tube Pickup: Dataset, Methods and Validation for Mars Sample Return Planning - Tu-Hoa Pham 13.0302 Applying System Readiness Levels to Cost Estimates – a Case Study Part 2 - Patrick Malone 9.0228 UAV Implementation of Distributed Robust Target Location in Unknown Environments - Hannah Mohr 4.0801 A Markovian Queueing Network Model of Multiple Access Communications in Space - Jay Gao   10.0501 Towards an H/W-S/W Interface Description for a Comprehensive Space Systems Simulation Environment - Emanuel Kopp    
8:55 AM 8.0102 NASA’s Human Landing System: The Strategy for the 2024 Mission and Future Sustainability - Greg Chavers 2.0502 Variable Topology “Tree-Like” Continuum Robots for Remote Inspection and Cleaning - Ian Walker 13.0303 Space Chicken: A Historical Look at How the Critical Path Changes over a Mission’s Development - Stephen Shinn 9.0230 Autonomous Search for Underground Mine Rescue Using Aerial Robots - Tung Dang 4.0802 Revenue Management for Communication Satellite Operator – Opportunities and Challenges - Markus Guerster 7.0803 Investigation of Instabilities in Detumbling Algorithms - NISHANT GUPTA 10.0502 CAESAR Model-Based Approach to Harness Design - David Wagner    
9:20 AM 8.0103 Crewed Lunar Lander Missions Enabled by the NASA Space Launch System - Ben Donahue
2.0528 Analysis of the Robot Subsystem Capability for Boulder Extraction in the Asteroid Redirect Mission - William Gallagher
13.0304 Flexible Design Opportunities in Small-Satellites Launch Infrastructures - George Lordos
9.0232 A Self-deployed Multi-Channel Wireless Communications System for Subterranean Robots - Tung Dang 4.0804 A Mathematical Analysis of an Example Delay Tolerant Network Using the Theory of Shaves - Robert Short
Electronic Presentation
7.0808 Learning-based Warm-Starting for Fast Sequential Convex Programming and Trajectory Optimization - Somrita Banerjee
10.0503 Enabling Space Exploration Medical System Development Using a Tool Ecosystem - Jennifer Amador    
9:45 AM PANEL 14.04: ACCESS TO SPACE AND EMERGING MISSION CAPABILITIES - Eleni Sims 8.0104 Capabilities Development: From the International Space Station and the Moon to Mars - Kathleen Boggs 2.0516 Using Elastically Actuated Legged Robots in Rough Terrain: Experiments with DLR Quadruped Bert - Daniel Seidel 13.0306 NASA Cubesat Cost Model - Michael Saing 4.09 Keynote:Multiple-Access Satellite Random Access white Layer Joint Detection - Christian Schlegel , Lukas Grinewirtchus 4.0807 Parker Solar Probe’s 1st Year of Ka-band Operations - Matthew Cox 7.0812 Attitude Stabilization during Retargeting Maneuver of Flexible Spacecraft Subject to Time Delay - Chokri Sendi 10.0505 There’s No ‘I’ in SEAM – an Interim Report on the ‘Spacecraft Early Analysis Model’ - Joe Gregory    
10:10 AM
8.0105 Launch Availability Analysis for Project Artemis - Grant Cates
2.0509 Mobility Mode Evaluation of a Wheel-on-Limb Rover on Glacial Ice Analogous to Europa Terrain - William Reid
13.0307 Deployment Strategies for a Financially Viable Remote Sensing Constellation - Alejandro Trujillo
Electronic Presentation
4.0901 Building Cellular Connectivity on Mars: A Feasibility Study - Claudio Sacchi
5.0601 Initial Orbit Determination Using Simplex Fusion - Susan Hagerty
7.0814 Performance Determination of a Multi-Mode Thruster Using GPS and Star Tracker Data - Kyle Craft
10.0506 Addressing Deep Uncertainty in Space System Development through Model-based Adaptive Design - Mark Chodas    
10:35 AM 8.0106 Gateway Lunar Habitat Modules as the Basis for a Modular Mars Transit Habitat - David Smitherman 2.0510 ARIEL: Autonomous Excavation Site Selection for Europa Lander - Masahiro Ono 13.0308 Mission Operations Cost Estimation Tool (MOCET) 2020 - Marc Hayhurst
Electronic Presentation
4.0902 Virtual Baseband Unit Splitting Exploiting Small Satellite Platforms - Riccardo Bassoli
5.0602 LUCID: Accelerating Image Reconstructions of LEO Satellites Using GPUs - Michael Werth 7.0816 Intrinsic Desensitized Optimal Control - Hans Seywald 10.0507 Vision for Cross-Center MBSE Collaboration on the Gateway Program - Jeremiah Crane    
8.0107 Defining the Required Net Habitable Volume for Long-Duration Exploration Missions - Chel Stromgren
2.0529 Analysis of Sample Acquisition Dynamics Using Discrete Element Method - Damiana Catanoso
13.0309 aView, a Browser-based Tool for Analyzing FTE, WYE across NASA Science Missions - Justin McNeill
Electronic Presentation
4.0905 UAV and Satellite Employment for the Internet of Things Use Case - Fabio Patrone
5.0604 Automated Interpretability Scoring of Ground-Based Observations of LEO Objects with Deep Learning - Jacob Lucas 7.0817 An Experimental Approach to Mapping of Magnetic Fields of CubeSat Attitude Actuator Representations - August Williams 10.0508 Integrating Safety & Mission Assurance into MBSE - Nicholas Waldram    
11:25 AM 8.0109 Design of a Microgravity Airlock with Integrated Inflatable Crew Locks - Douglas Litteken 2.0527 The Dual-Rasp Sampling System for an Enceladus Lander Mission - Paul Backes 13.0310 Development of the Small Satellite Cost Model 2019 (SSCM19) - Eric Mahr 4.0907 Wavelength Division Multiple Access for Deep Space Optical Communications - William Farr 5.0605 SILO: A Machine Learning Dataset of Synthetic Ground-Based Observations of LEO Satellites - Michael Werth   10.0509 FACE™ Ecosystem Model-based Tools Designed for the FACE Technical Standard v3.0 & v2.1 - Stephen Simi    
11:50 AM   2.0512 Analysis of Soil Deformation and Wheel Traction on Loose Terrain Using PIV - Shoko Ono 13.0311 Cost Estimation of Electronic Parts in NASA Space Missions - Rachel Sholder 11.0202 In-Time UAV Flight-Trajectory Estimation and Tracking Using Bayesian Filters - Portia Banerjee     10.0510 Demonstrating Assurance of Model-Based Fault Diagnosis Systems on an Operational Mission - Allen Nikora    
1:00 PM           Private Meeting: IEEE, AESS technical panel: Glue Technologies for Space Systems        
1:25 PM                  
2:15 PM
2:40 PM                
3:05 PM                
3:30 PM                  
4:30 PM
9.0405 Predictive Human-Machine Interface for Teleoperation of Air and Space Vehicles over Time Delay - Markus Wilde
7.1101 Application of Fault Containment Principles to Electromagnetic Compatibility - Reinaldo Perez
13.0201 NASA Risk Management Metrics: Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Risk Management Process - Robin Dillon Merrill
2.0504 Rimmed Wheel Performance on the Mars Science Laboratory Scarecrow Rover - Evan Graser
11.0403 Direct-write Ultrasonic Sensors for the Application of Aircraft Diagnostics and Health Management - Shuting Chen 6.0901 Sensor Network Target Detection with Unlabeled Observations - Peter Willett 2.12 Keynote: Setting Up Hypothetical Asteroid Impact Scenarios and Deflecting Those Asteroids Away - Paul Chodas 10.0511 Bidirectional Text-to-Model Element Requirement Transformation - Marlin Ballard    
4:55 PM
9.0214 Autonomous UAV Navigation for Active Perception of Targets in Uncertain and Cluttered Environments - Fernando Vanegas Alvarez
7.1105 Electromagnetic Compatibility Considerations for International Space Station Payload Developers - Matthew McCollum
13.0202 Unintended Side Effects in Complex Systems: Managing Project Risks and Fires - Robin Dillon Merrill
2.0506 A ROS-based Simulator for Testing the Enhanced Autonomous Navigation of the Mars 2020 Rover - Olivier Toupet 11.0401 Assessing Structural Health in Extreme Environments with Distributed Fiber Sensing - Alex Tongue 6.0902 Heterogeneous Sensor Fusion with Out of Sync Data - Biao Chen 2.1201 Using Precision Astrometry to Recover Near-Earth Object Candidates - Richard Wainscoat 10.0512 Facilitating the Transition to Model-Based Acquisition - Marlin Ballard    
5:20 PM 9.0222 Drivocopter: A Concept Hybrid Aerial/Ground Vehicle for Long-endurance Mobility - Brett Lopez
7.1104 Shield to Pin Coupling of Lightning-like Transients on Payload Umbilical Cables on a Launch Pad - Dawn Trout
Hold for Plenary Setup 2.0503 Driving Curiosity: Mars Rover Mobility Trends during the First Seven Years - Nikunj Patel 11.0402 Stochastic Percolation Network Model for Hybrid Nanocomposites - Sirish Namilae 6.0904 Feature Level Sensor Fusion for Passive RF and EO Information Integration - Asadullah Vakil 2.1202 Neutron Energy Effects on Asteroid Deflection - Lansing Horan 10.0513 Adapting Progressive MBSE Development to Document Based Contracts - Richard Ferguson    
5:50 PM Toward a Thinking Microscope: Deep Learning-enabled Computational Microscopy and Sensing
Aydogan Ozcan, UCLA and HHMI

7:05 PM DINNER IN THE MAIN BALLROOM and Presentation of the AESS Pioneer Award to Dr. Azad M Madni
8:05 PM How to Deceive Society: An Insect Masterclass
Joe Parker, California Institute of Technology

9:00 PM 9.0224 Urban Air Mobility System Testbed Using CAVE Virtual Reality Environment - Panadda Marayong
7.1103 An Approach to Magnetic Cleanliness for the Psyche Mission - Maria De Soria Santacruz Pich
13.0203 Configuration Management of the NASA Power and Propulsion Element MBSE Model(s) - Edith Parrott 2.0511 Deployed Instrument Monocular Localization on the InSight Mars Lander - Philip Bailey 11.0801 Spaceborne SAR Interferometry Exploitation for Longitudinal Ground Deformation Monitoring - Sandeep Gulati
6.0903 Graph Spectral Embedding for Parsimonious Transmission of Multivariate Time Series - Lihan Yao
7.0403 On-board and Ground-station Telemetry Architecture Design for a LEO Nano-satellite - NISHANT GUPTA
10.0515 Object-Process Model-Based Operational Viewpoint Specification for Aerospace Architectures - Yaniv Mordecai    
9:25 PM 9.0226 Assessment of Tracking Small UAS Using IR Based Laser and Monocular-Vision Pose Estimation - Minzhen Du   13.0204 Parker Solar Probe’s Approach to Mission Assurance - Jennifer Fischer 2.0519 Catenary Model of InSight SEIS Tether for Instrument Deployment - Philip Bailey 11.0603 A General Approach to Assessing the Trustworthiness of System Condition Prognostication - Volodymyr Ulanskyi 6.0905 Joint-Sparse Heterogeneous Data Fusion for Target State Estimation with Weak Signals - Ruixin Niu 7.0402 Interfacing Architecture between Telemetry and On-board Computer for a Nanosatellite - NISHANT GUPTA 4.1202 A Smart Hybrid AGC Scheme for Satellite System - Xingyu Xiang    
9:50 PM 9.0227 Lévy Flight Foraging Hypothesis-based Autonomous Large-scale Memoryless Search under Sparse Rewards - Kostas Alexis         6.0906 Joint Sparsity Aided Joint Manifold Learning for Sensor Fusion - Dan Shen   4.1203 Extreme Software Defined Radio – GHz and Gbps in Real Time - Eugene Grayver    
Thu, Mar 12 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM
4.1002 Opportunistic Arraying - Mazen Shihabi
CANCELED 8:10 Keynote: NASA’s Strategic Plan and Small Spacecraft Coordination Group - Florence Tan
2.1001 Radio-adaptation of Astronauts Due to Adaptive Responses - Lembit Sihver 2.0604 Design and Control of a Mechanical Hopping Mechanism Suited for Exploring Low-gravity Environments - Himangshu Kalita
11.07 Keynote: Enabling Human Space Exploration Success through Integrated System Modeling - Jennifer Mindock
10.0201 A Case Study Using CBR Insight to Visualize Source Code Quality - Jeremy Ludwig 9.0202 3-D Adaptive Navigation: Multirobot Formation Control for Seeking and Tracking of a Moving Source - Michael Swartwout 13.0701 Planned Deployment of the NISAR Engineering Payload Mission Testbed - Oleg Sindiy    
8:55 AM 4.1003 Mitigating Fading in Cislunar Communications: Application to the Human Landing System - Marc Sanchez Net 2.1002 Modeling Radiation Influence on Spacecraft Materials Outgassing - John Anderson
2.0606 Supervised Autonomy for Communication-degraded Subterranean Exploration by a Robot Team - Brett Lopez
11.0704 Long Term Monitoring of Respiration and CO2 Using Flexible Printed Sensors - Emil Jovanov 10.0204 Discovering Relationships among Software Artifacts - Job Champagne 9.0239 A Dispersed Autonomy Architecture for Information-Gathering Drone Swarms - Eric Frew 13.0702 Developing and Implementing a Process to Verify and Validate InSight’s Instrument Command Products - Nimisha Mittal    
9:20 AM 4.1005 A Control-Theoretic Approach to Precoding for Multicast Multibeam over Satellite - Khanh Pham 8.1002 MarCO Radio Occultation: How the First Interplanetary Cubesat Can Help Improve Future Missions - Dustin Buccino
2.1003 The RadMap Telescope on the International Space Station - Martin Losekamm
2.0608 Concept for an On-orbit Capture and Orientation Module for Potential Mars Sample Return - Paulo Younse 11.0701 Inventory of Vital Sign Changes as Indicators of Environmental Changes aboard Space Habitats - Andrew Hess 10.0205 Scientific Software Engineering: Mining Repositories to Gain Insights into BACARDI - Lynn Von Kurnatowski 9.0240 Effects of Propwash on Horizontal Tail Aerodynamics of Pusher UASs - Aaron McKinnis 13.0705 Integration & Test Challenges of Parker Solar Probe - Rosanna Smith    
9:45 AM 4.1006 Risk-Sensitive Rate Correcting for Dynamic Heterogeneous Networks: Autonomy and Resilience - Khanh Pham 8.1005 An Inter Planetary Network Enabled by Small Spacecraft - Jose Velazco
2.1004 Calculating Ionizing Doses in Geosynchronous Orbit from In-situ Particle Measurements and Models - Matthew Carver
2.0614 Dynamic Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis of Sample Capture for Potential Mars Sample Return - Paulo Younse
11.0302 Application of a Physics-of-Failure Mentality for Aerospace Health Management Systems - Homer Dewey
10.0208 Julia Programming Language Benchmark Using a Flight Simulation - Ray Sells 9.0241 A Review of Current Approaches for UAV Autonomous Mission Planning for Mars Biosignatures Detection - Fernando Vanegas Alvarez 13.0704 Security-Informed Verification for Space Systems - Carsten Maple    
10:10 AM 4.1007 Design of Nonlinear Control for Active Queue Management in TCP Satellite Communication Networks - Jing Wang
8.1006 Architecture Trades for Accessing Small Bodies with an Autonomous Small Spacecraft - Benjamin Hockman
2.1005 Can Adaptive Response and Evolution Make Survival of Extremophile Bacteria Possible on Mars? - Lembit Sihver 2.0616 Robotics System Process and Concept for On-orbit Assembly for Potential Mars Sample Return - Paulo Younse 11.0703 Submitting Formal Proposals to NASA on the “PHM for Astronauts” Project to Run on the ISS. - Alexandre Popov
12.0101 Launching a Spacecraft to the Sun: Development and Execution of the PSP Launch Countdown Procedure - Justin Hahn
9.0242 Dynamic Modeling and Flight Test Validation of an In-House Design UAS Built for Polar Research - Aaron McKinnis 13.0703 GOES-R Series EXIS Remote Monitor and Command - Tyler Redick    
10:35 AM
4.1009 Data-Driven Solutions for Digital Communications - Donna Branchevsky
8.1101 Mars Ascent Vehicle Hybrid Propulsion Configuration - Darius Yaghoubi
2.1006 GPS Constellation Energetic Particle Measurements - Matthew Carver 2.0609 Predicting Biological Cleanliness: An Empirical Bayes Approach for Spacecraft Bioburden Accounting - James Benardini
Panel 11.07 PHM for Human Health and Performnce - Alexandre Popov , Lembit Sihver , Emil Jovanov , Andrew Hess
12.0102 Parker Solar Probe: Mission Operations Challenges during Commissioning and Beyond - Nickalaus Pinkine 9.0243 Identify, Surround, and Overwhelm Enemy Drones via Cognitive Swarm of Heterogenous UAS - Jeffrey Xu 13.0706 VCC Ceres: Challenges and Lessons Learned in an Undergraduate CubeSat Project - Gustavo Gargioni    
11:00 AM
4.1010 Ensemble Clustering for Unsupervised Learning of Time Series Data Using FPGAs - John Porcello
8.1102 Mars Ascent Vehicle Solid Propulsion Configuration - Darius Yaghoubi
2.1007 Cognitive Effects of Long-term Exposure of Human Brain to Alpha Particles - Lembit Sihver
2.0610 Expectations for Backward Planetary Protection during a Mars Sample Return Campaign - Lisa Pratt 12.0103 CloudSat – Design of Hip-Hop to Increase Mission Longevity - Heidi Hallowell 9.0245 Leveraging ASTM Standard F3269-17 for Providing Safe Operations of a Highly Autonomous Aircraft - Mark Skoog 13.0708 Magnetic Levitation for Spherical Drag-free Sensor Ground Testing - Abdulrahman Alfauwaz    
11:25 AM 4.1013 Adaptive Sweeping Carrier Acquisition and Tracking for Dynamic Links with High Uplink Doppler - Marc Sanchez Net 8.1104 Guidance and Navigation Challenges for a Martian Ascent Vehicle - Dane Erickson 2.1008 An Integrated Innovative 3D Radiation Protection Fabric for Advanced Spacesuits - Cody Paige 2.0615 Designing a Methodology to Assess Human Factors Associated with Lunar Teleoperated Assembly Tasks - Arun Kumar   9.0246 Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Fractal Tetrahedron UAS Assembly - Kevin Garanger 13.0709 Validation on the Europa Clipper Mission in the Formulation Phase - Priyanka Srivastava    
11:50 AM
4.1017 Implementation of Open-Loop Radio Frequency Record Feature on the JHU/APL Frontier Radio - Adam Crifasi
    2.0602 Surviving and Operating through the Lunar Night - Andrew Petro     13.0714 Testing Early and Often: DART's End-to-end Test Strategy - Evan Smith    
1:25 PM                  
1:50 PM       PANEL 11.10: PHM from a Practitioner's Perspective - a Potpourri of Capabilities, Experiences, Issues, and Lessons Learned - Andrew Hess , Michael Houck          
2:40 PM                
3:05 PM                
3:30 PM                  
4:30 PM 10.0401 Formal Verification of Astronaut-Rover Teams for Planetary Surface Operations - Matt Webster 2.0611 Pneumatic Sampler for Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) Mission - Kris Zacny 2.1104 Efficiently Improved Guidance for Detumbling of Space Debris Using Thruster Plume Impingement - Yu Nakajima 8.0402 RxEVA: Prescribing Human Performance Exploration Limits for Surface Operations - Ryan Kobrick 11.0101 Combining Case-Based Reasoning and Self-Organizing Maps for System Anomaly Detection and Management - Sowmya Ramachandran 10.0301 An Integrated Blockchain Approach for Provenance of Rotorcraft Maintenance Data - Maria Seale 6.0701 Practical Issues and Guidelines in Handling Erroneous IFF and Associated Radar Measurements in MTT - Sampath Kumar Gogulamudi 13.0715 More than Just Numbers on a Screen: The Dynamic Telemetry Displays of Parker Solar Probe I&T - Gregory Duerr    
4:55 PM 10.0402 Are Onboard Errors/Events a Useful Proxy for Software Reliability? - Paul Wood 2.0617 PHALANX: Expendable Projectile Sensor Networks for Planetary Exploration - Michael Dille 2.1109 6-DoF Pose Estimation for Axisymmetric Objects Using Deep Learning with Uncertainty - Shintaro Hashimoto 8.0403 Tradespace Exploration of Geometry for a Spacesuit Hip Bearing Assembly - Patrick McKeen 11.0102 Leveraging PHM in Conjunction with Intelligent Scheduling to Improve Manufacturing Resilience - Robert Richards 10.0607 Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Power Allocation in High Throughput Satellites: A Comparison - Juan Jose Garau Luis 6.0702 Optimal Range for Radar Tracking of Maneuvering Targets Using Nearly Constant Velocity Filters - Per Boström Rost
5.0104 Impact of Remote Sensing Satellites Attitude Parameters on Image Quality - Tarek Mahmoud
5:20 PM 10.0403 IV&V Assurance Case Design for Artemis II - Gerek Whitman 2.0402 NASA’s Space Launch System: Launch Capability for Lunar Exploration and Transformative Science - Stephen Creech Hold for Plenary Setup 8.0404 Impact of Automation on General Aviation Rotorcraft Mishaps: A Human Factors Analysis - Mattie Milner 11.0103 Accelerating Uncertainty Propagation in Power Laws for Prognostics and Health Management - Matteo Corbetta
Electronic Presentation
10.0608 Toward an Autonomous Aerial Survey and Planning System for Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Response - Ross Allen
6.0703 Single Satellite Emitter Geolocation in the Presence of Oscillator and Ephemeris Errors - Patrick Ellis
12.0104 MER Opportunity Dust Storm Recovery Operations and Implications for Future Mars Surface Missions - Robert Nelson
5:50 PM Resurrecting Lost Landscapes: Global-scale archaeological investigations using declassified CORONA satellite imagery
Jesse Casana, Dartmouth University

8:05 PM Plenary: Exploring Past, Present, (and Future?) Habitats of Mars
Bethany Ehlmann, California Institute of Technology

9:00 PM
10.0406 Identifying Attack Surfaces in the Evolving Space Industry - Carsten Maple
2.0405 Autonomous Robot Teams for Lunar Mining Base Construction and Operation - Jekan Thangavelautham 2.1110 Performance of Space Debris Removal Satellite considering Total Thrust by Evolutionary Algorithm - Masahiro Kanazaki 8.0408 Evaluating the Effect of Spacesuit Glove Fit on Functional Task Performance - Seamus Lombardo 11.0109 Data-Driven Source Localization of Impact on Aircraft Control Surfaces - Li Ai 10.0609 Application of Sparse Identification of Nonlinear Dynamics for Physics-informed Learning - Matteo Corbetta 6.0602 Heterogeneous Measurement Selection for Vehicle Tracking Using Submodular Optimization - Matthew Kirchner      
9:25 PM   2.0407 A Feasibility Analysis of a Variable Mass Multiple Asteroid Retrieval Mission - Gustavo Gargioni
2.1112 Optimized Curvilinear Potential Field Based Multi-objective Satellite Collision Avoidance Maneuver - Tarek Mahmoud
8.0410 Trust in an Autonomous Guidance System for a Planetary Rover Task - Jamie Voros 11.0110 Tensor Train Decomposition for Data-Driven Prognosis of Fracture Dynamics in Composite Materials - Duong Pham 9.0414 Error Dynamics Based Finite-time Sliding Mode Control of Missile Latex with Autopilot Dynamics - Abhinav Kumar 6.0604 Optimal Non-Assignment Costs for the GNP Problem - John Glass      
9:50 PM   2.0409 New Constraint-Driven Mission Construct for Small Satellites and Constrained Missions - Lee Jasper  
8.0411 Evaluating Accuracy of Eye Gaze Controlled Interface in Military Aviation Environment - Jessica Marquez
11.0111 Predicting Failures in 747-8 Aircraft Hydraulic Pump Systems - Jorge Meira 9.0419 Analysis of State Estimation Drift on a MAV Using PX4 Autopilot and MEMS IMU during Dead-reckoning - Jong Tai Jang        
Fri, Mar 13 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 12.0601 Impact of Electro-Optical Visual Hindrances in Satellite Imagery - Seif Azghandi 2.0702 Ultraviolet Laser Development for Planetary Lander Missions - Molly Fahey 2.0901 Lunar Orbit Design of a Satellite Swarm for Radio Astronomy - Sung-Hoon Mok
8.0620 Development, Testing and In-Orbit Verification of a Large CFRP Helical Antenna on the AISat Mission - Tom Sproewitz
13.0601 Utilizing High Altitude Balloons as a Low-Cost CubeSat Test Platform - Hunter Hall