2019 IEEE Aerospace Conference

2019 Plenary Speakers and Abstracts Click on the Playbill thumbnail to open the PDF

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Time Speaker Playbill
Sun 05:50 PM Avi Goldfarb University of Toronto Plenary: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence
Sun 08:05 PM Daniel Lidar University of Southern California Plenary: The Impact of Quantum Computing
Mon 05:50 PM Julia R Greer California Institute of Technology Plenary: Materials by Design: 3-Dimensional Nano-Architected Meta-Materials
Mon 08:05 PM George Ricker MIT Kavli Institute Plenary: Unlocking the Secrets of Nearby Exoplanets with NASA’s TESS Mission
Wed 05:50 PM Rob Knight UC San Diego Plenary: The Earth Microbiome Project: Lessons for Exploring Complex Microbiomes Across the Planet, and Beyond
Wed 08:05 PM Steven Barrett Massachusetts Institute of Technology Plenary: The First Flight of an Airplane with Solid-State Propulsion
Thu 05:50 PM John Hibbing University of Nebraska-Lincoln Plenary: Predisposed: Liberals and Conservatives Have Deep Psychological and Physiological Differences
Thu 08:05 PM Janet Vertesi Princeton University Plenary: Seeing like a Rover, Working as a Team:  What scientific and technical teams can learn from the Mars Exploration Rover Mission