LaTeX Instructions

LaTeX/TeX Users

LaTeX users may format using the style file below and convert to PDF for submission. Contact Erica Deionno if you have questions or problems. If you do not use the IEEEAerospaceCLS.cls file found here or if you override the required paper formatting for the conference, your paper will be rejected.

The prior IEEEAerospace2010.cls file had some minor bugs now fixed.  The current CLS (link below) has updated formatting that conforms to current conference format requirements.

In converting your LaTeX file to PDF make sure that you embed all fonts. Use IEEE PDF eXpress (as described in the paper submission process on the Author’s Information page) for your final paper. This ensures an IEEE compliant PDF.

If you use LaTeX, you MUST use the .cls file approved for these proceedings

LaTeX CLS File

ZIP of example files, including a TeX file showing correct header information needed

Type 1 Postscript Fonts

The text in PostScript files that are produced by DVIPS can look awful when converted to PDF and viewed on a computer monitor with Acrobat Reader. The reason is that the PostScript output file may contain Computer Modern Roman fonts that are bit-mapped, instead of "scalable" Type 1 PostScript fonts. The printer output is of high quality, but Acrobat doesn't handle them very well for viewing on a monitor. As an aside, this problem is diminishing with recent versions of Acrobat Reader.

There is a simple way to incorporate Type 1 PostScript fonts in PDF files produced from LaTeX output. The solution involves using the appropriate option in DVIPS, "-P pdf".

This option refers to the printer configuration file. The file that specifies the default properties of the PostScript code produced by DVIPS is named in MS Windows. If the "P" or "j" options are set there, this option may not need to be set when running DVIPS. It seems that this default is becoming more prevalent.

If the above simple method doesn't work on your system, you can look at for detailed advice on how to incorporate Type 1 PostScript fonts into the PostScript or PDF files generated from LaTeX DVI files.