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Sun, Mar 5 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:25 AM                    
4:30 PM 4.1304 Cyber Safety and Security for Reduced Crew Operations - Denise Ponchak 2.0101 Diving Deeper: Exploring the Feasibility of Lowering Cassini’s Final Orbits - Erick Sturm 2.1301 Mapping a Chaser Satellite’s Feasibility Space for Soft Docking - David Sternberg 6.0701 Spatially Indexed Clustering for Scalable Tracking of Remotely Sensed Drift Ice - Jonatan Olofsson 10.0201 Evolution of Macro Capabilities and the Corresponding Update Process for the MMS S/C Cluster - Martin Wasiewicz 8.0301 Impacts of Launch Vehicle Fairing Size on Human Exploration Architectures - Sharon Jefferies
7.0801 High Efficiency, Scalable Peak Power Tracker Architecture - Martin Dennis
3.0101 Beamforming Sensitivity of Airborne Distributed Arrays to Flight Tracking and Vehicle Dynamics - Joseph Vincent    
4:55 PM 4.1301 Progress on the Development of the UAS C2 Link and Supporting Spectrum – from LOS to BLOS - Robert Kerczewski 2.0102 Designing to Sample the Unknown: Lessons from OSIRIS-REx Project Systems Engineering - David Everett 2.1302 Benefits of Plenoptic Cameras for Robot Vision during On-Orbit Servicing - Roberto Lampariello 6.0702 A Batch Processing Algorithm for Target Tracking Using Frequency Measurements - Mark Lo Presto 10.0202 Agile Methodology for Spacecraft Ground Software Development: A Cultural Shift - Kristin Wortman 8.0302 Studies on Micro Satellite Aerial Launch System - Fuad Pranoto 7.0802 In Situ Made Simple: The Planetary Object Geophysical Observer (POGO) Power System - Jonathan Neville 3.0102 Structural-Electromagnetic Simulation Coupling Tool for Airborne Antenna Arrays - Pedro Mendoza Strilchuk    
5:20 PM 4.1302 Operating a UAV Mesh & Internet Backhaul Network Using Temporospatial SDN - Brian Barritt 2.0103 Europa Clipper Proposed Mission - an Update - Todd Bayer Hold for Plenary Setup 6.0703 Game Optimal Sensor Management Strategies for Tracking Elusive Space Objects - Khanh Pham 10.0203 Flight Software Verification Methods in Frontier Radio for Solar Probe plus Mission - Katelyn Kufahl 8.0305 Space Launch System, Core Stage, Structural Test Design and Implementation - Raymond Shaughnessy 7.0805 A GaN-Based Modular Multilevel DC-DC Converter for High-Density Anode Discharge Power Modules - Ansel Barchowsky 3.0103 Manufacturing and Testing of Liquid Crystal Phase Shifters for an Electronically Steerable Array - Matthias Tebbe    
Mark Molesky, Seton Hall University

Andrea Donnellan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

9:00 PM 4.1303 Enhancing UAS Pilot Safety through Shared Terminal and Airport Shared Information - Chris Wargo 2.0104 Huygens Probe : A Retrospective and Lessons for the Future - Ralph Lorenz 2.1303 Robust Capture and Deorbit of Rocket Body Debris Using Controllable Dry Adhesion - Andrew Bylard 6.0707 Consensus-Based Distributed Sensor Management for Space Object Tracking - Genshe Chen 10.0204 Development of an OpenGL Stall Recovery System in a Restricted-Resource Boeing 737 Simulator - Alexander Troshchenko 8.0308 Energetic Composite Solid Propellants - Shridutta Banerjee 7.1103 A System on Chip Platform for Earth and Planetary Laser Spectrometers - Gregory Flesch      
9:25 PM 4.1305 Spectrally Shaped Filter Bank Multicarrier Systems for L-Band Aeronautical Communication Systems - Hosseinali Jamal 2.0105 High Power Solar Electric Propulsion and the Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission (ARRM) - John Brophy 2.1304 3D Reconstruction in Orbital Proximity Operations - Martin Dziura 6.0708 Interacting Multiple Model Unscented Filter for Tracking a Ballistic Missile during Its Boost Phase - Simone Battistini   8.0307 Space Launch System: Enabler for Scientific and Human Exploration Missions - Ben Donahue 7.1104 PROMPT: Responsive Observation Methodology from Call-Up and Launch - Toshihiro Obata 3.0105 Spurious Modes and the Wideband Application of the N-Arm Spiral to Direction Estimation - Robert Penno    
9:50 PM   2.0107 International Challenges for GRACE Follow-On - Phillip Morton   6.0709 Maneuvering Vehicle Tracking with Bayesian Changepoint Detection - Matthew Kirchner     7.1106 Radiation Hardening by Software Techniques on FPGAs: Flight Experiment Evaluation and Results - Andrew Schmidt 3.0106 Systematic Characterization of Element Coupling in High-Directivity Antenna Arrays - Abbas Omar    
Mon, Mar 6 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 4.0601 Design Options for Small Satellite Communications - Craig Benson 10.0901 NSF GENI Cloud Enabled Architecture for Distributed Scientific Computing - Tae Hwang 2.0601 Brushing Your Hardware’s Teeth: Biological Reduction Processes for Planetary Protection Missions - D.E. (Betsy) Pugel 13.0101 Formal Specification and Analysis Approaches for Satellite Attitude Control Requirements - Kerianne Gross 8.0903 A Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (MMRTG) for Mars 2020 - James Werner 2.0504 Surface Mobility on Ocean Worlds - Hari Nayar 7.0102 SpaceFibre Network and Routing Switch - Steve Parkes 9.0401 New Insights for Applications of Kreisselmeier's Structure in Robust and Fault Tolerant Control - Karl Kienitz 10.0303 Software Architecture and Design of the Kontur-2 Mission - Martin Stelzer  
8:55 AM 4.0602 Novel Use of Photovoltaics for Backup Spacecraft Laser Communication - Jekan Thangavelautham 10.0902 Microservices Based Software Architecture and Approaches - Kapil Bakshi 2.0602 The Evolution of Planetary Protection Implementation on Mars Missions - Gayane Kazarians 13.0103 Cleared for Launch - Lessons Learned from the OSIRIS-REx System Requirements Verification Program - Craig Stevens 8.0910 Dynamic Radioisotope Power System Development for Space Exploration - Louis Qualls 2.0510 Jumping Mechanism for Small Jumping Robots to Explore Low Gravity Planet and Satellite - Kent Yoshikawa 7.0103 A Prototype SpaceVPX Lite (VITA 78.1) System Using SpaceFibre for Data and Control Planes - Steve Parkes 9.0403 On Probability Collectives for Distributed Control Allocation - Christopher Elliott  
Hold for Private Meeting
9:20 AM 4.0603 Tracking GPS Orbits Using KAM Theory - Abdul Manarvi
2.0108 Sentinels at the Crossroad? - Guido Levrini
2.0603 Analysis of Alternative Energy Harvesting Methods to Power Atmospheric Robotic Explorers on Jupiter - Adrian Stoica
13.0104 Structural Design and Analysis of a Small Earth Remote Sensing Satellite - Wessam Hussein
8.0908 Milli-watt Radioisotope Power to Enable Small, Long-Term Robotic “Probe” Space Exploration - Poyan Bahrami 12.0101 Systems Engineering Challenges for GSFC Space Science Mission Operations - Julie Halverson 7.0104 Heterogeneous High Performance Computing Modules for Next Generation Onboard Processing - Joseph Marshall 9.0405 Validation of Control Algorithm Using Formal Methods - Sushan Sheregar 10.0305 NanoSat MO Framework: When OBSW Turns into 'Apps' - César Coelho
9:45 AM 4.0605 Optimizing the Parameters of Turbo Product Codes Using Genetic Algorithms - Ashraf Mahran 2.0109 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Landing Site Reconnaissance Process - Martin Brennan 2.0605 Concepts for Mars On-Orbit Robotic Sample Capture and Transfer - Rudranarayan Mukherjee 13.0107 Constructing EVT-Based Confidence Bounds Using Bootstrapping - Jordan Larson 8.0901 Update on 241Am Production for Use in Radioisotope Power Systems - Tim Tinsley 12.0104 Lessons Learned from Osiris_REx Autonomous Navigation Using Natural Feature Tracking - David Lorenz 7.0202 Adaptive Compression Schemes for Housekeeping Data - Jan Gerd Meß 9.0306 Predictability, Variability and Operational Feasibility Aspect of CDA - Priyank Pradeep 10.0306 Data Processing Unit Using COTS Micro-controllers Working in Redundancy - Vanderlei Parro
10:10 AM 4.0606 Inflatable Antenna for CubeSats: A New Spherical Design for Increased X-band Gain - Alessandra Babuscia 2.0110 The COWVR Mission: Demonstrating the Capability of Small Satellite Weather Sensors - Shannon Brown 2.0606 Technologies for Mars On-Orbit Robotic Sample Capture and Transfer Concept - Rudranarayan Mukherjee 13.0802 Extravehicular Activity Operations Concepts under Communication Latency and Bandwidth Constraints - Kara Beaton 8.0902 Steps in the Development of Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Fuels - James Werner 12.0105 Adapting the MMS CFDP Implementation Post Launch - Martin Wasiewicz 7.0204 Implementation of an Integrated Avionics Unit for a Space Vehicle - Patrick Phelan 9.0308 LOC-S: Improved Model and Control Algorithm for a Stall Recovery On-board Avionics System - Tiziano Bernard 10.0309 Exploration of TMR Fault Masking with Persistent Threads on Tegra GPU SoCs - Andrew Milluzzi
10:35 AM 4.0607 Telecommunication System Design for Interplanetary CubeSat Missions: LunaH-Map - Alessandra Babuscia 2.0111 Psyche: Journey to a Metal World. Exploring the Solar System with Commercial SEP - Peter Lord 2.0607 Sample Preservation for Sample Return Missions Using the MMEEV Design - Stergios Papadakis 13.0803 Mars Ascent Vehicle Sizing, Habitability, and Commonality in NASA’s Evolvable Mars Campaign - Michael Gernhardt 8.0907 Validating a Model to Predict the Chemistry of the Fuel Used in Radioisotope Power Systems - Chris Whiting 12.0107 Cassini Grand Finale Mission: Planning for a New Mission Environment - Nancy Vandermey 7.0502 SpaceCubeX: A Framework for Evaluating Hybrid Multi-Core CPU/FPGA/DSP Architectures - Andrew Schmidt
14.01 PANEL: CANCELED. Competition Robotics for Education and Workforce Development
10.0304 A Planetary Defense Architecture for Mitigating Potential NEO Impacts - Yongyao Jiang
11:00 AM 4.0610 The Universal Space Transponder: A Next Generation Software Defined Radio - Igor Kuperman 2.0113 Data Production on past and Future NASA Missions - Travis Imken 2.0608 An Automaton Rover Enabling Long Duration In-Situ Science in Extreme Environments - Jonathan Sauder 6.0201 3D Mapping by Active Stereo Sensor on Sampling Mission of Asteroid Surface - Junji Kikuchi
8.0906 NASA’s Kilopower Reactor Development and the Path to Higher Power Missions - Marc Gibson
  7.0901 Cold Testing of Conductive Bridging Random Access Memory for Space Applications - Srinivasa Bhattaru    
11:25 AM 4.0401 Relay Support to the ESA Schiaparelli Lander - Charles Edwards 2.0114 Energy Management Operations for the InSight Solar-powered Mission at Mars - Michael Lisano 2.0609 Reflector Placement for Providing Near-Continuous Solar Power to Robots in Shackleton Crater - Adrian Stoica
6.0204 Smear Effect on High Resolution Remote Sensing Satellite Image Quality - Abbas Omar
11:50 AM 4.0402 Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) Update and the Path towards Optical Relay Operations - David Israel 2.0115 Capsulation Satellite or CapSat: A Low Cost Reliable Rapid Response Spacecraft Platform - Joe Burt 2.0610 TransFormers for Lunar Extreme Environments: Large Origami Deployable Solar Reflectors - Adrian Stoica
12.0404 Integration of an Earth-Based Science Team during Human Exploration of Mars - Steven Chappell
1:00 PM
14.08 PANEL: From Earth Reliant To The Proving Ground - Greg Williams
2:40 PM 14.09 PANEL: NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Program - Alvin Yew         Speaker Practice Room 2-4PM A Presentation on Presentation Skills - Monica Panno      
4:30 PM 4.0201 Maximizing Data Return for the Europa Lander: A Trade Study in the Application of CCSDS Protocols - William Van Besien 8.01 Keynote: Progress Toward Human Exploration Beyond LEO - Greg Williams 8.14 Keynote: From the Pre-Astronauts to Stratollites - Taber Mac Callum 10.0603 Classification of Multi-failure Mechanisms in Space Operations Using Novel PLS-DA Approach - Bassem Nassar 3.0401 A Decade of Astrometric Observations of Cassini: Past Results and Future Prospects - Dayton Jones 6.0710 Video Extraction and Tracking of Mobile Targets with a Camera - Dann Laneuville 2.0701 Molecular Analyzer for Complex Refractory Organic-rich Surfaces - Xiang Li   3.0301 High Efficiency 25 Watt GaN X-Band SSPA for Deep Space Missions - Avinash Sharma  
4:55 PM 4.0202 Outer Planets Proximity Link Protocol - Erika Sanchez 8.0106 An Extensible and Affordable Exploration Architecture - Travis Moseman 8.1402 A Sub-Arcsecond Pointing Stability Fine Stage for a High Altitude Balloon Platform - Laura Jones Wilson 10.0604 SOFIA Observatory Automated Scheduling after 5 Years of Operations - Thomas Civeit 3.0402 The Search for Exoplanets Using Ultra-long Wavelength Radio Astronomy - Mark Bentum 6.0711 Tracking of Streaking Targets in Video Frames - Andrew Finelli 2.0702 Small Body In-Situ Multi-Probe Mass Estimation Experiment (SIMMEE) - Ryan Mitch 13.0403 The Epic Chronicle of Designing Cassini's Titan Flyby Altitudes - David Seal 3.0308 Novel Structures for RF MEMS Switch - Ahmed Khairy  
5:20 PM 4.0204 DTN Leads the International Space Station Payload Operation in Advanced Exploration - Brett Willman 8.0101 Accomplishing NASA’s Proving Ground Objectives - Marshall Smith Hold for Plenary Setup 10.0605 Multilateral Quality Mission Planning for Solar-Powered Long-Endurance UAV - Jane Jean Kiam 3.0403 Ultra-Wideband Receiver Package for the North American Array - Jose Velazco 6.0712 Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filter for Turn Rate Estimation - Andreas Flåten 2.0703 Towards In-situ Sequencing for Life Detection - Christopher Carr 13.0407 Integrated Flight System Analysis Model for Solar Sailing SmallSats - Travis Imken    
Erich Jarvis, Rockefeller Universty/Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Laura Shackelford, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

9:00 PM 4.05 SPACE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS ROUNDTABLE: Networking the Solar System - Charles Edwards 8.0102 NASA’s Deep-Space Habitation Strategy - Jason Crusan 8.1403 A Coordinated Balloon Observation System for Sustained In-Situ Measurements of Tropical Cyclones - Gianluca Meneghello 10.0606 Autonomously Controlling Flexible Timelines: From Domain-independent Planning to Robust Execution - Tiago Nogueira
3.0404 Juno Gravity Science: Preparing for Data Collection at Jupiter - Dustin Buccino
6.0713 Gaussian Mixture Modeling for Bistatic Measurements - Benjamin Davis 2.0707 In Situ Gas Sensing with a 100 GHz CMOS Spectrometer - Alexander Raymond 13.0701 Cultivating a Grassroots Aerospace Innovation Culture at NASA Ames Research Center - Sarah D'souza    
9:25 PM 8.0103 Low-Latency Teleoperations and Telepresence for the Evolvable Mars Campaign - Mark Lupisella 8.1401 ¬¬World View Stratospheric Ballooning: Research and Commercial Applications - Alan Stern 10.0608 Satellite Stem Cells: The Benefits and Overheads of Reliable, Multicellular Architectures - Christopher Bridges 3.0406 Calibrating the OLFAR Space-Based Radio Telescope Using a Weighted Alternating LS Approach - Pieter Van Vugt 6.0714 Design of IMM Estimators with Nearly Constant Velocity Modes for Tracking Maneuvering Targets - Terry Ogle 6.0302 Temperature Emissivity Separation Using Optimized Atmospheric Water Band Regions - Shelli Cone 13.0703 Strengthening Innovation at NASA Ames Research Center by Encouraging Prototyping and Collaboration - Arash Alex Mazhari    
9:50 PM 8.0401 Responsive Environmental Assessment Commercially Hosted (REACH) Demonstration - Doug Holker
8.1404 First High Altitude Balloon Flight of SSIPP - Jedediah Diller
10.0610 FPGA Architecture for Deep Learning and Its Application to Planetary Robotics - Jekan Thangavelautham 3.0407 Frequency Smearing in Full 3D Interferometry - Pieter Van Vugt   6.0304 Characterization of the Teledyne CHROMA HgCdTe Detector for Imaging Spectrometers - Peter Sullivan 13.0507 Five Pillars of Enterprise Portfolio Planning - Dean Bucher    
Tue, Mar 7 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 4.0302 UHF Telecommunications Design for an Asteroid Lander Mission Concept - Ryan Hearty
10.0104 3-D Joukowski to Elliptic Wing Mapping - Maria Ramos Gonzalez
8.0104 Human Cargo Resupply Logistics Using 150 kW SEP Tug Cyclers - Ryan Woolley 2.0502 Spherical Planetary Robot for Rugged Terrain Traversal - Jekan Thangavelautham 2.1101 Experimental Investigation of Lunar Dust Impact Wear for Different Grain Sizes and Impact Angles - Christian Bühler 8.1204 Radioisotope Power System-based Enceladus SmallSat Mission Concept: Enceladus Express - Brian Bairstow 7.1302 Geometry Characterization of Electroadhesion Samples for Spacecraft Docking Application - Mikela Ritter 3.0202 A Novel Fuzzy B-Spline Neural Network and Applied into Mobile Satcom Antenna - Xiaolei Zhang    
8:55 AM 4.0305 Towards Star Tracker Geolocation for Planetary Navigation - Ilija Jovanovic 10.0105 An Advanced High Performance Replacement for SINDA - Joseph Vander Veer 8.0107 Mars Base Camp: An Architecture for Sending Humans to Mars by 2028 - Timothy Cichan 2.0503 Rocket-propelled Exploration Robot : Shooting Scouter, Concept and Evaluation of Flight Dynamics - Nobutaka Tanishima 2.1102 Preliminary Design of a Small Tracking RADAR for LEO Space Objects - Giovanni Pecoraro   7.1306 Performance Characterization of Optical Module Designed for Space Applications - Miles Darnell 3.0503 Two Antenna Arrays for Remote Sensing Applications - Ramila Shrestha    
9:20 AM 4.0307 Production of a Flight Qualified Ka-band Multi-chip Module for the Solar Probe plus Mission - Daniel Matlin 10.0106 Fuzzy Optimal Control Approach in Low-Thrust Orbit Transfer Problem - Amirreza Kosari
8.0108 Human Mars EDL Pathfinder Study: Assessment of Technology Development Gaps and Mitigations - Joseph Olejniczak
2.0501 Robot Tendrils: Long, Thin Continuum Robots for Inspection in Space Operations - Paul Yanik 2.1105 Development of a Family of Scalable Drag Augmentation Systems - Chiara Palla 8.1208 Autonomous Navigation -Accomodating Pulsar Based Navigation System in Small-Micro Class Satellites - Shanmukh Rsg 7.1307 Manufacturing Methodology Enhancements for Space Systems Hardware Fabrication - Christine Miranda 3.0504 High Density Packaging Technologies for RF Electronics in Small Satellites - Fernando Aguirre    
9:45 AM 4.0308 A Radial Line Slot Array Antenna for Deep Space Missions - Matthew Bray   8.0109 Mission & Design Sensitivities for Human Mars Landers Using HIAD - Tara Polsgrove 2.0505 Long Reach Sampling System for Ocean Worlds - Hari Nayar 2.1107 PocketQube Deorbit Times: Susceptibility to the Solar Cycle - Patrick Harkness 8.0804 Performance Enhancement of a Long-Life, Low-Power Hall Thruster for Deep-Space Smallsats - Ryan Conversano 7.1308 Geosynchronous Space Video Systems - Rick Voreck 11.14 PANEL: PHM from a Practitioner’s Perspective – a Potpourri of Capabilities, Experiences, and Lessons Learned - Derek De Vries , Wolfgang Fink , Andrew Hess , Charles Crabb , Morteza Safai , Robert Richards , Mark Walker , Bernard Laskowski    
10:10 AM 4.0101 A Trilateration Scheme for Relative Positioning - Kar Ming Cheung   8.0110 Human Mars Mission Design Study Utilizing the Adaptive Deployable Entry and Placement Technology - Alan Cassell 2.0506 BiBlade Sampling Tool Validation for Comet Surface Environments - Paul Backes 2.1111 The New Horizons Pluto Fly-by Dust Hazard Assessment Process - Douglas Mehoke 6.0401 Race to Alaska Vessel Imaging Test - Gregory Carbott 7.1309 Internal Radio-Frequency Instrumentation System: RFID-Enabled Wireless Vehicle Instrumentation - Raymond Wagner    
10:35 AM 4.0701 Collaborative Indoor Navigation for Emergency Services Personnel - Aiden Morrison   8.0111 A Water Rich Mars Surface Mission Scenario - Stephen Hoffman 2.0507 Penetration Mechanics Modeling & Validation of Blade Implements into Porous, Brittle Comet Simulant - Paul Backes 2.1112 Interplanetary Dust Particle Shielding Capability of Blanketed Spacecraft Honeycomb Structure - Kaushik Iyer 6.0402 Doppler Approach to Radar Pulse Train Deinterleaving - Hanna Witzgall      
11:00 AM     8.0112 An Architecture for Sustainable Human Exploration of Mars Enabled by Water from the Lunar Poles - Brian Wilcox 2.0508 A Microspine Tool: Grabbing and Anchoring to Boulders on the Asteroid Redirect Mission - Aaron Parness          
11:25 AM       2.0509 Development of Venus Drill - Kris Zacny          
12:00 PM LUNCH in the HUNTLEY DINING ROOM 12:00 - 1:30
1:00 PM     Jr Engineering & Science Conference 1-4 PM

Wed, Mar 8 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 14.03 PANEL: Emerging Technologies for Mars Exploration - Charles Edwards 2.0611 An Investigation of Potential Solutions for Jupiter-Based Aerostatic Robotic Explorers. - Virgil Adumitroaie 13.0301 Cross-Cutting Risk Framework: Mining Data for Common Risks across the Portfolio - Gerald Klein 8.1101 An Update on the OpenOrbiter I Mission - Jeremy Straub 9.0201 Autonomous Dynamic Soaring UAV for Distributed Mobile Sensors - Mark Boslough 2.0301 Passive Earth Entry Vehicle Landing Test - Sotiris Kellas 4.0902 An SDR-based Reconfigurable Multicarrier Transceiver for Terrestrial and Satellite Communications - Claudio Sacchi 10.0501 Developing a CubeSat Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) Reference Model – Interim Status #3 - David Kaslow    
8:55 AM 2.0613 Organic and Inorganic Contamination Control Approaches for Return Sample Investigation on Mars 2020 - Lauren White 13.0302 How the Identification of the Crew Activity Can Improve the Flight Safety Analysis? - Nicolas Maille 8.1102 Design of a Solar Panel Deployment and Tracking System for PocketQube Pico-Satellite - Patrick Harkness 9.0203 Preliminary Design of UAV Recovery System Utilizing GSM Network - Fuad Pranoto 2.0302 ADEPT Sounding Rocket One (SR-1) Flight Experiment Overview - Paul Wercinski 4.0903 CDMA Communication System for Mars Areostationary Relay Satellite - Alessandra Babuscia 10.0502 Model-Transformation-Based Computational Design Synthesis for Mission Architecture Optimization - Sebastian Herzig    
9:20 AM 2.0614 Science Objectives and Rover Design for a Limbed Comet Rover Mission Concept - Aaron Parness 13.0303 How to Reduce Russia and China Concerns with Missile Defense - Larry Chasteen 8.1103 Software Defined Radio Baseband Processing for ESA ESEO Mission - Christopher Bridges 9.0204 Visual Servoing of a Quadrotor with Suspended Slung Load for Object Detection and Tracking - Luis Gonzalez 2.0303 A Historical Summary of the Design, Development, and Analysis of the Disk-Gap-Band Parachute - Ian Clark 4.0905 Improving Deep Space Telecommunications during Solar Superior Conjunctions - Stefano Finocchiaro 10.0507 Generating Real-Time Robotics Control Software from SysML - Hari Nayar    
9:45 AM 14.10 PANEL: Astronaut - Robot Cooperation - Steven Chappell , Michael Gernhardt , Kara Beaton , Matthew Miller , John Ratti 2.0622 Active Electrostatic Flight for Airless Bodies - Masahiro Ono 13.0304 Seeking Advice from Experts: A Cautionary Tale - Robin Dillon Merrill 8.1104 Utilizing Small Launch Vehicles for Multiple Small Payload Missions - Marissa Stender 9.0206 Imaging of Earthquake Faults Using Small UAVs as a Pathfinder for Air and Space Observations - Andrea Donnellan 2.0304 Development of Models for DGB Parachutes Deployed Supersonically in the Wake of a Slender Body - Clara O'farrell 4.0906 Multi-Rate Modulation for Cognitive Radio over Land Mobile Satellite Channel - Maurizio Murroni 10.0508 A Probabilistic Time Variant Sensor Accuracy Model and GUI for Aerospace Applications - Amir Liaghati    
10:10 AM 2.0617 A Deep Subsurface Ice Probe for Europa - Brian Wilcox 13.0305 System Risk Identification Methodology for Cost-effective Sustainment of Products and Services - Ingrid Guch 8.1105 Signal of Opportunity Ranging for CubeSats - Joel Runnels 9.0207 Use Case Driven Approach for Ontology-based Modeling of Reconnaissance Resources On-board UAVs - Denis Smirnov 2.0305 The Use of Steerable Single-Actuator Cruciform Parachute for Targeted Payload Return - Travis Fields 4.0907 Modeling Satellite Vehicle Passive Intermodulation (PIM) - Srinivasa Raghavan 10.0509 Robust Software Development for University-Built Satellites - Anton Ivanov    
10:35 AM 2.0618 Martian Fetch: Finding and Retrieving Sample-Tubes on the Surface of Mars - Jeremie Papon 13.0308 Opportunities and Challenges for Formal Methods Tools in the Certification of Avionics Software - Devesh Bhatt 8.1106 A Reliability Estimation Tool for Reducing Infant Mortality in CubeSat Missions - Martin Langer 9.0209 Autonomous Detection and Classification of Change Using Aerial Robots - Christos Papachristos 2.0307 Comet Surface Sample Return: Sample Chain System Overview - Douglas Adams 4.0909 Modified Adaptive Viterbi Algorithm for Convolutional Codes Decoding - Ashraf Mahran 10.0510 A Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach to Design Automation of SUAS - Zachary Fisher    
11:00 AM 14.04 PANEL: Mission Options and Technologies for Human Exploration - Lyndon Bridgwater , Robert Ambrose 2.0620 Energetics of Rotary-wing Exploration of Titan - Ralph Lorenz 13.0310 Intelligent Scheduling at NASA: Application to Ground Operations at Kennedy Space Center - Robert Richards 8.1109 CubeSat Flight System Development for Enabling Deep Space Science - Travis Imken 9.0212 A Passive Cloud Detection System for UAV: Weather Situation Mapping with Imaging Sensors - Franziska Funk 2.0306 Powered Descent Guidance Strategy and Algorithms for Mars Landing Using Supersonic Retropropulsion - Joel Benito 4.0910 Group Property of P4, K4, and NR16 Error Correction Codes - Gregory Mayhew 10.0520 Extension of MBSE for Project Programmatics Management on the Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission - Oleg Sindiy    
11:25 AM
2.0621 The Evolution of an Orbiting Sample Container for Potential Mars Sample Return - Scott Perino
13.0311 Modeling Risk Perception for Mars Rover Supervisory Control before and after Wheel Damage - Masahiro Ono 8.1111 Limitations of Scaling Momentum Control Strategies to Small Spacecraft - Brett Streetman
9.0214 Multi-Mission Ultra-Long Duration Stratosphere Platform: Potential, Capacity and Limitation Study - Abou Bakr Elhady
2.0308 Experimental Verification of Pulsed Electrostatic Manipulation for Reentry Blackout Alleviation - Siddharth Krishnamoorthy   10.0515 A Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Approach for Defining the Behaviors of CubeSats - David Kaslow    
11:50 AM   13.0312 Spacecraft Power Distribution Unit Test System Re-Use: Advantages, Pitfalls and Challenges - Sarah Bucior   9.0215 UAV Tracking and following a Ground Target under Motion and Localisation Uncertainty - Luis Gonzalez 2.0309 Raising TRL of IPSIS Hazard Avoidance Piloting Algorithm through Hardware Implementation - João Malés        
1:00 PM 14.02 PANEL: Technology Development for Science-Driven Missions - Patricia Beauchamp             10.04 PANEL: Software Architecture. - Kristin Wortman    
2:40 PM           Speaker Practice Room 2-4PM
12.0 PANEL: Heroic Moments in Mission Operations: The role of people, systems, and processes. - Carlos Gomez Rosa
4:30 PM 4.1001 A Multi-User System with Power-Layered Data Streams and Iterative Interference Cancelation - Lukas Grinewitschus 2.02 Keynote: The Discovery Mission concept “Veritas” - Suzanne Smrekar 12.0401 Affordable Manufacturing and Test Operations at KSC to Support the Orion Flight Test Program - Richard Harris 5.0101 On-orbit Measurement of ISS Vibrations during OPALS Extended Mission Operations - Bogdan Oaida
2.0310 Agile Prototype Development for a Small Lunar Lander - Christopher Covert
6.0802 State Estimation Using Gaussian Process Regression for Colored Noise Systems - Kyuman Lee 10.0518 Toward Requirements Engineering Tool Design of Cyber-Physical Systems: Modeling CubeSat - Jeremy Straub 11.1101 Machine Learning for Improved Diagnosis and Prognosis in Healthcare - Sreerupa Das    
4:55 PM 4.1002 Stochastic Power Controls for Distributed Pulse-Coupled Synchronization - Khanh Pham 2.0203 DAVINCI: Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble Gases, Chemistry, and Imaging - Colby Goodloe 12.0402 The Seed Colony Model: An Approach for Colonizing Space - Timothy Disher 5.0109 FTIR Instrument Design for the Outer Solar System Atmospheric Studies - Peter Sullivan 8.1003 Fast, Lightweight Autonomy through an Unknown Cluttered Environment - Steve Paschall 6.0805 Memory Fading Unscented Kalman Filter and Its Application in Navigation by Stellar Refraction - Fan Si 10.0519 Transitioning Model Based Systems Engineering to Onboard Spacecraft Electronics - Joseph Marshall 11.1104 Mutual Information-based Heartbeat Similarity Measurement for Crew Health Monitoring in Space - Kemeng Chen    
5:20 PM 4.1003 Performance Characterization of a Multiplexed Space-to-Ground Optical Network - Marc Sanchez Net 2.0201 Lunarport: A Proposed Lunar-Resource Station to Expand Deep-Space Travel Horizons - Ilana Gat Hold for Plenary Setup 5.0106 The High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) Payload - Paul Muri 8.1004 A Vision-aided Inertial Navigation System for Agile, High-speed Flight in Unmapped Environments - Ted Steiner 6.0807 On-board Parameter Learning Using a Model Reference Adaptive Position and Attitude Controller - Antonio Teran Espinoza 10.0514 Model-Based Approach to Rover Health Assessment for Increased Productivity - Ksenia Kolcio Prather 11.1103 System Based Monitoring of a Neuromusculoskeletal System Using Divide and Conquer Type Models - Dragan Djurdjanovic    
Nergis Mavalvala, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Heidi Hammel, Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy

9:00 PM
4.1004 Experimental Results for a Narrowband Full Duplex Communications System - Eugene Grayver
2.0204 Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment (SunRISE) - Farah Alibay 12.0403 Minerva: User-Centered Science Operations Software Capability for Future Human Exploration - Jessica Marquez 5.0107 Enabling Technologies for High Slew Rate Star Trackers - Laila Kazemi 8.1005 Smoothing-Based Estimation of an Inspector Satellite Trajectory Relative to a Passive Object - David Sternberg 6.0808 Initial Relative-Orbit Determination Using Heterogeneous TDOA - Andrew Sinclair 9.0101 Wing Bug: A Portable, Low-Cost Flight Test Instrumentation System - Brian Kish 10.0702 User Studies of a Head Mounted Display for SAR-Teleoperation of UAVs via Satellite Link - Maximilian Prexl    
9:25 PM 4.1005 Designing and Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms for Advanced Communications Using FPGAs - John Porcello 2.0210 Inequality between Gravitational and Inertial Masses: Suggested Experiment on the Earth’s Orbit - Andrei Lebed   5.0108 Meta-shell Approach for Constructing Lightweight and High Resolution X-Ray Optics - Ryan Mc Clelland     9.0102 A New Temperature Correction Algorithm for FAA Engine Cooling Tests - Brian Kish 10.0704 Using Supervised Learning to Compensate for High Latency in Planetary Exploration - Andrew Jones    
9:50 PM 4.1006 Very Low Rate Coded Laser Communications for Noise-Limited Space Optical Channels - Kar Ming Cheung 5.0301 High Efficiency Broadband Liquid Crystal Polymer Vector Vortex Waveplates - Nelson Tabiryan
3.0104 Additive Manufacturing and Phased Arrays – Applications and Benefits of a New Capability - Michael Kranz
Thu, Mar 9 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 14.07 PANEL: Model-based Engineering – Paradigm Shift or Business as Usual? - Sanda Mandutianu 2.1202 Optimizing Search Strategies for near Earth Objects - Lessons Learned from Pan-STARRS1 - Richard Wainscoat 13.0313 A Virtual Laboratory Approach for Aerospace Electronics Trust Assurance - Doug Palmer 8.0602 Characterization of Variability Sources Associated with Measuring Inspired CO2 in Spacesuits - Omar Bekdash
9.0216 A UAV System for Autonomous Target Detection and Gas Sensing - Luis Gonzalez
7.1212 Landmark-based Optical Navigation Using Nanosatellite Star Trackers - Harry Zhang 8.0705 Mars 2020 Sampling and Caching Subsystem Environmental Development Testing and Preliminary Results - Lauren Chu 12.0203 IT Preparations for the Pluto Encounter from Mission Operations to Science Retrieval - Gabrielle Griffith    
8:55 AM 2.1203 Measurement Strategy of the Momentum Enhancement Factor for Very Small Near-Earth-Objects - Simon Delchambre 13.0201 Mission Operations Cost Estimation Tool (MOCET) - Marc Hayhurst 8.0603 Practical Applications of Cables and Ropes in the ISS Countermeasures System - Randall Svetlik 9.0219 Rapid Design and Manufacturing of Task-Specific Autonomous Paragliders Using 3D Printing - Dominique Meyer 7.1202 A Novel Compact High Sensitive GNSS Receiver for High-Altitude Satellite Navigation - Xiaoliang Wang 8.0706 Precision Cleaning Samples for Science Analysis Using a Gas-Based Dust Removal Tool - Elizabeth Jens 12.0204 NASA's Initiative to Improve Operations Planning - David Seal    
9:20 AM 2.1205 Directed Energy Stand-Off Molecular Composition Analysis - Gary Hughes 13.0202 Enhancing Weapon System Initial Cost Estimate Credibility with Advanced Tools - Patrick Malone 8.0501 Selecting for Long-Duration Exploration Missions: Implications of Personality - Emily Anania 9.0220 Low Cost, High Endurance, Altitude-Controlled Latex Balloon for Near-Space Research (ValBal) - Andrey Sushko 7.1215 Star Recognition Based on Mixed Star Pattern and Multilayer SOM Neural Network - Ye Wang 8.0709 Full Scale Thermal Simulator Development for the Solar Probe plus Thermal Protection System - Elizabeth Heisler 12.0205 STEREO Superior Solar Conjunction Mission Phase - Daniel Ossing    
9:45 AM 4.1101 ARIADNE: Accurate Visual Marker Based Rapid Initialization of PPP - Keisuke Watanabe 2.1206 Multi-Organization – Multi-Discipline Effort Developing a Mitigation Concept for Planetary Defense - Ronald Leung 13.0203 Navigating an Earned Value Management Validation Led by NASA - Howard Hunter
8.0502 Spacecraft Optimization Layout and Volume (SOLV): Development of a Model to Assess Habitable Volume - Maijinn Chen
9.0221 Performance Prediction and Selection of Aerial Perception Functions during UAV Missions - Christian Hellert 7.1204 Spacecraft Reorientation Control with Attitude and Velocity Constrains - Chengfei Yue 8.0710 Ground Based Test Verification of a Nonlinear Vibration Isolation System for Cryocoolers - Christian Smith 12.0206 Horizon Detection for Mars Surface Operations - Stephanie Oij    
10:10 AM 4.1102 Phase Scintillation Decorrelation Impact on Multi-Frequency Users - Aiden Morrison 2.1208 HEAT: Image and Database Browser for the Thermal Imager on Hayabusa2 - Ken Endo 13.0206 Implementing Activity-Based Metrics to Manage Ground System Sustainment Cost and Schedule - Andrew Royle 8.0503 Developing Skills: A Training Method for Long-Duration Exploration Missions - Timothy Disher 9.0222 Towards Bio-Inspired Structural Design of 3D Printable, Ballistically Deployable, Multi-Rotor UAVs - Luke Henderson 7.1214 Radiometric Actuators for Precise Pointing of CubeSat Telescopes - Ravi Teja Nallapu 8.0711 Europa Mission Configuration Update to Accommodate Maturing Instrument Designs - Alexander Eremenko
12.0503 From Simple to Complex: NASA Juno's Changing Science Planning Process - Amy Hale
10:35 AM 4.1103 Multicorrelator Signal Tracking and Signal Quality Monitoring for GNSS with Extended Kalman Filter - Andreas Iliopoulos 2.1210 The Effects of Constrained Electric Propulsion on Gravity Tractors for Planetary Defense - Shawn Johnson 13.0208 Early Warning Look Ahead Metrics: The Percent Milestone Backlog Metric - Stephen Shinn 8.0504 Analysis of a Wearable, Multi-modal Information Presentation Device for Obstacle Avoidance - Alison Gibson 9.0225 Multi-target Tracking and Data Association on Road Networks Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Brett Barkley 7.1217 Singularity Analysis and Configuration Optimization of Two SGCMGs - Chengfei Yue 8.0712 Robotically Assembled Aerospace Structures: Digital Material Assembly Using a Gantry-Type Assembler - Greenfield Trinh 12.0502 Science Planning and Commanding for Jupiter - David La Vallee    
11:00 AM 4.0804 Optimal Location of Optical Ground Stations to Serve LEO Spacecraft - Inigo Del Portillo 2.1212 Small Spacecraft in Small Solar System Body Applications - Jan Gerd Meß 13.0209 Progression of the NASA Flight Software Estimation Model: A Web-Based Cost Analysis Tool - James Johnson 8.0505 Functional Integration of Humans and Spacecraft through Physics, Physiology, Safety and Operability - David Klaus 9.0227 Waypoint-to-waypoint Energy-efficient Path Planning for Multi-copters - Nirmal Kumbhare   8.0714 Release System for Deployable Micro Satellites - Calvin Kee 12.0501 Future of ISS Payload Autonomous Operations - James Cornelius    
11:25 AM 4.0805 Characterizing Deficiencies of Path-Based Routing for Wireless Multi-Hop Networks - Gregory Kuperman 2.1213 AIDA DART Electric Propulsion Trade - Justin Atchison 13.0210 Datamining Turbofan Engine Performance to Improve Fuel Efficiency - Jerome Lacaille 8.0506 Increasing Crew Autonomy for Long Duration Exploration Missions: Self-Scheduling - Jessica Marquez
9.0228 Modelling and Control of a Hybrid Electric Propulsion System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Al Savvaris
    12.0601 Application of a Robust Control Algorithm for Satellite Cyber-Security and System Resilience - Michael Fennell    
11:50 AM 4.0807 Simulation and Modeling of a New Medium Access Control Scheme for Multi-Beam Directional Networking - Brian Proulx     8.0507 Ground-Based Evaluation of a Vision+Inertial Navigation System for ISS Habitable Volume Estimation - Ted Steiner 9.0217 Augmented Path-planning Technique for UAS Applied to Precision Agriculture - Patrick Nolan          
1:00 PM 14.05 PANEL: Access To Space and Emerging Mission Capabilities - Eleni Sims                  
2:40 PM 14.06 PANEL: Operational Uses of Consumer-Class Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Jeff Norris , Dave Lavery         Speaker Practice Room 2-4PM        
4:30 PM 4.1201 Advancements in Hardware Design for the Frontier Radio Used for the Solar Probe Plus Mission - Matthew Angert 8.02 Keynote: NASA’s Game Changing Technology Program - Stephen Gaddis 13.0211 Leveraging Heritage on the Mars 2020 Project - Matthew Wallace 2.04 Keynote: Dream Chaser: A New Space Utility Vehicle (SUV) - Patricia Remias 8.0604 Designing for Reliability and Robustness in ISS Exercise Countermeasures Systems - Randall Svetlik 6.0809 Rapid Prototyping of GNC Algorithms for Gliding Reentry Vehicles - Oleg Yakimenko
2.0901 Formation Flying and Position Determination for a Space Based Interferometer in GEO Graveyard Orbit - Farah Alibay
11.0102 Novel Approach of Satellite Health Monitoring, Diagnosis and Prediction via PLS Batch Modelling - Ahmad Alzaidy