2018 IEEE Aerospace Conference

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Sun, Mar 4 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:00 AM           Practice Room 9:00 - 3:00        
4:30 PM 4.1301 An Air Traffic Control Simulator for Test and Development of Airspace Management Schemes - Dominique Meyer 2.0101 Journey 'Round the Sun: STEREO Science and Spacecraft Performance Results - Daniel Ossing 12.0101 Modeling Spacecraft Safe Mode Events - Travis Imken 13.0401 Avoiding the Impossible: Re-focusing a Non-Feasible Mission 2-Hrs into a 3-Day Engineering Session - Thomas Youmans 3.01 Keynote: Massive MIMO - Abbas Omar , Glenn Hopkins 7.0106 Deep Learning for Automated Data Analysis Onboard a Flight Instrument - Daniel Davila 5.0102 Context Cameras for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 3 (OCO-3) Instrument - Colin Mckinney 6.0806 Distributed Estimation of Moving Targets with Unknown Dynamics - Jing Wang    
4:55 PM 4.1302 Ubiquitous Surveillance Notional Architecture for System-Wide DAA Capabilities in the NAS - Chris Wargo 2.0102 Overview of the Spacecraft Design for the Psyche Mission Concept - William Hart 12.0102 Landsat 8: TIRS SSM Encoder Current Anomaly Resolution - Martin England 13.0402 Mars 2020 Surface Mission Modeling: Landing Site Thermal Environments - Travis Wagner 7.0101 Intelligent Data Processing Using In-Orbit Advanced Algorithms on Heterogeneous System Architecture - Nandinbaatar Tsog 5.0201 Integrated Modeling Structural Tools for the Giant Magellan Telescope Design Effort - David Schwartz 6.0807 Error Growth of Target States Utilizing a Swarm of Agents in GPS Denied Area - Adam Johnson    
5:20 PM 4.1303 Terrain Contour Matching with Recurrent Neural Networks - Seongheon Lee 2.0103 The Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite-2 – Overview, Science, and Applications - Mark Seidleck Hold for Plenary Setup 13.0403 Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization for All-Electric Geostationary Communication Satellite - Ryo Ujiie 3.0102 Dynamics and Control of Microwave Granular Imager - Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay 7.0104 Single Event Mitigation for Xilinx 7-Series FPGAs - Christopher Bridges   6.0812 Elliptical Trajectory Based Three-dimensional Impact Angle Control Guidance - Jaebong Song    
Donald Hoffman, University of California, Irvine

Jonathan Levit,

9:00 PM 4.1304 Reliable and Secure Surveillance, Communications and Navigation (RSCAN) for Unmanned Air Systems - Fred Templin 2.0104 Juno at Jupiter: The Mission and Its Path to Unveiling Secrets of the History of the Solar System - Stuart Stephens 12.0104 Thermal Modelling and Analysis of a Cube Satellite, EIRSAT-1 - Sung In Kim 13.0404 Constellation Optimization Using an Evolutionary Algorithm with a Variable-length Chromosome - Nozomi Hitomi 3.0103 Wing-Integrated Airborne Antenna Array Sensitivity to Wing Deflections - Bailey Miller 7.0102 On-orbit High-performance Computing System for Real-time Data Processing - Jianquan Zhang 5.0403 Polychromatic Speckle Mitigation at Surface Discontinuities - Noah Van Zandt      
9:25 PM 4.1305 Radio Frequency Link Analysis of Ground-to-Air/Air-to-Air Communication - Wenhao Xiong 2.0105 Mission Concept for a Europa Lander - Jennifer Dooley
12.0105 Considerations for Space Vehicle Thermal Vacuum Retest - John Welch
  3.0104 Phased Helical Antenna Array Design for CubeSat Application - Kameron Lacalli 7.0201 Radiation-Hardened SpaceVPX System Controller - Robert Merl 5.0404 The Influence of Wind on Anisotropy in Optical Turbulence - Jack Mc Crae      
9:50 PM 4.1306 In-Flight Performance Analysis of Direct RF Avionic Architecture Applied to VHF Band - Anh Quang Nguyen 2.0113 InSight: Mars Geophysical Lander - Tom Hoffman 12.0106 Lean Satellite Design for Amateur Communications Payload in the ESA ESEO Mission - Christopher Bridges   3.0105 Aperture Synthesis from Free-flying Collectors without Accurate Metrology - Zachary Baker  
5.0401 Improved Filtering of Source Plane Tilts for Optical Propagation Simulations - Jack Mc Crae
Mon, Mar 5 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 4.0601 Radar Scan Based Emitter Geolocation - Edward Williams 8.01 Keynote: NASA's Human Exploration Plans - John Guidi 8.0810 Performance Testing of the EU/QU MMRTG - Chadwick Barklay 13.0303 Proposals for a Space Product Assurance Process Improvement Based on an Aeronautical Process - Guilherme De Souza 11.0101 Evaluating Effectiveness of Aircraft Maintenance Safety Management System to Reduce Human Errors - Irfan Manarvi 9.0202 Phased Array Radio System Aided Inertial Navigation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Sigurd Albrektsen 7.0801 A Star Shortlisting Technique for a Lost-in-space Mode Star Tracker - Deval Mehta
12.0201 Automatic Integration of Time-synchronized Video with Geospatial Data for Remote Science Operations - David Lees
8:55 AM 4.0603 Feasibility of an Innovative Technique for Noise Reduction in Spacecraft Doppler Tracking - Virginia Notaro 8.0101 Deep Space Gateway Concept: Extending Human Presence into Cislunar Space - Marshall Smith 8.0812 Next-Generation Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator Study - Christopher Matthes 13.0304 Improving the Use of the Risk Matrix Tool at NASA - Gerald Klein 11.0102 Defect Trend Analysis of C-130 Environmental Control System by Data Mining of Maintenance History - Irfan Manarvi 9.0203 Modelling and Control of a Hybrid Electric Propulsion System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Al Savvaris 7.0802 Development and Qualification Test of 1.2-Nm Torque Reaction Wheel with Low Induced Vibration - Kenichiro Nigo 12.0202 Managed Intelligent Deconfliction and Scheduling for Satellite Communication - Robert Richards    
9:20 AM 4.0604 High-Rate Ka-Band Modulator for the NISAR Mission - Michael Pugh 8.0102 EM-2: Launching the First Element of the Deep Space Gateway - Amy Cassady 8.0802 Mission Analysis for Next-Generation RTG Study - Brian Bairstow 13.0305 Systems Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) of the Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment (MOXIE) - Forrest Meyen 11.0103 Sequential Indexation of Flight Data - Jerome Lacaille 9.0204 Optimal Path Planning for SUAS Waypoint following in Urban Environments - Michael Zollars 7.0810 Design and Development of a Low-cost CubeSat Attitude Control System Testing Platform - Kourosh Rahnamai
12.0203 Delivering Hurricane Science:  Data Processing Review of the CYGNSS Mission - Ronnie Killough
9:45 AM 4.0609 POINTR: Polar Orbiting INfrared Tracking Receiver - Anjali Roychowdhury 8.0103 Establishment and Design of an Earth-Moon Communications Network in Lunar Polar Orbit - Anthony Genova 8.0806 Radioisotope Power System Dose Estimation Tool (RPS-DET) - Michael Smith 13.0306 Fault Management Planning Support: Fault Management Viewer (FMV) - Carroll Thronesbery
11.0106 Data-Driven Quality Prognostics for Automated Riveting Processes - Sara Pereira
9.0206 Multiphysical Simulation of a Semi-autonomous Solar Powered High Altitude Pseudo Satellite - Reiko Mueller 7.0812 Improving Calibration and Alignment Observability for Star Trackers - John Enright 12.0205 Satellite Autonomous Task Scheduling Based on Adapted Genetic Algorithm - Zhiming Chen    
10:10 AM 4.0610 Carrier Acquisition and Tracking for Europa Relay Communications - Adam Crifasi 8.0104 An Affordable Lunar Architecture Emphasizing Commercial and International Partnering Opportunities - Robert Shishko 8.0804 Uranium Based Materials as Potential Thermoelectric Couples for Future Radioisotope Power Systems - Chris Whiting 13.0308 Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer Risk Management - Cheryl Alexander 11.0107 The Use of PHM for a Dynamic Reliability Assessment - Henrik Heier 9.0210 Tensor Product Type Polytopic LPV Modeling of Aeroelastic Aircraft - Bela Takarics 7.0813 Real-Time Estimation of Satellite’s Two-Line Elements via Positioning Data - Shu Ting Goh
12.0207 RP-check: An Architecture for Spaceflight Command Sequence Validation - Olivier Toupet
10:35 AM 4.0101 Accuracy/Computation Performance of a New Trilateration Scheme for GPS-Style Localization - Kar Ming Cheung 8.0105 Resilient Architecture Pathways to Establish and Operate a Pioneering Base on Mars - Robert Potter 8.0811 Conceptual Design of a Liquid Metal Cooled Nuclear Reactor Power System for Mars Base - Chengzhi Yao 13.0309 Low-level Collision Risk Modelling for Unmanned Aircraft Integration and Management - Aaron Mc Fadyen 11.0109 Integrated Telemetry Analysis Using Human Expert Knowledge and the Logical Analysis of Data - Mohamed Ibrahim 9.0214 Providing Accountability and Liability Protection for UAV Operations beyond Visual Line of Sight - Justin Yapp 7.0814 Geometric Coplanar Constraints-aided Autonomous Navigation for Deep Space Explorer - Xin Ma
12.0501 Juno's Science Planning Process: Development and Evolution since Launch - Amy Hale
  14.01 PANEL: Competition Robotics for Education and Workforce Development - Dave Lavery
11:00 AM 4.0201 Robonet: A Data Bus for Distributed Control Systems - Andrew Donnan 8.0106 A Crewed Lunar Lander Concept Utilizing the Cislunar Deep Space Gateway - Travis Moseman   13.0310 Existing Standards as the Framework to Qualify Additive Manufacturing of Metals - Michael O'brien   9.0215 Autonomous Exploration and Simultaneous Object Search Using Aerial Robots - Tung Dang   12.0502 Radar Moon Bounce Operations Process - David La Vallee  
11:25 AM 4.0203 Loon SDN: Applicability to NASA's Next-Generation Space Communications Architecture - Brian Barritt 8.0107 Deep Space Gateway Architecture to Support Multiple Exploration & Demonstration Goals - Travis Moseman  
13.0312 Mission Risk Posture Assessment for Space Vehicles - Jeff Juranek
13.0103 Structural Design and Analysis of a Small Earth Remote Sensing Satellite - Ali Aborehab
9.0216 Aided Inertial Navigation of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using an Ultra-Wideband RTLS - Krzysztof Cisek      
11:50 AM   8.0108 Space Launch System Block 1B Vehicle and beyond Earth Orbit Mission Opportunities - Ben Donahue   13.0313 A Case Study in Attitude Determination and Control on the Cassini Mission to Saturn - Patti Jansma 13.0104 Framework for Reliability Growth and Rework Projections for Launch Vehicles during Testing - Alicia Sudol 9.0217 Trajectory Optimization of Multirotor Agricultural UAVs - Priyank Pradeep 5.0101 Smear Effect on High Resolution Remote Sensing Satellite Image Quality - Walid Wahballah    
1:25 PM 14.08 PANEL: NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Program - Alvin Yew , Jason Derleth           Practice Room 1-4 pm      
1:50 PM                
2:15 PM 12.07 PANEL: Heroic Moments in Mission Operations: The role of people, systems, and processes." - Martin England , Daniel Ossing , Carlos Gomez Rosa , Mark Maimone              
2:40 PM 14.02 PANEL: Technology Development for Science-Driven Missions - Patricia Beauchamp       A Presentation on Presentation Skills - Monica Panno      
3:05 PM Junior Conference Practice 3:00 - 4:00          
3:30 PM            
4:30 PM 4.05 PANEL: Space Communication Systems Roundtable: Networking the Solar System - Charles Edwards 2.0108 The Surface Water and Ocean Topography Mission - Guy Zohar 13.06 Keynote: Bringing NASA Technology Down to Earth - Terry Taylor 2.1001 Intercomparison of LET Spectra Measured with Timepix & TEPC in Mixed Reference Radiation Field CERF - Lembit Sihver
3.04 Keynote: Next Generation Very Large Array: Telescope Design Considerations - Melissa Soriano
9.0105 Flight Test Safety – the U.S. Navy Approach - Christian Rice 6.0501 Multi-Stage MHT for Sense and Avoid with Airborne and Ground Sensors - Stefano Coraluppi 10.0103 An Inequality Constrained Ensemble Kalman Filter for Parameter Estimation Application - Shu Ting Goh    
4:55 PM 2.0110 Europa Clipper Project Update - Maddalena Jackson 13.0604 Bringing NASA Technology down to Earth - Terry Taylor
2.1002 Reducing Human Radiation Risks on Deep Space Missions - Kathryn Worden Buckner
3.0401 Initial Operations Experience and Results from the Juno Gravity Experiment - Dustin Buccino 9.0101 Using a Laser Altimeter to Measure Takeoff and Landing Distance - Brian Kish 6.0503 Pattern Metrics for Groups of Target Tracks - Darin Dunham
10.0104 Thermal Comfort Investigation for Commercial Aircraft Cabin by Using CFD - Wesam Askar
5:20 PM 2.0111 Third Generation Commercial Solar Electric Propulsion: A Foundation for Space Exploration Missions - Peter Lord Hold for Plenary Setup 2.1004 A Tool for Estimating Route Doses and Cumulative Spectra of Secondary Cosmic Rays in the Atmosphere - Zi Yi Yang 3.0402 Initial Astrometry of the Juno Spacecraft Orbiting Jupiter - Dayton Jones 9.0102 FAA Part 23 Methods of Compliance for AOA Warning/Limiting Systems - Brian Kish 6.0504 A Sequential Monte Carlo Algorithm for Source Release Parameter Estimation - Craig Agate 10.0106 Conditional and Unconditional Safety Performance Forecasts for Aviation Predictive Risk Management - Andrej Lalis    
Johan Ronnby, Södertörn University

Jon Adams, University of Southampton

9:00 PM 7.1001 Cache Fault Injection with DrSEUs - Edward Carlisle 2.0112 Cassini’s Grand Finale: A Mission Planning Retrospective - Erick Sturm 13.0901 A Mathematical Model for Assessing the Probability of Contaminating Europa - Michael Di Nicola 2.1003 A Silicon Micro Dosimeter for High-Altitude Measurements of Cosmic Radiation - James Rosenthal 3.0403 Algorithms for Direct Radio Detections of Exoplanets in the Neighbourhood of Radiating Host Stars - Mark Bentum   6.0505 Sensor Fusion Based on Seventh-degree Cubature Information Filters - Hamza Benzerrouk 10.0107 Wave Heat Propagation in the Thermal Vacuum Chamber for Testing of Satellites Space Technology - Leopoldo Ramirez Landaeta    
9:25 PM 7.1002 Modelling Processor Reliability Using LLVM Compiler Fault Injection - Yasser Nezzari 2.0106 Instrument Commissioning Timeline for NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) - Priyanka Sharma 13.0803 Development of a Ground Test & Analysis Protocol for NASA's NextSTEP Phase 2 Habitation Concepts - Michael Gernhardt 2.1103 Conceptual Design of an Electromagnetic Detumbling System Made by Permanent Magnet Array - Xiaoguang Liu 3.0404 NOIRE Study Report: Towards a Low Frequency Radio Interferometer in Space. - Baptiste Cecconi    
10.0109 Thermal Transport in Supersonic/hypersonic Wall-bounded Flows Subject to Concave Surface Curvature - Guillermo Araya
9:50 PM 7.1004 Project Zephyrus: Developing a Rapidly Reusable High-Altitude Flight Test Platform - Hunter Hall   13.0801 Architecture of a Surface Exploration Traverse Analysis and Navigational Tool - Johannes Norheim   3.0405 Conceptual Ideas for Radio Telescope on the Far Side of the Moon - Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay          
Tue, Mar 6 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 4.0401 The Next Generation of NASA Earth Orbiting Relay Satellites - David Israel 8.0109 The Orion Spacecraft as a Key Element in a Deep Space Gateway - Kerry Timmons 2.0601 EVA Swab Tool to Support Planetary Protection and Astrobiology Evaluations - Michelle Rucker 2.0903 Vision-based Object Recognition and Precise Localization for Space Body Control - Wenbo Dong
11.09 PANEL: PHM from a Practitioner’s Perspective – a Potpourri of Capabilities, Experiences, Issues, and Lessons Learned - Andrew Hess , James Hofmeister , Richard Friend , Morteza Safai , Wolfgang Fink , Derek De Vries
6.0102 Use of UAV for Remote Sensing the Symptoms of Phylloxera Infestation in Vineyards - Fernando Vanegas Alvarez 13.0505 System Architecture for Tracking Passengers inside an Airport Terminal Using RFID - Bruce Cameron 9.0218 Development of a Surveillance Tool Using UAV’s - Rodrigo Rangel    
8:55 AM
4.0404 Assessment of Potential Mars Relay Network Enhancements - Charles Lee
8.0110 Potential Advantages of Conducting Short Duration Visits to the Martian Surface - Chel Stromgren 2.0602 The Machine to End All Machines – towards Self-replicating Machines on the Moon - Alex Ellery 2.0907 Formation Operations and Navigation Concept Overview for the IRASSI Space Interferometer - Luisa Buinhas 6.0103 Launch Schedule and Production Modeling for Sustained Earth Observation Constellations - Mark Maier 13.0503 Scaling Model-Based System Engineering Practices for System of Systems Applications - Ryan Jacobs      
9:20 AM
4.0405 Exploration and Utilization of Asteroids as Interplanetary Communication Relays - Himangshu Kalita
5.0301 Polarization-Independent Diffractive Waveplate Optics - Nelson Tabiryan
2.0605 Performance Measurement Outcomes from Planetary Surface Exploration Robots - Thilo Kaupisch
2.0701 Scaling the Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment (MOXIE) for Mars Sample Return - Forrest Meyen
6.0104 Advancements in Low-cost, Long Endurance, Altitude Controlled Latex Balloons (ValBal) - Andrey Sushko 13.0504 A Systems Architecting Methodology Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Promote Creative Engineering Synthesis - Paulo Younse 9.0221 Holistic Approach to Safe Operation of Small UAS in Class G Airspace - Stefan Chindea    
9:45 AM   5.0302 HabEx Space Telescope Guiding Systems - Stefan Martin 2.0603 An Orbiting Sample Capture and Orientation System Architecture for Potential Mars Sample Return - Paulo Younse 2.0706 Flight Electronics of GC-Mass Spectrometer for Investigation of Volatiles in the Lunar Regolith - Rico Fausch 6.0105 A Statistical Approach to Payload Energy Management for NASA’s Europa Clipper Mission - Bogdan Oaida 13.0501 The Project-Domain Science Traceability and Alignment Framework (P-STAF): Analysis and Applications - Laura Jones Wilson 9.0224 UAV Tracking of a Mobile Target in Occluded, Cluttered and GPS-Denied Environments - Fernando Vanegas Alvarez    
10:10 AM 4.1405 Network Intrusion Detection System for Drone Fleet Using Both Robust Observer and Spectral Analysis - Nicolas Larrieu 7.0901 Microwave and Millimeter Wave Solid State Power Amplifiers for Future Communication and Radars - Naresh Deo 2.0606 Gravimetric Localization on the Surface of Small Bodies - Benjamin Hockman 2.0707 Femtosecond Ionization Source for Ultrahigh Resolution Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry - Xiang Li
11.0115 Reliability Centered Additive Manufacturing Computational Design Framework - Andrew Hess
6.0106 Verification & Validation on OCO-3: A Case Study of V&V for ISS Missions - Benjamin Solish 13.0506 Is There a Case for Radical Change to Weather Satellite Constellations? - Mark Maier 9.0225 A Multi-Modal Mapping Unit for Autonomous Exploration and Mapping of Underground Tunnels - Frank Mascarich    
10:35 AM  
7.0902 Noise Stimulation of Kinetic Inductance Detectors - Michael Epperly
2.0607 Modular Payload-Items for Payload-assembly and System Enhancement for Future Planetary Missions - Wiebke Brinkmann 10.0803 Considerations for Artificial Intelligence and Machines Learning: Approaches and Use Cases - Kapil Bakshi 8.1001 A Low-Thrust-Enabled SmallSat Heliophysics Mission to Sun-Earth L5 - Natasha Bosanac 10.0201 Enhancing the Requirements Engineering Process with Efficient Knowledge Acquisition Techniques - Danissa Rodriguez 13.0507 Tool Suite to Support Model-Based Systems Engineering-Enabled System-of-Systems Analysis - Cesare Guariniello 9.0226 Using an UAV for Testing an Autonomous Terrain Based Optical Navigation System for Lunar Landing - Nikolaus Ammann    
11:00 AM   7.0904 Lorenz Force Control in a Wireless Energy Transmission System for Ultra Microgravity Platform - Lixiang Lixiang 2.0608 Title: Teleoperation and Robotics under Ice: Implications for Extra-Planetary Exploration - Michael Jakuba   8.1003 Propulsion Trade Studies for Spacecraft Swarm Mission Design - Andres Dono 10.0202 Raising Awareness about Open Source Licensing at the German Aerospace Center - Andreas Schreiber 13.0510 Merging DoDAF Architecture to Develop and Analyze the DoD Network of Systems - James Enos 9.0228 Adaptive Design and Optimization of a 3D Printable, Shape-Shifting UAV Platform - Dominique Meyer    
11:25 AM   7.0903 Recent Developments of a Large Inflatable Antenna - Ethan Chaffee 2.0611 Flux-Pinned Dynamics Model Parameterization and Sensitivity Study - Frances Zhu   8.1006 New Solar Array Technology Provides 25% More Power - First Flight Confirms Advantages - Bryan Helgesen 10.0203 Software Engineering: What Is It? - Ronnie Killough        
12:00 PM LUNCH in the HUNTLEY DINING ROOM 12:00 - 1:30
1:00 PM     JUNIOR ENGINEERING and SCIENCE CONFERENCE 2 - 4 pm in the Madison       Practice Room 1-4 pm      
Wed, Mar 7 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 14.03 PANEL: Emerging Technologies for Mars Exploration - Charles Edwards 8.0701 Intelligent Sequential Switching Shunt Regulation for Satellite Solar Arrays - Walid Wahballah 2.0201 SunRISE Status: Concept Development Updates - Farah Alibay 5.0601 Active Illumination Return from Space Objects in non-Kolmogorov Atmospheres - Jeremy Bos 11.07 Keynote. Changing Risk in Human Spaceflight: Drivers for Healthcare Automation and Vehicle Integration - Erik Antonsen 4.1002 Optical CDMA for a Constellation of CubeSats - Dariush Divsalar 9.0230 Manned-Unmanned Aircraft Teaming - Mohammad Sadraey 6.0201 Modernization of Blackbody Temperature Control for NASA’s Enhanced MODIS Airborne Simulator (eMAS) - Joshua Forgione    
8:55 AM 8.0703 On-orbit Validation of the Roll-Out Solar Array - Matt La Pointe 2.0209 Nanospacecraft Fleet for Multi-asteroid Touring with Electric Solar Wind Sails - Andris Slavinskis 5.0602 Space Object Classification Using Deep Neural Networks - Dan Shen 11.0701 An Optimal Control Model for Assessing Human Agility Trajectories - Christine Joseph 4.1004 Power Allocation for Shared Transponders: A Statistical Optimal Control Paradigm - Khanh Pham 9.0232 Learning Safe Recovery Trajectories with Deep Neural Networks for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Arbaaz Khan
6.0202 A Miniature Imaging Payload for Nanosatellites - Kyle Foerster
9:20 AM 8.0707 Verification of Solar Array Design for Low Earth Orbit Spacecraft under Worst Case Scenario - Walid Wahballah
2.0205 Venus Origins Explorer (VOX): A Proposed New Frontiers Mission - Scott Hensley
5.0603 Improving Optical Imaging of Dim SSA Targets with Simplified Adaptive Optics Systems - Michael Werth
11.0702 Discussing the 2015 NASA Technology Roadmap: Stethoscope or Autonomous Healthcare Technology? - Alexandre Popov
4.1006 Full-Duplex Communications for Noise-Limited Systems - Eugene Grayver 9.0233 Multi Modal Pose Fusion for Monocular Flight with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Arbaaz Khan 6.0204 Europa PIMS Prototype Faraday Cup Development - Shawn Liang    
9:45 AM 14.09 PANEL: Astronaut - Robot Cooperation - Roberto Lampariello
8.0711 Summary of NASA’s Electric Sail Propulsion System Investigations from 2014-2107 - Bruce Wiegmann
2.0206 Observatory Design for the Imaging X-Ray Polarimeter Explorer (IXPE) Mission - William Deininger
2.1207 NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office at NASA Headquarters - Doris Daou
11.0703 Monitoring Human Neuromusculoskeletal System Performance during Space Suit Glove Use: A Pilot Study - Kaci Madden 4.1007 Efficient Random Multiple-Access Using Iterative Interference Cancelation Receivers - Lukas Grinewitschus 9.0301 Adaptation of Sailfish Topology in Fuselage Design and Performance Comparison with Modern Fuselage - Chhavi Chhavi 6.0205 Assembly and Test of a CCD Camera for Space Surveillance - Andrew Cunningham    
10:10 AM 8.0712 Effects of Metallic Plasma Thruster Plume on Solar Cells - Jonathan Kolbeck   2.1208 Time Dependent Finite Difference Modeling of Outgassing of Asteroids via Bulk Heating - Joel Sercel 11.0704 A Bio-signal Computing Platform for Real-time Online Health Analytics for Manned Space Missions - J. Mikael Eklund 4.0703 On-board Targeting Law for Finite-time Orbital Maneuver in Cislunar Orbit - Satoshi Ueda 9.0303 DESIGN and OPTIMIZATION of a STATOR TURBINE BLADE PROFILE USING CONTROL PARAMETERS - Uday Gollapalli 6.0206 Testing an Improved Gain Equalization Non-uniformity Correction Algorithm - Mc Kenna Lovejoy    
10:35 AM
8.0901 Hybrid-Electric Powered Aerospace Systems and the Battery Energy Density Revolution - Anandrao Biradar
8.0203 International Space Station Testbed for Exploration - Kathleen Boggs 2.1209 New NEO Search Technology Using Small Telescopes and FPGA - Toshifumi Yanagisawa 5.0502 A Terrain Slope Estimation Scheme Using Infrared Camera for Planetary Exploration Rovers - Satoshi Watanabe
4.0704 Prediction of Satellite EDR Taxonomy from TLE Data and Simplified Atmospheric Density Model - Junling Wang
9.0304 ADS-B and CPDLC Fault Modeling for Safety Assessment in a Distributed Environment - Varun Sudarsanan 6.0207 Flight Plasma Diagnostics for High-Power, Solar-Electric Deep-Space Spacecraft - Lee Johnson    
11:00 AM 14.07 PANEL: Defining a Cislunar Space Human Exploration Architecture - Greg Williams   8.02 Keynote: Update on NASA Space Technology - Stephen Gaddis 2.1210 Preliminary Asteroid Deflection Mission Design for 2017 PDC Using Neutral Beam Propulsion - Anthony De Cicco 5.0802 Approaches to Distinguishing Bacteria from Mineral Particles in Microscopic Imaging - J. Kent Wallace 4.0705 Autonomous Orbit Determination Using Pulsars and Inter-satellite Ranging for Mars Orbiters - Shuo Wang 9.0305 Vision-based Control and Guidance Structure for Automatic Landing Simulations - Balint Vanek      
11:25 AM 4.0402 Europa Lander Radio Crossband Relay Hardware Prototype - Justin Dennison
8.0204 Candidate Mechanisms and Fabric Layup Materials for the Mars Surface Tunnel Concept - Robert Potter
2.1212 Performance Evaluation of the Fast-moving NEO Detection Mission - Yohei Sugimoto 5.0801 Lensless Digital Holographic Microscopy as a Means to Search for Life in the Solar System - Gene Serabyn          
11:50 AM 4.0403 Europa Orbiter Spacecraft to Lander Frontier Radio Relay Communications - Joseph Hennawy 8.0205 Humphries Space Utility Module Design - Aishwarya Gutti Shashidhar Gowda
2.1211 Autonomous Navigation and Mapping of Small Bodies - Lorraine Fesq
1:50 PM             Practice Room 1-4 pm      
2:15 PM 8.13 PANEL: Cislunar Economy - George Sowers , Melissa Sampson , Bernard Kutter , Justin Kugler , A.C. Charania                
2:40 PM                
3:05 PM                
4:30 PM 4.0802 Time Triggered Data Transfers over SpaceWire for Distributed Systems - Kai Borchers 2.0613 Monocular Visual Pose Estimation via Online Sampling for Mars Sample-Tube Pickup - Bhoram Lee 13.0509 Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer Mission Overview and Status - William (Bill) Kalinowski 7.0602 Evaluation of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Electronics for Extreme Cold Environments - Jean Yang Scharlotta 11.07 Panel Keynote:Exploration Class Space Missions - New Medical Paradigm - Douglas Hamilton 6.0702 Steady-State Tracking with FMCW Radars - Michael Mc Donough 2.0801 Ground Segment Architectures for Large LEO Constellations with Feeder Links in EHF-bands - Inigo Del Portillo 10.0401 A Happy Firmware/Software Development Medium - Michael Cerabona    
4:55 PM 4.0803 A Model-Based Time Distribution Implementation for Asynchronous Systems - Christopher Creech 2.0615 Robotic Infrastructure for Mars Outpost Water Supply - A Howe 13.0511 Optimized Model-based Design Space Exploration of Distributed EO Spacecraft Architectures - Carles Araguz 7.0603 Compact Low Power Avionics for the Europa Lander Concept and Other Missions to Ocean Worlds - Gary Bolotin 11.07 PANEL: The Evolution of PHM Technologies for Human Health and Performance in Aerospace - Wolfgang Fink , Alexandre Popov , Erik Antonsen , Andrew Hess , Douglas Hamilton , J. Mikael Eklund 6.0704 Gaussian Mixture Modeling for Long Range Radar with Higher Representational Efficiency - Benjamin Davis 2.0803 Performance Evaluation of Fading Estimation Techniques over Q/V Band Satellite Links - Tommaso Rossi 10.0403 Bridging the Gap between Testing and Safety Certification - Aiman Gannous    
5:20 PM
4.0805 Network Performance Analysis for Condition Based Maintenance - Volodymyr Ulanskyi
2.0616 Break-the-Chain Technology for Potential Mars Sample Return - Robert Gershman Hold for Plenary Setup 7.0604 Electronic Packaging and Passive Devices for Low Temperature Space Applications - Linda Del Castillo 6.0705 Radar-Based Maritime Collision Avoidance Using Dynamic Window - Bjørn Olav Eriksen 2.0804 Validation of Ground Technologies for Future Q/V Band Satellite Systems: The QV – LIFT Project - Giorgia Parca 10.0404 Initial Considerations of a Multi-layered Run Time Assurance Approach to Enable Unpiloted Aircraft - Loyd Hook    
Subbarao Kambhampati, Arizona State University

Pete Worden, Breakthrough Starshot

9:00 PM 4.0806 Frequency Dependent Rejection, Spectral Separation Coefficient, and Interference Analysis - Srinivasa Raghavan
2.0620 Testbeds and Technologies for Potential Mars Orbital Sample Capture and Manipulation - Brendan Chamberlain Simon
13.0512 Architectural Options and Optimization of Suborbital Space Tourism Vehicles - Edward Crawley
7.0605 High Temperature UHF SSVDTM Power Amplifiers - Larry Sadwick 2.04 Keynote: Deployment Order Considerations on Multi-Manifest Missions - Barbara Braun
6.0707 Piecewise Optimal Trajectories of Observer for Bearings-Only Tracking of Maneuvering Target - Huilong Zhang
3.0301 Modified Structures for RF MEMS Switch - Ahmed Khairy 10.0405 Impact of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) V2.0 on Aerospace Systems Reliability - Paul Wood    
9:25 PM 4.0807 CubeSat Networks: Balancing Power with Satellite-to-Ground Data Throughput - Stephen Ennis 2.0619 A Low-Cost Indoor Testbed for Multirobot Adaptive Navigation Research - Michael Swartwout 13.0513 A Rule-based Tool for Science Traceability of Mars Exploration Mission Architectures - Samalis Santini De León 7.0701 LiveCheckHSI: HW/SW Co-verification Tool for Hyperspectral Imagers with Embedded SoC Avionics - Didier Keymeulen
2.0403 Modular Inflatable Space Structures - Aman Chandra
6.0601 Dynamic Sensor Fusion Using Local Topology - Christopher Capraro 3.0302 An X-band Class J GaN Amplifier for Radar Remote Sensing Using >50 VDC FETs - Gabriele Formicone 10.0406 The Impact of Complexity Growth on Instrument Reliability: A Case Study of CAPS and MMS HPCA - Paul Wood    
9:50 PM 4.0808 Topology Control in Aerial Multi-Beam Directional Networks - Brian Proulx 2.0621 SPRITE: A Saturn Probe New Frontiers Mission - Kim Reh 13.0514 Operational Dependency Analysis of a Human Mars Architecture Based on the SODA Methodology - Steven Zusack
7.0702 Towards Resilient Spaceflight Systems with Virtualization - Didier Keymeulen
2.0402 You Say "Picosat", I Say "'CubeSat": Developing a Better Taxonomy for Secondary Spacecraft - Michael Swartwout   3.0307 Radar Detection Range in an Arbitrary Number of Spatial Dimensions - Thomas Bidigare 10.0407 Supporting Tests of Autonomy: Autonomy Requirements Tester (ART) - Carroll Thronesbery    
Thu, Mar 8 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 4.0901 Dihedral Group D4, Bent Functions, and the Reed Muller (16,5) Code - Gregory Mayhew 2.1302 Planning and Optimization for a Multiple, Large Space Debris Removal Mission - Mikkel Jorgensen 2.0301 A Momentum-Based Method for Predicting the Peak Opening Load of Supersonic Parachutes - David Way 8.04 Keynote: Human performance challenges and countermeasures for space exploration - Torin Clark 13.0201 Explanation of Change Study Update Examining Cost, Schedule, and Technical Changes to NASA Projects - Stephen Shinn 3.0502 Measurements of a Compact Ku- and Ka- Band 4x4 Array for Remote Sensing - Abu Md Numan Al Mobin 10.0502 Applying Model-Based System Engineering to Modeling and Simulation Requirements for Weapon Analysis - Wayne Power 9.0405 Optimal Landing of a Helicopter in Autorotation Avoiding the Mid-Air Obstacle - Ashwani Gupta    
8:55 AM 4.0903 Sensitivity Analysis of Measurement of Modulation Indices in Phase Modulated Signals - Srinivasa Raghavan 2.1304 Illumination Effects on Satellite Articulation Characterization from a Trajectory Matrix - David Curtis
2.0302 Overview of the Mars 2020 Parachute Risk Reduction Activity - Christopher Tanner
8.0402 A Numerical Algorithm to Estimate an Achievability Limit for Crewed Planetary Landing - Torin Clark 13.0202 The Effect of Policy Changes on NASA Science Mission Cost & Schedule Growth - Robert Bitten 3.0503 Printing and Measurements of Ink-jet Deposited Transmission Lines for Space Electronics - Abu Md Numan Al Mobin 10.0503 Control Oriented Reduced Order Modeling of a Flexible Winged Aircraft - Balint Vanek 9.0407 Acceleration Feedback Control for Small Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aircraft Systems - Angela Maio    
9:20 AM 4.0904 Performance Modeling, Design and FPGA-based Validation of Digital Transparent Satellite Processors - Vincenzo Sulli 2.1313 Active Payload Modules and End-Effectors Concepts for Standard Interface for Robotic Manipulation - Marko Jankovic 2.0303 Overview and Reconstruction of the ASPIRE Project’s SR01 Supersonic Parachute Test - Clara O'farrell 8.0404 Modelling and Evaluating Failures in Human-Robot Teaming Using Simulation - Lanssie Ma 13.0203 Applying System Readiness Levels to Cost Estimates – a Case Study - Patrick Malone 3.0203 A Study of Beacon Antennas for an Orbiting Sample Container of a Future Mars Sample Return Mission - Vahraz Jamnejad 10.0504 Is MBSE Helping? Measuring Value on Europa Clipper - Todd Bayer 9.0408 L1 Adaptation as a Bolt-On Robustifying Control Law to a Baseline Dynamic Inversion System - Christopher Elliott    
9:45 AM 4.0907 Two-Way Ranging and Doppler for Multiple Orbiting Spacecraft at Mars - Kar Ming Cheung 2.1315 Pose Estimation for Non-Cooperative Spacecraft Rendezvous Using Convolutional Neural Networks - Sumant Sharma 2.0304 The Conceptual Design of a Novel, Small and Simple Mars Lander - Ryohei Takahashi 8.0405 Quantifying Operational Constraints of Low-Latency Telerobotics for Planetary Surface Operations - Benjamin Mellinkoff 13.0204 Stepping Stones: Economic Analysis of Space Transportation Supplied from NEO Resources - Joel Sercel 8.1102 Small Spacecraft for Planetary Atmospheric, Surface, and Interior Structure Using Radio Links - Sami Asmar
10.0505 The CENKI Space Economic Simulator: Analytical Verification of an Agent-Based Modeling Engine - Akhil Rao
9.0410 A 3-Player Pursuit/Evasion Differential Game - Roger Anderson    
10:10 AM 4.0908 Effects of TAC IM Noises on USB and SGLS C/No and SNR Performance - Jack Kreng 2.1316 Multiple Model Trajectory Generation for Uncertain Target Spin Direction - David Sternberg
2.0305 An Analytical Mars Entry Guidance Method for Higher Deployment Altitude considering Uncertainties - Xu Yuan
8.0406 A Loop Closure Hierarchy to Improve the Robustness of a Wearable Vision+Inertial Navigation System - Ted Steiner 13.0205 The CENKI Space Economic Simulator: Demonstrating Agent-Based Modeling on Satellite Market Data - Nicholas Campbell 8.1103 Remote Sensing of Venusian Seismic Activity with a Small Spacecraft, the VAMOS Mission Concept - Alan Didion 10.0507 Assessing Science Robustness of the Europa Clipper Mission: Science Sensitivity Model - Kelli Mc Coy 9.0412 Rate Envelope Based Time Efficient Strategy for Upset Recovery of a Fighter Aircraft - Mehmet Ugur Akcal    
10:35 AM  
2.1319 Force Sensorless Impedance Controller for a Space Robot to Capture an Object in Orbit - Angel Flores Abad
2.0306 Divert Capability Analysis and Corresponding Guidance Design for Mars Landing - Tong Qin 8.0502 Wearable Sensor Suit System for Quantifying Human-Spacesuit Interactions - Young Young Shen 13.0206 Analyses of Warranty Losses to Avionics Suppliers - Volodymyr Ulanskyi 8.1104 JUpiter MagnetosPheric Boundary ExploreR (JUMPER) - Robert Ebert 10.0508 Assurance of Model-Based Fault Diagnosis - Priyanka Srivastava 9.0413 Flight Control Oriented Bottom-up Nonlinear Modeling of Aeroelastic Vehicles - Bela Takarics    
11:00 AM
14.05 PANEL: Operational Uses of Consumer-Class Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Jeff Norris , Dave Lavery
2.1320 Analysis of Liquid Fuel Sloshing on Free-floating Robot Dynamics under Low-gravity Conditions - Wolfgang Rackl 2.0307 Hazard Avoidance Guidance for Planetary Landing Using a Dynamic Safety Margin Index - Xu Yuan 8.0501 Effects of Inverted Vision on Hand-Pointing Performance in Altered-Gravity during Parabolic Flight - Ana Diaz Artiles     10.0509 A Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach for Technical Measurement with Application to a CubeSat - David Kaslow
12.0103 System-Level Actuator Testing for Mars Rover Application - Kevin Edelson
11:25 AM 2.1322 Velocity Matching Compliant Control for a Space Robot during Capture of a Free-Floating Target - Roberto Lampariello 2.0308 A Scanning LIDAR System for Active Hazard Detection and Avoidance during Landing on Europa - Eric Schindhelm 8.0503 Retention of Cross-Coupled Illusion Training to Allow for a Shorter-Radius Space Centrifuge - Torin Clark     10.0512 Progress towards Flight Software Hybrid Controllers from Formal Specifications - Sofie Haesaert      
11:50 AM 2.1324 Learning Based Control Scheme to Deploy Modular Space Structures - Giovanni Palmerini 2.0309 Simulation of Precise and Safe Landing near a Plume Source on Enceladus - Konstantinos Konstantinidis       10.0515 Advanced Modeling and Trajectory Optimization Framework for Reusable Launch Vehicles - Lâle Briese      
1:25 PM 14.04 PANEL: Access To Space and Emerging Mission Capabilities - Eleni Sims , David Callen           Practice Room 1-4 pm      
1:50 PM                
2:15 PM                
2:40 PM
14.06 PANEL: Model-based Engineering – Paradigm Shift or Business as Usual? - Sebastian Herzig , Sanda Mandutianu
3:05 PM                
3:30 PM                
4:30 PM 4.0302 Communications in a Cave Environment - William Walsh
2.1325 REMORA CubeSat for Large Debris Rendezvous, Attachment, Tracking, and Collision Avoidance - Brendan Chamberlain Simon
2.0310 Concept of Autonomous GNC Aided Operation System for Future Manned Lunar Pinpoint Landing - Xiuqiang Jiang
2.1201 Influences of Enhancement Factor Measurement Technique on the Kinetic Impactor Mission Design - Simon Delchambre
8.0604 Surface Technology for Polymer Parts for Space Applications Made by Additive Manufacturing - Andreas Dietz 6.0708 Performance of an Emerging MB Filter - Peter Willett 10.0516 Failure Analysis and Products in a Model-Based Environment - Jean Francois Castet
11.0201 FDIR Strategy for Sensor Faults during Re-entry Flight - Gianfranco Morani
4:55 PM 4.0306 Optical Carriers Phase Based High-Precision Optimetric in Coherent Optical Communication - Guangning Yang 2.0501 Full-scale Dynamic Touch-and-Go Validation of the BiBlade Comet Surface Sample Chain - Paul Backes
2.0311 Lunar and Mars Ascent and Entry Crew Abort Modes for the Hercules Single-Stage Reusable Vehicle - David Komar
2.1202 SST Asteroid Search Performance 2014-2017 - Jessica Ruprecht 8.0611 Structural Certification of Manned Inflatable Pressure Vessels for Space Exploration Missions - Thomas Jones 6.0709 Multiple-Hypothesis and Graph-Based Tracking for Kinematic and Identity Fusion - Stefano Coraluppi 10.0518 Using Model Based Systems Engineering Structures for Onboard Spacecraft Electronics - Joseph Marshall 11.0202 Condition Monitoring for Flight Performance Estimation of Small Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Daniel Wolfram    
5:20 PM
4.0307 In-Flight Orbit Determination for a Deep Space CubeSat - Boris Segret
2.0502 Development and Validation of a Fiberscope Sample Imaging System for In-situ Sample Assessment - Risaku Toda Hold for Plenary Setup 2.1203 Scenario-Based Case Study Analysis of Asteroid Mitigation in the Short Response Time Regime - Bernard Seery 8.0613 Passive Vibration Damping of Solar Array Structure Using Piezoelectric Actuator - Emad Askar 6.0711 Two Sensor Tracking of Agile Transmitters - Hanna Witzgall 10.0601 Robonaut 2 and Watson: Cognitive Dexterity for Future Exploration - Julia Badger 11.0301 Transforming Conditioned-based Data Signatures into Functional Failure Signatures - James Hofmeister    
Jon Sanders, University of California, San Diego

John Hawks, University of Wisconsin-Madison

9:00 PM 4.0308 An Integrated Quad-Band RF Front End for High-Reliability Small Satellite Missions - Michael O'neill 2.0503 SLUSH: Europa Hybrid Deep Drill - Kris Zacny 2.0312 Sustaining PICA TPS for Future NASA Robotic Science Missions Including NF-4 and Discovery - Mairead Stackpoole
2.1204 Small Spacecraft Solar Sailing for Small Solar System Body Multiple Rendezvous and Landing - Tom Sproewitz
9.0220 Integration of a Radar Sensor into a Sense-and-Avoid Payload for Small UAS - Kyle Foerster
6.0605 Distributed Kalman Filter with a Gaussian Process for Machine Learning - Michael Jacobs
10.0604 Multiresolution Partitioned Gaussian Process Regression for Terrain Estimation - Clark Zhang
11.0302 Case Study in Utilizing the Internet of Things as a PHM Architecture for Aerospace Applications - Homer Dewey    
9:25 PM   2.0504 Roving on Ice: Field Testing an Ice Screw End Effector and Sample Collection Tool - Aaron Curtis 2.0313 Space Mission Hibernation Mode Design: Lessons Learned from Rosetta and Other Missions - Arthur Chmielewski 2.1205 Large Near-Earth Objects That Are Difficult to Discover - Richard Wainscoat
4.1401 A Preliminary Effort toward Investigating the Impacts of ADS-B Message Injection Attack - Kyle Foerster
6.0607 Geometric Cross-Modal Comparison of Heterogeneous Sensor Data - Christopher Tralie 4.1203 Ultrawideband (5 GHz) Mixed-Signal Front End and Recorder for Software Defined Radio - Eugene Grayver 11.0402 Improving a MEMS-based Sensor for Helicopter Gearboxes and Rolling Stock - James Hofmeister    
9:50 PM   2.0505 Design of Shoe Plate for Small Hopping Rover on Loose Soil - Takao Maeda 13.0706 Stimulating a Culture of Innovation at Aerospace Corporation - Rob Sherwood 2.1206 Linking Asteroid Detections from the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope - Steven Chesley     4.1204 A Software-Defined Radio Tool for Satellite Frequency Assignment - Eugene Grayver 11.0501 Heuristic-based Approach: Degradation Signatures and CBD Signatures - James Hofmeister    
Fri, Mar 9 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 4.1207 Implementation and Characterization of a Low-overhead Network Synchronization Protocol - Daniel Kowalski 8.0301 Space Launch System: Near Term Missions on the Journey to Mars - Terry Haws 2.0506 Tip- or Rollover Protection Mechanisms for Planetary Rovers Enabling Exploration of High-Risk Sites - Wolfgang Fink
10.0301 Increasing Flight Software Reuse with OpenSatKit - David Mc Comas
7.0402 Robust, Radiation Tolerance Command and Data Handling and Power System Electronics for SmallSat - Hanson Nguyen
6.0901 Pilot Interface Considerations Using High-Level Information Fusion - Erik Blasch 13.0701 Creating Innovative Frameworks to Spur Cultural Change at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center - Aamod Samuel      
8:55 AM 4.1201 Relative Range Estimation Using SDR for Space Traffic Management - Christopher Bridges 8.0302 Performance Evaluation of TTEthernet-based Architectures for the VEGA Launcher - Francesco Giacinto Lavacca 2.0507 Accessing Mars’ Recurring Slope Lineae: Mobility Systems Analysis - Gareth Meirion Griffith
10.0305 Timing Analysis for UAS Application Software - Charles Hartsell
7.0411 A Compact Payload Data Handling System for Two Formation-Flying Micro-satellites - Li Zhou 6.0902 Joint Sparsity Based Heterogeneous Data-Level Fusion for Multi-Target Discovery - Ruixin Niu
13.0702 Crowdfunding for Satellite Development: ESTCube-2 Case - Andris Slavinskis
9:20 AM 4.1205 A Joint PDA Data Detection Algorithm for Uplink Transmission of Massive MU-MIMO System - Genshe Chen 8.0305 SLS and SEP: Comparing Payload to Earth Escape from Different Initial Earth Orbits - Terry Haws 2.0508 Traction Control Design and Integration Onboard the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover - Olivier Toupet 10.0309 Drone Net Architecture for UAS Traffic Management Multi-modal Sensor Networking Experiments - Sam Siewert   6.0904 Manifold Learning Algorithms for Sensor Fusion of Image and Radio-Frequency Data - Peter Zulch 13.0704 Applicability of Fixed-Price Contracts for Successful Cost Control - Martha Callaway      
9:45 AM 4.1206 Artificial Intelligence Based Directional Mesh Network Design for Spectrum Efficiency - Jingyang Lu 8.0307 Advanced Upper Stage Energetic Propellants - Pallavi Gajjar 2.0509 Mobile Manipulation for Planetary Exploration - Peter Lehner
10.0310 Spacecraft Mission Agent for Autonomous Robust Task Execution - Antony Gillette
  6.0905 High Performance Enabled Space Object Tracking via Cloud Computing - Sixiao Wei 13.0705 Slow and Steady Won’t Win This Race: Beyond Compliance-based Mission Assurance for Small Satellites - Christopher Jackson      
10:10 AM 4.1210 High Throughput GPU LDPC Encoder and Decoder for DVB-S2 - David Kun 8.0308 Space-Capable Sounding Rocket Design for Collegiate Teams - Eric Pillai 2.0510 Design and Evaluation of an End-effector for a Reconfigurable Multi-robot System - Wiebke Brinkmann 10.1001 Compressive Sensing of THEMIS Images and Its Reconstruction Quality - Srija Chakraborty  
6.0906 Upstream Fusion of Multiple Sensing Modalities Using Machine Learning and Topological Analysis - Peter Zulch
13.0707 Engaging Women to Study STEM through Empowerment: A Case from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Heyam Alblooshi      
10:35 AM   8.0310 LauncherOne: Responsive Launch for Small Satellites - Joseph Francis 2.0511 Design, Development and Qualification of a Gas Based Dust Removal Tool for Mars Exploration - Elizabeth Jens 10.1002 Microcontroller Implementation of the Biased Two-State DPCM - Amir Liaghati    
13.07 PANEL: Fun Ways to Entice or Incite Habit Change - David Scott
11:00 AM     2.0512 Software System for the Mars 2020 Mission Sampling and Caching Testbeds - Kyle Edelberg            
11:25 AM     2.0513 The Intelligent Robotics System Architecture Applied to Robotics Testbeds and Research Platforms - Paul Backes            
1:00 PM           4:00 - 5:30: All Track/Session Organizers Planning Session for 2019 Conference        
1:25 PM                  
1:50 PM                  
6:30 PM FAREWELL DINNER PARTY UPSTAIRS IN THE MOUNTAIN MALL 6:30-11:00pm (Buffet open 6:30 - 8:30pm)

Throughout the week we've shared brilliant engineering insights in the technical program. On this final night, continue the techno-socio environment in a final convivial feast and plan collaborations leading to great new papers for the 2019 Conference in Big Sky!